Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Stupid frigging computer. ... So i actually started writing a while ago and the computer was operating in that super slow mode, where you type and wait type and wait, and then the computer finally catches up you. If you type too fast it forgets what you were trying to type and it comes out in garbled mess. So the only way I have figured out how to get rid of this is to just restart the computer. This is the second time today!! Damn you Elmer! That is the name for my computer. It's a transvetite (or would it be a transexual? A drag queen? I think that I like Transvesite better). When she is sweet she's Ethel, but when he's bad he is Elmer.

It is very very quiet today. The sound of an office without JB is such *sniff* such *sniff* a beautiful thing.... I think I need a moment....
And back to reality. I have tried to take a lunch today, I really have..but since I felt like sitting at my desk and answering my email, and even with the door to the main office being up with a sign, I still got bothered. And it wasn't from people off the street, oh was from the people who also work in the office..Read the sign and let me be! So I figured that I would just not feel guilty at all about reading at my desk, which I actually haven't done yet. But give me time. I wanted to listen to some Bowie, but I didn't have any with me today--it is in my car, so I am listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs real low, hoping that no one will get offended. Since I haven't really been able to sit and eat uninterrupted I have been eating bits of my rather scanty lunch as I go along, selective snacking.
The printing services office had their open house today. For the entire month they have been sending out these obnoxious flyer/card thingys once or twice a week. Talk about the non-suspense leading up to a anti-climax. June and I walked down there today to see what they had: punch and cookies, pens and paper, and an offer of free copying for today. Nothing too grand. The punch was the typical Mormon punch fare that you get in this state, Apple juice mixed with sprite. The cookies however were oversized, that was pretty good compensation for the cruddy punch. Their pens and paper pads are a little freaky, they say "On your your drawers" is printing services stalking me in my office?! I don't know if I can handle any more extra paranoia coming from my office supplies. Speaking of, my huge order should have some in today. Awwh man, I wanted to play with post it notes and pens today. The office depot man must not like me today.
Last night, K sent me an article to edit. Oh goodness it was...well not something that he should send out to the public. I gave him my honest opinion (the I have to be mean in a nice way kind) I hope that he re-edits it. And I hope that he will talk to me afterwards, but I haven't heard from him yet. I even had my mom read it, and she said that I wasn't harsh enough on it. I had planned on reading it and commenting today, but when I glanced at it last night I knew that I couldn't wait on it. Later my mom and I were talking about him, and she asked what sign I thought that he was.---His birthday is a rather complicated issue, because he doesn't know when exactly it is, because Kurdish babies in Turkey were rarely registered at the time of their birth, but somewhere in their first year or so, and a lot of mothers in the culture didn't place a high value on the time when their baby was to be born. So he claims the 22nd of July but his mother can't remember if he was born in early spring or late fall. And if I was a rural village woman, with not much education and 9 children in total, I might forget too. Anyway, I drew a random guess at at Capricorn (A sign that I am not too familar with.. So we read the chapter in Linda Goodman's Sun Signs about the Capricorn Male, oh I hit it right on the head. So what does this mean to me? Well if I choose to reinvest my emotions in my dear friend K, with his personality I will probably not get the validation that my little Leo ego would like to get. But I think that I could live with it, but I would still need to wait until he came around. Ahh..yes. the tribulations of my non-existant love life.
Well I am gonna go, it is hitting the 4 oclock hour and I can waste enough time trying to tie up loose ends today to last until 5

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

k....please let the goofy comment thing work... cross your fingers
Odd thought really
As I was walking to my car this afternoon, one of the trees along the path had been recently cut and the branches (which were full and green) were laying right where they fell. It looked like they were praying to the tree.

JB goes in for surgury tomorrow and the week that she will be gone might extend to longer depending on how she feels. I felt sorry for her, she was pretty scared. June told me today that she didn't think that it was a good idea to talk to "I" about JB. Thanks for you 2 cents June, but that is my decision to make anyway. And that is, well I am not sure if I want to know or not. She will only be there for about a month after her week off from surgury, and well...her manner seems to piss just about everyone off in one way or another. This leads me to believe that all of her mannerisms are part of a fatal personality defeat that can never be cured. On the level of annoyance she is up there with June to begin with, I just get JB in a larger quantity.

