Saturday, December 14, 2002

so since the last time I wrote finals have come and gone. I didn't stress them at all, but then again I only had two of them. This might prove to be my best semester yet. I should do the incredibly busy thing more often. So now, I am just working. I was supposed to go to work early but I didn't, I felt that sleeping a bit more would do me a bit of good. It did. Lately I have been soo tired that when I get up in the morning I feel this weight in shoulders.
Oh, yesterday morning I got a call from Erol. Normally those distrub me greatly, but not yesterday. He kept trying to speak to me in english, which I guess is a nice gesture on this part. But I couldn't understand him and we held the entire conversation in Turkish. Now normally I panic when I have to speak on the phone in Turkish, but I did really really well. He asked about the weather and my family, and Chuck who he had been trying to call. The conversation was a couple of minutes too, not the normal 60 sec it usually is. So my success in Turkish on the phone made me happy all day, so it is kind of odd that I was happy that Erol called....strange, that might take a while to figure out.
What else is happening? I got promoted to lead worker at the bookstore, it means a pay raise and now I have the authority to boss people around. I bossed them around anyway, but now they can't challenge me on it.