Monday, January 31, 2005

Annoying brothers and moving

Well I finally finished with the cleaning of the apartment. I left it in pretty good shape, well I think I did, and hopefully my landlord thought the same. And I was sure to leave her with a note for all of my forwarding information and a list of things needing to be done in the a leaky tap. It feels strange not living there anymore. And I still can't use my phone, the line was supposed to be switched over, but when I called on Friday they said that it might not be until the 7th of Feb.! At least I can still check my messages, but I would still like to be able to phone my friends, you know?

So this was a busy weekend, the family was staying down with us, we were getting DISH network installed, and I was supposed to go to the opera but couldn't find my season tickets anywhere. It was Jimmy's first time at the condo, he liked it, and I think that since he can see that Mr.3 and I have established a home he is more comfortable with the situation. It was amusing to watch Jimmy feed the ducks because he looked like a little old man sitting on the bench while feeding them, and then he had a goose get rather aggressive with him.
Now I made sure to lock the bedroom door that night because I wasn't sure if Jimmy was going to come in and visit when he got up in the morning and I didn't want him to see me naked. Not that Mr.3 and I were up to anything, but I prefer to sleep in the nude. So apparently he was up early in the morning, and in an effort to either give him a chance to snoop or help (but I doubt that) he started to unpack. So when I came downstairs I saw that he had started to unpack some of the decoration boxes. What concerned me was that I know that my vibrator (yes, I have one, my little red friend, but I haven't needed to use it since Mr.3 and I have been together) was in one of the boxes of pillows and decorations because we moved those ourselves and I didn't want the movers to see it. So later, after my family and the DISH installers guys had been in and out of the room, I decided to look at the boxes, to see what he had messed with and not only had he been in the box with the vibrator in it, but also the vibrator was out in the open on the floor! Who knows who saw it! How embarassing by proxy! And I am not sure how to address it with him, or even if he knew what it was. Any suggestions?

Thursday, January 27, 2005

So apparently a smoking vacuum is a bad thing.

Last night, I am at the old apartment trying to get it clean so that my landlord can have it back for the weekend to paint and such...and I am trying to get a bunch of it cleaned before my Mom comes to meet me there to help clean because well...honestly the dirt and stuff all around was embarassing. So I am vaccuming trying to make a clean spot in the house, and I am traveling on over to the bedroom when I run over some yarn which quickly ravels around and around the brush in the vacuum. I turn it off and start to try to take out the yarn and the vacuum is smoking. Not a little, but a lot, I was lucky that it didn't start to spark or burst into flames but the end result would have been the same...I managed to blow out the motor on a fairly new vacuum, and couldn't finish cleaning the apartment.
So if you take into account, the vacuum, my tiredness and all of the stress from lately, hopefully you can understand my cracking at this point. When my mom came to the apartment I was in a ball on the floor, crying, having a nervous breakdown of sorts. Thank goodness she just took control because I was just worthless. We got a lot of the garbage taken out of the house, but there is a lot of cleaning to be done, which my Mom will work with me on later tonight. Fun all around. They left a vacuum at the new condo which we will use in the apartment to finish up, but I should probably look into getting a new vacuum, that is unless Mr.3 has one that I can mangle in time. This is the third vacuum in 5 years that I have managed to destroy somehow.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