Observation: a peanut butter and jelly pita sandwich is not a good idea. Sandwich bread had a much higher level of absorbancy. Grape jelly also has a pretty far squirting radius.

Nothing really happened the first part of today and I devoted it to sharpening my HTML skills. Those that regularly view my page will notice the color scheme change. It is a little odd but I kind of like it. I want to change the MAL site so I am working on writing a new template for it. I have the colors I want and an idea of how I want to place everything. The Adobe GoLive program that "The Mec's" site is created in has totally spoiled me.

Then about 1-my usual lunch time- there was an opening with JB. I needed to order supplies for "the Mec" before the end of the fiscal year (tomorrow) and she had just kept putting me off and putting me off. So she finally got around to it, but would only work on it if I was in the room---I don't know why but I brought a notebook to take notes on so that I could fit that "secretary" archtype that I abhor. Then June was in there whining about one thing or another and agruing with JB--I wanted to smack both of them. Then June would leave and I would start to ask JB some more questions, then we would be interrupted my Beth, then she would leave and June would come back....I didn't manage to get my questions answered and out of JB's office until 3:30! I got to spend $350 in office supplies though, which was fun. but I wasn't finished with that until 5 (it was a big order--cool)then I had to update the webtracker stats and dig out my desk to write a list of things to do for the morning. I wasn't out of work until 5:45, but really 6 because I had to wish JB good luck and have her explain every possible situation that might arise while she was gone (she had to explain every one of those goofy typed memos to herself to me--ugh). Working late and through lunch means that I have an extra 1.75 hours to leave early or late sometime. Oh the possiblities.....

good news everybody: I wore pants today. Yes I know, you're thinking "Debbie spent a day not in a skirt?" Yes, it does happen. And when I put them on today they were loose. Party. Bonus.

An ad for a pilates class on NPR used the words "dynamic tension" and I burst out laughing. Visions of Rocky Horror floating past me. Tim Curry, yum.

I should go, the fam is invading tomorrow (we are going to see Shrek 2) and the house has to be cleaned. I am not sure if it is only my father has the high standards of cleanliness, but they must be obeyed. It shouldn't be too bad, if I just put the dirty clothes in the hamper and throw out all of the stupid junk mail that plagues me every week I should be fine.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Well I am slowly but surely trying to make my blog all that it can be. So the below picture is my lastest acheivement. Not too much of one and the picture I chose was random. but hey, it's on the damn page isn't it?

and I want to do more with the template, but my HTML's skills are lacking.

so I decided that I should talk to "I" about JB. This conclusion came after bawling to my mom on the phone for a couple of hours last night. I think that it is really important that I figure out exactly what my position really is at "The Mec" (as Paulie boy terms it). I talked to June about it a bit today and she informed me that when Mandy was me (as in my position) she kept track of not only "I" but the AA as well, and when she became the AA she just kept on doing the old job and the new. If that is really the case I should just chalk up her bitchiness to managerial styles and shut up. I couldn't sleep last night, I was thinking about everything and nothing-and the little bit that I did drop off to sleep I was having weird work website dreams--this seems to be an regular Sunday night occurance and it ticks me off. At 3 am I turned on the TV and watched the miserable reporters whose job it is to do the middle of the night news. but meet the press was on....I guess that they must re-air it. Either way, I had a major brainstorm about ideas for the next lecture series at "The Mec" and was madly scribbling them down by the light of the TV. By 4:30 in the morning I could sleep, but 7am wake-up was not pretty. My eyes just hurt today. But nicely enough, I was too tired to be bothered with her crap. She should be there only until the end of july, the end of july, the end of july... if I keep repeating this mantra the world will become good and right again. please. I was so non-plussed with her today (I think that I am using that in the right context) that I even did the mundane job of retyping her file tabs---yes the task that was to take me a week, and yes, it took a half hour....but I streched it out to a full hour. hee hee my office laziness skills increase!

