Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Bug, annoying people at lightning speed

So for the past 2 days Linda, Kate and "I" have been at a workshop in DC. So this basically leaves me and the bug to open and run the office. Not too big of a deal. Because really it means, it is all me to run the office, especially in the morning.

So Monday morning, I was thinking to myself...this would be just the day to for the bug to skip out on work...it is the prefect oppurtunity...she didn't but she made sure to tell me that she didn't feel very well and probably shouldn't be at work. When I asked her why she was here and not at the doctor, she told me that her doctor couldn't do anything unless she had a fever...my question is what kind of voodoo doctor does she go to?

This morning, it is snowing...and I rightly predicted that she would be snowed in. And as sure as I live and breathe there was a message from her this morning saying that she wouldn't be in until late as she is snowed in. But she made sure to mention that she had plently of comp time built up. Yes, that is true. She has been bilking the system for months...she can't figure out how to do her job during regular working hours, so she stays in her office late to "finish things up", which really means that she is messing around with student files that she doesn't understand all because her home life is so unsatisfactory that she has to inflict it all of the rest of us. And while I was writing this she called to make sure that I got her message and to tell me that she is running a negative fever....why doesn't she just say that she isn't going to come in at all and stop this wasting time?

This wouldn't normally bother me as much, if I didn't need to leave and get an X-ray and pick up Mr.3's paycheck. On Friday afternoon, I really couldn't deal with anything and went home early...the DISH network people were screwing things up for the 3rd and final time--we're done with them...and my little brother was at the house. So in the afternoon we went to a local bookstore, and I in my klutziness fell down a flight of wooden stairs...besides the clerks completely ignoring me and the fall (and this was a small locally owned bookstore, they saw but refused to acknowledge me) I had to go to the doctor last night because I hurt so bad. According to the doctor I have 2 sprained ankles and one sprained knee...and we need to do an x-ray to make sure that i haven't caused any further damage. So as I am hobbleing around all day yesterday---listening to the bug talk about how she was going to be more "caring" for lent---she managed to not even notice...and of course the day when I need her (which is a laugh in itself) she isn't here. So maybe later today I might get the chance to go get the X-ray but probably not.

Other things that she did yesterday to tick me off:

1. Asked me if I knew where a file was on HER OWN computer.
2. Asked me to give her a "matrix" of a list of 10 professors schedules. As far as I know I am not the personal secretary to the whole department. Maybe I missed something. The only information that I have is the class schedule that she AS THE ACADEMIC ADVISOR has. But apparently she can't look at that and think for herself. Never mind the fact that she is a month late already in setting up this meeting. Glad to know that she is on top of things.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Reasons to hate the phone company

When we first took possession of the condo in Jan. I knew that we were going to be without phone service for a little while, and I was ok with that. I called on the 17th of last month and I was notified that it might take up to three weeks but would be working no later than Monday Feb. 7th. When I initially switched to MCI they told me that it would be 3 weeks and it only took a week, and I was expecting the same basic situation. But when I had to offically give up the old apartment I called to see what was going on. I was told that they were processing the order and that it should be ready before the 7th. I called last Friday,to see what was happening, and I was then notified that there was a "problem" with setting it up and that it would take another 2 weeks! The person I spoke to was supposed to call me on Monday and didn't. So I called again yesterday, demanded phone service or I was gonna leave...a project manager called me back...the absolute earliest that they could get the phone to work was this Friday....a full month of waiting! I'm sorry but that is not acceptable. So I cancelled my service completely and I have now gone to...and I hate it because I have such a hatred for them...a cell phone. But at least I had service immediately and I was able to call my mom. I swear it will be forever until I get internet access to my home, but I guess that I can use work for all of that stuff...I have for the past month or so...but I do miss my little computer.
So for all of you out there who have my number, be expecting an email with the new one. It feels nice being able to contact people again.