More lunch stories

So last Monday when I was at lunch with Shibley, the bug stayed in the office and answered phones. As I understood it, she was able to come but didn't because her stomach felt bad, or at least that is what she told me. When we got back she asked what we got to eat, etc..etc..and then made a snide comment to Kate that she had to stay and answer phones..oh boo hoo...I had to miss my class that day because she got to go to the lecture itself and I had to settle watching the web broadcast.
Anyway, today Amb. Edward Perkins was speaking on campus, and of course the bug went to the presentation (she just plans on going to all of them, at least when Beth was still here we worked something out, but June (the bug) just pouts about having to stay in the office if you want to go to something. Well when Linda was coming back from lunch she saw Kate and the bug walking with "I", the ambassador and the President of the University on their way to the luncheon in the ambassador's honor. Linda was funny about it because the bug was estatic that she was getting to go to the lunch and having this chance to hob-nob. She really freaks out over these things, but then again she comes from the social class of dinner parties and country clubs that she has let herself be miserable in her life just to keep that station. (Currently her husband, who she hates and has been married to for 30+ years is in Hong Kong "on business". Well he has been on business for over 2 months now and she has no idea when or if he is coming back. But she does live in a gated community and still plays tennis and bridge with the girls at the club. It makes one sick, it really does.) Back to the lunch...Kate came back about a half hour or so after the talk. Apparently everyone who was invited to the lunch showed and they didn't need any fillers for the table. And while "I" wanted to make everyone squish together to fit the two (an idea that Kate was not going to allow him to entertain) they didn't get to eat lunch with the group at all. Kate was cool with this, but the bug was "disappointed", she did still manage to get a free meal out of the deal by suggesting that they just add another meal to the campus order and they have it take out. But I found it to be a sort of divine justice that she wanted so bad to go to this lunch and lecture and didn't get to go to the lunch...ahh it is vengence for her whining.

speaking of whining, I love Linda to death, but why now is she complaining about not having any room for stuff? Last week she wanted to put one of her TVs from Outreach into the Zucker room, now I have just gotten that all cleaned out and I don't want it junked up again. Kate told her no, but she let her store the TV in the conference room. We would have put it in one of the storage closets but the cart that it is on is too big. Kate told her that the first complaint about space, and that room is tight to begin with, that it had to go back into Outreach's storage closet, where this TV has resided anyway for years. Well this morning there was supposed to be a committee meeting in that room and the TV had to be taken out of it. I brought it back to her storage area and she started to make comments (not anything angry but done in that matter of fact whiny way some people have) that originally the storage closet that all of the old computer stuff was in used to be all Outreach's. I'm sorry, but if it was Outreach's in the beginning, one, why did they lose it in the first place? And two, if they needed the fricking space so badly why did they wait years for someone to clean out the closets. Cleaning all of that out, all of the work that I have done in the storage areas and the conference rooms and such, was not something that was in my job description, but something that I did to make life easier around the center...and now is complaining that they need more space? They now have 3 shelves in the main supply closet, storage that they hadn't had for at least 10 years...geez...what is it with people sometimes?

Now I know that I shouldn't be hard on Linda, after all she has done so much for Mr.3 and I with letting us live in her father's condo and all, and that with her father taking a turn for the worse, but I have little patience for anyone whining about something that they didn't even think of having before now now.

So tonight my Mom is staying with us, she came into town for a meeting and she has agreed to help me clean my old apartment...little does she know how awful it really is, she shouldn't have agreed. Oh well, good for me, not for her.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Lunch with Shibley

So today is the first day of this year's lecture series at work, and because they needed some fillers for the luncheon, both Mr.3 and I got to go lunh with Shibley Telhami. He seems like a pretty nice guy. Unfortuately, he didn't get to eat much of his lunch because people kept asking him questions, and while the questions were good (on the whole) you still have to feel sorry for him not being able to finish eating.
"I" was a scream, Kate and I sat right across from him and he would start to figit like a schoolboy when he began to get bored.
One thing that I noticed...of the four women who were there, Kate wore a conservative pin-striped suit, Rebecca wore a dark blue pant set, Joana wore a white sweater set, and what did dear old Delal wear, a low cut bright red dress. Why is it that women are afraid to wear color? Has there been any research on the impressions of personality of women for what color they wear to events. I know that my mom sent me some article off of yahoo saying that some rabbi in Israel accused all women that wear red as being prositutes. But I think that color needs to be infused into the workplace more. I commanded that room without saying a word.