from yesterday's dance class I taught my knees are killing me. I really hurt them in January ---for those of you that don't know, my car and I got in a little bit of a "fight" and I got dragged a bit---and the way that they hurt now, I really screwed them up. I would go to the doctor (I didn't when it happened because I had no insurance then) but I fear the news will be quite depressing. Ann and I were going to work out today but she had a dentist's appointment. Although I didn't work out at all when she was gone in Chicago last week, and I was looking forward to starting up again this week, I'm glad that we didn't meet today. I think that I am going to need a cane soon.

being paid every month on the 7th and the 22nd each month turned out to be bad this last month. I was so excited to empty my checking account for rent of the 22nd that I forgot my own anniversary. June 22nd marked my 3 year anniversary of being Muslim. On 6/21/2001 somewhere around 5:30 am in Istanbul I took the Shaahda. That was a good day. A really good day. And even though Grandpa doesn't know, I am actually taking a really big chance by outwarding stating that in this blog, because I know that he used to check it. But if I can't be honest to myself here why bother? I try to live my life as an open book, and this is the perfect format for such a thing.

on another note, I have been reading this book called "Salam Pax, the clandestine diary of an ordinary Iraqi" which is excerpts from a blog done my an Iraqi man just before and during the Iraq war. I find that not only do I totally respect him, but I get the impression that I could get along with him (his music likes are similar to mine and the Libster's for that matter) A lot of people who are familiar with the blogging world already know about him, and as I discover every day that is quite a complex world. Anyway, when I get the linky linkyish things to work on this frigging page I will have his site on there, for the moment though here is his web page It is just cool, he has great links,an acerbic wit (I learned that word today-had to use it), and a wonderful and insightful writing style. And no I am not getting paid to type this, but I think that I stumbled upon somthing so incredibly unique and special that I want other people to witness it too. So go and check. It's nifty neat-o.

and the last item for today's mini novel about my boring life. My turtles miss me. When I let them run around last week I stayed mostly in my bedroom watching TV (I am trying to break myself of that habit---I didn't come home everyday and watch TV all evening when I was in school and I am not going to start now) but the entire time they were in the room with me, hanging out by my bed. They would sleep directly under me and then when I was awake come out and make the occasional noise so that I would notice and talk to them. Scooter would watch me until I noticed her and spoke to her and then go play on my shoes. It was soo cute. and I am not a crazy turtle lady, but it dawned on me that they follow me around the house when they are out of their tank. When I am in the main room they stay in there, when I am in the bedroom they go in there. In the mornings, Scooter would station herself in the mini-hallway between the front room and my bedroom (a situation where on a couple of occasions I almost stepped on her) and Zip would hang out in the bathroom in the morning. I guess that many people don't think of reptiles as being the type to emotionally attach to someone. But my family has been the safest and most stable home (we have had them for over 8 years now) that these little guys have had, and I guess that is a sign that they are happy. Their tank is on the computer desk and the lamptop screen blocks a third of their view, but I just moved it back to look at them and they are both asleep nestled in the turtle bedding on the side close-est to me. Zip is completely relaxed with her arms and legs splayed everywhere and Scoot is using her arm as a pillow. Man, I wish that they would take a decent picture because I love these moments when they are like this.

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

oh no I am not done yet. This is the best quote ever. This is from the Salt Lake Tribune:

"A 40-year-old man committed suicide Saturday by jumping from a balcony on the 19th floor of Salt Lake City's Grand America Hotel, police said.
"He was just despondent over something," said Salt Lake police Lt. John Cardona."


