Thursday, November 28, 2002

so I am home in Price for the Thanksgiving weekend, and instead of doing my homework what am I doing? Watching the James Bond Movie Marathon on TNN. So here is what I have learned:
1. Evil henchmen always wear uniforms.
2. The villian is always willing to tell the good guy the entire plan.
3. It is no problem if you leave your equipment behind you, no one will ever find it.
4. Who needs a cover, just use your own name.
5. The worst possible puns-as-pick-up-lines will always get the beautiful girl to go to bed with you.
6. The bad guy always seems to have a cat.
7. You always win the fight, no matter how many people you are against, or their size; also you rarely bleed, bruise, or mess up your hair.
8. You always discover the plan just before the villian is about to impliment it.
9. Everything can be blamed on the communists, be it the Russians or the Chinese.
10. The only sophisticated way to gamble is to play craps on borrowed money in a tuxedo.

Sunday, November 17, 2002

and another thing... I have been hyper emotional the past two weeks---no it isn't my period, it ended a week and a half ago---but I was in the car driving home and the song "american pie" came on the radio. After a few minutes I was crying so hard that I couldn't sing along anymore. the sad thing is, I don't know what I was so moved..
so I realized a couple of minutes ago that i have gone the entire day without talking to anyone. It feels strange, I have lots of things to tell but I seem to be so busy that I never get a chance to talk with anyone, but I think about telling people stuff and then I forget that I haven't actually told them yet...does that happen to anyone else?

Saturday, November 16, 2002

Thought for the day!
Turkish TV is so much fun, KRAL TV is now live online, hee hee hee it is a lot of fun, reminds me of Diyarbakir...memories...

Thursday, November 14, 2002

I have finally discovered the cure for the circles under my eyes!!! No, it isn't more sleep, who has time for that, no, in fact, it is makeup consealer! Coming in a small tube that resemebles a lipstick, this handy dandy new discovery makes it easy to retouch my dark undereye circles in seconds! And it is more effective than caffenine pills! Suddenly people are commenting on how rested I look. Oh, the other wonder makeup discovery this week is roll-on eyeshadow---10 seconds or less and my makeup is finished! Isn't technology a wonderful thing!

Thursday, November 07, 2002

Ever have one of those days when you are afraid that you have become incredibly boring? No? Oh, well, guess that I can't symphaize with you then. See I am actually afraid that I am getting boring, or maybe it is because I don't seem to have any stories to tell. So if nothing interesting happens to me anymore then I must be boring. Right? Right. Hummm...I'll think on that.
It's Ramadan again, this is day number 3 of the the fast. It isn't too difficult this year, but that is probably because I am so busy, I have a feeling that this weekend will just kill me. I forgot to get up early this morning to eat breakfast. So I slept an extra two hours, and although the hunger has much harder to deal with today, it was nice not feeling sleepy all day. I still feel tired though, the sleep deprivation is so acute at times that I stumble around like I am drunk. Luckily for me everyone who sees me doing this, thinks that I am just horsing around.
Oh, last week sometime, I ended up buying two rugs on eBay. They came today. They are Buhara's from Uzbekistan (and for you geography buffs out there, that is where the city of Buhara is). I got them for cheap $1, plus shipping and handling, which came to $30---either way these rugs are a deal. They are pretty big to 4x6 feet. So if you want a cheap rug, go to eBay and search under Uzbek. It's pretty cool.
Anything else? I think I had a hallucination this week, I am not sure. On Tuesday or Wednesday morning, my alarm went off and I was kind of trying to wake up. Then I noticed someone walking into my bathroom. I could see through the person, they had a faint outline. The weird thing is that she looked just like this girl at work. So, I am watching this thing walk into my bathroom, then she bends down as if she is getting water from a water cooler. She fills up her glass and then turns, leaning up against the sink, drinking water, and staring at me. Well, at first I thought that I was half asleep and dreaming or something like that, so I closed my eyes and opened them again. She was still there! Then I closed my eyes, turned my head to face the wall, opened them again. I slowly turned my head back to face the bathroom and....she was still there drinking her water. I was beginning to get annoyed and a little freaked out at this time, because 1, normally blinking once or twice makes the things that I see go away, and 2, I really had to go to the bathroom and I couldn't because someone was in there drinking water!!! My bladder finally won the battle so I got out of bed opn the opposite side, not the one facing the bathroom, walked around the bed to the bathroom and she was gone my the time I got there. Which was good because I got to pee.

Sunday, November 03, 2002

Well I actually did something this weekend. I know, I know, you are all wondering how I manage to have a sicial life, but yes it is possible. Friday night I went with Stephanie and Ryan to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show, they weren't very in to it though, so I kind of felt stupid for doing the Time Warp with as much vigour as I did but oh well. They also won't let you bring in your own props anymore, you have to buy them. It wasn't too expensive, but packing your own stuff has always been a kind of hightlight.
Then Sat. night I went to Halloween party given by the secretary of the History dept. She was concerned that I wouldn't come if Bradley was going to be there, but the idea didn't bother me at all, heck, I lived with the guy for 3 weeks without him talking to me civilly, a couple hours at a party would be nothing. The party was nice though, I didn't talk about school or work the whole evening so it was kind of relaxing.
So, I am still enjoying the wonders of the DSL line, the new thing in music downloading. A friend told me about this free site and that has been my fasination most of the week.