Like I could stay mad more than an hour

After writing the previous post, I knew that I would have to a least call Mr.3 before I went down with my parents. I even took notes of what I felt needed to be said, with little reminders not to give in and such. I was about to call, as in my hand was reaching for the phone when he called me. I asked him how his walk was and he told me that he had left his inhalor either in the computer lab or in my parent's car. I was going to leave a little early from work (about a half hour) so he wanted me to stop by and give him a kiss. Just the request for the kiss and I totally melted.
The inhalor wasn't in the lab, but my mom had it, so I met them and then drove the inhalor to the resturant. All that was said about the situation was that the both of us were a little cranky today. I was completely okay with that, more than okay, wonderful with that.
The dinner went well, more expensive than what my parents had wanted but they enjoyed and anytime we can get my Dad to try something new is always a good day.
Later that evening, my car died---which actually lead to a mini-breakdown that evening (Mr.3 just held me, it was perfect). So Saturday morning was spent at PepBoys getting my altenator was a 4 hour ordeal. And I was so tired that I was punchy. But we tried to keep ourselves occupied and walked around to some of the shops nearby. Mr.3 bought me a Queen record...he is soo sweet. It makes me twitterpated just to think about it.
And here I go with all of the goofy lovey dovey stuff, but I find it kind of scary how much I love Mr.3. Last night I was ironing his new dress shirts singing "I've got the world on a string" is that normal?

Friday, January 21, 2005

I need to rage

and you are now my unwilling victim.

Mr.3 and I almost had a fight, but it was one of those fights where I told him just to leave the office before I snapped and said something that I really shouldn't have. So it is like we are fighting but haven't said anything yet.

Mr.3 cannot drive, and I am not sure if I had mentioned this before, but when he was deployed and later injured, while in hospital the hospital staff gave him a medication that they knew (it was in his records) that he was allergic to. He started to have seizures because of it. Now it is a national guideline that if you seizure you can not drive, so his liscene has been suspended until he can prove that he has been seizure free for at least 3 years. I do not fault him in any way because of that. Every morning he comes to school with me, but also he has to be at the school too. Every night I pick him up from work at 11 pm because I know that the buses do not run that late. Now he has to be at work at 3. Before classes started, I was able to work my schedule to take the time out to drive him to work (but that was only one week before classes have started), now with me going to school, I have to be more careful about time that I take off. And my boss doesn't really care about me leaving periodically, but my own personal work ethic does. I am not under any obligation to give him a ride to work, I have when I can, but I am under no obligation to do so.

So this brings us to today...first of all, I hurt, and bad. I lifted something last night and my back has been spasming all day, walking hurts, sitting hurts, I just plain hurt and pain medication is not helping it. So it is about 1:30 and I realize that there is no way that I want to walk out to my car and back today to take him to work. So I start to look up the university shuttle schedules for him, because the weather is incredibly foggy/smoggy and walking outside hurts your lungs. But with the way that the office was working this afternoon I didn't get a chance to go down the hall and talk to him about until just before 2, plenty of time for him to walk and or take the shuttle--it is about a 15-20 minute walk to his work from the campus. So I tell him that I really don't want to walk down to my car and back, that my back is hurting too much to do so, and he gets all snippy with me because I should have told him earlier...I told him that I was busy but that I did manage to get the shuttle schedule for him..and then he starts (starts mind you because I was not going to let him go on about it) about how I need to tell him these things ahead of time and blah blah blah. I'm sorry but did he ever ask me to give him a ride? No. When i told him that I didn't want to walk to my car and back because I hurt, he tells me just to leave early from work. That is a lovely option (please note my sarcasm here) I love just leaving work whenever I fucking feel like it, forget about me needing to make any money or work my hours or anything, because it really isn't that important in the long run. I'm sorry but him finally contributing one paycheck does not mean in any way that I should take my job lightly.
So I can see the train wreck of a fight coming on, because I am not going to budge on this one, so I tell him just to leave before I get angry and start saying things that I shouldn't. Which of course he starts asking me what I am going to say...look I don't want to get into a fight over something that we have already discussed before. I don't want to get into a fight at work, and I don't even want to fight at home, one, because he pouts for hours afterwards, and two my parents are visiting, and all I want to do is present to them the happy situation that we are living, not get into a fight over something stupid insignificant thing because he is pushing for a bit of drama. Last week he told me that I was being "withdrawn" from him. Well, I'm sorry, I have been stressed and I don't want to take anything out on him, also I am not used to having someone even around who cares about what I think. This is a new thing for me, and if I am a little withdrawn in the effort of preventing stupid little fights then you are just going to have to be a little patient with me. It doesn't mean that I don't love him any less, but I don't want to jeopardize anything over a misunderstanding. Because yes, the insecure part of me is worried about screwing up somehow and losing him.

When I told him to leave, I told him that it would just give us a chance to calm down, and he storms off saying that it wouldn't. Damn it! It just makes me so angry! I am his girlfriend, not his chaffaur! Where does he get off just assuming that I am going to be there all the time to drive him somewhere. I know that one day I won't be able to, that is why I keep pushing him to get his new ID, so he can get his bus pass and stuff. Find your own fucking ride! or at least have the courtesy to ask me sometimes, especially if you know that I am at work, and that I don't feel comfortable leaving work all the time. And I didn't want to get upset, I didn't, but now I am, and trying not to cry at my desk...and I know that I have to call him at work and handle this now because my parents and I are going to go to the resturant this evening, and I am not having any awkardness during that meal.

See the thing is, I know that we are both tired...getting to bed at midnight and then getting up at 6, coupled with the flu, and the move...we are both tired and frayed to the breaking point. All I want to do is sleep and relax, but I can't right now because there is so much to do. And if he starts telling me that I need to be doing more than what I already am anymore I am going to snap, because I am doing the best that I can with his worries and my worries both upon my back.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

moving with the flu

awful, awful I tell you! I forced Mr.3 to go to the doctor on Friday morning, and we found out that he has the flu...a few hours later it hit me hard, but I was fighting it off for a couple days beforehand so that I could take care of him.

the new condo is wonderful, we spent last night it in, although I didn't sleep too well, it could be excitement or sickness, who knows. And the 3 day gradual moving thing works really really well, seeing that both of us need to take breaks because of the flu. Tuesday morning the movers are going to come and take the furniture, and although we have only done 5 trips so far, I think that we can get the majority if not all of my stuff (minus the furniture pieces of course) moved before that time.
My apartment however, is disgusting...the amount of cleaning that I have to do before I would be willing to let my landlord show the apartment to anyone is astronimical.

well I think that is all for the moment, I just thought that I would check in since the next time that I have internet access will be wednesday...till then, hope that I don't break my back (or Mr.3's back) moving!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


so today I have managed to do just enough to make it look like I am accomplishing something. Most of the day has seemed like I have been just waiting for one class or another to start. In fact now I am only blogging to pass the time before my Lingustics class.

This morning when I came in there was a thick layer or dust and crud that came from the ceilings...the workmen were finishing up the fire sprinkler project in our office. I spent the first hour of my day cleaning that junk up, and I think it is making me sick, as my head keeps pounding when I am in the building. So while I was cleaning off all of the breakroom supplies I had to go into the bathroom to wash some of the cups. The Bug couldn't find me to ask a question (I wasn't answering the intercom) so she went into the bathroom to find me. Granted yes, the question was something that only I could answer, but the significant thing is that SHE FOLLOWED ME INTO THE BATHROOM TO PESTER ME!!! THERE ARE NO SAFE PLACES ANYMORE!! Good thing I wasn't on the can, but even if I was, I think that she would have asked me anyway. In other places this would be called stalking, but here, it is an everyday occurance with the bug.

In happier news, JB will not be temping for the Languages and Literature department, apparently she is very happy with her job at the Granite School District....but just give them time to fire her, we all know that it will happen. I am still going to stake out the handicapped spots in the parking lot as I suspect that JB's spawn is still parking there. Jason (who is in a wheelchair) was telling me that he couldn't find any spots yesterday, and I just had this funny feeling that the spawn probably contributed to that. I will wage war with that family, one way or the other.

Well I better go get ready for class, I hope that it isn't too bad this time. I do have quite the rant ready for you about Sluglett's class yesterday, which you can all look forward to.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Day one of classes

So we didn't have Turkish class yesterday, but I have homework to do, which I will probably start trying to do in a few minutes here at work as I seem to have the majority of the fires put out. But then again it is only 9:30.

I went to my LIngusitcs for Educators class yesterday and while the class seems cool, the teacher gives me the absolute creeps. He wears glasses but looks down through them, he doesn't look people in the eye but rather at their feet. He even does the whole shifty eye thing. Part of me wished that he had some sort of visible twitch so that it could explain his strange behavior, but there isn't, he is just weird. He also has an online chat hour...this disturbs me, he already looks like he has very little human contact and plays Everquest way to much, and that chat hour just confirms it for me.
When we came into the class he had us move into a circle, stating that he believed in the whole King Arthur round table thing. Then in order for us all to "get to know one another" he had us read one sentence out of a news article that he had passed out, and state our names and why we were taking the class...this took an hour, and was deathly boring...I did write a poem out of the whole thing, which I will type below, it isn't anything much and it is rough, but I am going to subject you to it anyway....

Day one of the Lingustics for Educators class
the room arranged in a circle
to create a stronger community of students
each of us are floating alone
we speak our names
tell why we are here
and begin the mundane task of getting to know one another
everyone just listens to their own heart beating
their breath rattling in their ears
boredom falls....
"Why did our vocal cords evolve?" he asks
finally a sensible question
he lets out a strangled sob, a wookie war cry
"is it to protect ourselves?"
the overachievers say "yes" and theorize about survival of the fittest
trying to please the instructor
I am silence

what if our speech evolved
to give us something to listen to
or to give us a reason to think out loud?

Monday, January 10, 2005

forever again

it has been hectic...getting ready for school, getting ready to move, and managing Mr. 3's new job (scheduling alone time keeps getting harder and harder)

today however was rough, the first day of the semester always is, but add in your own classes on top of that and everything gets five times worse. At the moment my brain is so fried that I am blogging simply for an opportunity to get my head back together..

First of all, the stupid freshman questions....yes you are in the O-S-H building, we call it Osh, welcome....second, the easiest way to find the WPRA is to following the HUGE signs posted in the hallway, but if you really can't read a sign at this late stage in your life, sure I'll direct you out of pity. geez.

Second, scheduling problems, one classroom is too small but at that time when there is absolutely no room in the university for a change of venue...

But perhaps the most annoying thing of today is the constant calls from the bug asking the most stupid questions...and they are the same questions over and over again! she is the academic advisor if she can't figure out the cross-listing thing by now... the other day I was looking up a class roll and noticed that Mr.3, instead of being slated as the graduate student that he is, is listed as a Junior. I had him call the registar, and they told him that the advisor had changed his question is...what in the hell did she think that she was doing? Beth had everything set up perfectly and she had to mess around...hopefully it will get fixed but who knows how many students records she has screwed up at this point.

other horrific news, there is a rumor that JB might be temping for the Languages and Literature department for a month or so...a month is more than enough time for her to re-file and re-arrange an entire office...when Mandy came back to help train Kate, she couldn't find anything in her office. So if this bit of gossip is true it has two implications: one...that she will visit, and her coming into this office makes me phyisically ill, it is bad enough with her spawn wandering around (Mr.3 has a class with her, he's devastated) but more importantly two: if she is temping again, it means that she has lost yet another job...another! you would think that a woman with a 12 page resume of jobs would think that there might be a slight problem with her work style/ethic/attitude and try to fix it. But then again if you think that you are always always remained screwed.