Nothing much going on in today's news.... I love Arab News, it is extra cool, but not as cool as reading Turkish newspapers. On Friday "I" had asked me if I had heard of Milliyet and was wondering if they had an emglish site. I found it for him, but the Turkish version is definitely more complete, I asked if he wanted me to watch if for the next few days, but he said that he wasn't sure yet---he will probably tell me when he gets back from Geneva---with chocolate--like always :)
Yesterday, I went and used the office copy machine for an hour and a half, got everything copied that I wanted. Then I had to go to Perseopolis and pick up a menu for catering possibilites. And I went to this Middle Eastern Grocery store just to check it out, someone had come by work the other day with advertisements for 59 cent pita bread. And yes, it's true. After that I went to the library to see if they had any interesting movies, while there I ran into Ryan and Stephanie who I hadn't seen since my birthday, but I had talked to a couple times on the phone and the very occasional email. So I hung out with Stephanie (watched Pricsella Queen of the Desert-forgot how cool that movie was-2 episodes of law and order) then we went over to one of her friends house that had just moved.
Apparently I meet a lot of people that I forget, but they don't forget me. I didn't use to do all of this stuff. So I find out last night that the company that does all of the ink for our printers at work is the same company that Ryan works for, and the printer guy who talked to me the other day (which I thought was highly unusual) was his brother who remembered me from the wedding. Why didn't he say anything!!!??? ANd also in the how-small-the-world-really-is deal, the September who is part of the dance toupe who I taught how to do Kurdish dances to today was in fact the same September who used to date Edgar (Ryan's friend, who is awful cute, but definitely has issues).

The Kurdish dance instruction went really well. They liked it, and I am going to go back on the 11th to work with them again. 2 hours of dancing. What fun. I don't think that they expected it to be as strenous as it was, but I never have thought as the wedding dances as being an aerobic workout. One thing though, just before I went I watched a bit of the tape from the last Newroz I attended that night. It is amazing how the memories of frustation, inadequacy, and just general hurt from that night can come out. I am such a stupid girl. Oh, and I also noticed how wide I am compared to other people. not the shoulders and head perhaps but the center sections.

So the rest of today.... I watched the Count of Monte Cristo (twice) which I had checked out from the library (it was good, alright) and I started re-reading it. Not that I ever got past the first 100 pages the first time, but now I really want to see what I am missing. I do this with everything, I start soo much and then I get distracted by something else. No wonder it took me so long to graduate college. and now I really have no clue what to do. I know, boo hoo. But dangit this is my damn blog and I can whine if I want to.

I gave the babies a bath again today and cleaned out their tank. I think that I let them wonder around for too long, because they pooped on the carpet again. But at least I don't think that they are mad at me anymore, they discreetly crapped in the corner, so that I wouldn't step on it, or find it....hummm....are my turtles that cunning? That would be cool if they were...

Saturday, June 26, 2004

So I decided not to go to my parent's this weekend, and I am now just hanging at home. Since my recent -must lower all spending--spree, I am now reduced to the slowness of dial-up. I have been waiting for the Microsoft XP updates things and it is only 53% complete, and I swear that it has been over an hour. so now just passing the time, although I relaly should get dressed and go out.

Libby and I went to X-wife's last night, played pool, and had 2 pitchers of beer, which meant that we were quite tipsy at one point. On my second glass of water in the sober-up-to-drive-home-ritual the power went out at the bar. We were there for 45 minutes or so, hoping that it would come back on. It didn't, and I really didn't want to stumble to the women's restroom in the dark for a second time. So we left, but walked around a little before we got in the car. Here is the really sad part. the power went out around 10:30. We are such little old ladies, 10:30 is my bed time, the idea of staying out really late is well, unthinkable.

62% complete. God this will never end.

so I am watching Invader Zim again, I wonder when Libby is going to want her DVDs back, probably later today--I know that she is going to see Colin tonight
Looked for more Tarkan pictures for my desktop background. I hate to say it but I was getting tired of my Queen in drag picture. Just not enough hot travestite pictures out there for me. Not that Queen were transvestite, and I definitely have never seen a picture of Tarkan in women's clothing, but definitely there is something incredibly sexy about a man that that walk well in heels.

best song quote that I have heard in a long time "You are the best mistake I never made" David Bowie, Survive.

Friday, June 25, 2004

continuing on with the saga of friday morning. I felt really good this morning
walked into work all relaxed, and when I think about the morning, I feel relaxed
and happy again. humh..that's nice.

however. When I did come in, JB announces that she has finally finished the DOE
report (YEAH!) and then proceeds to just butt into all of the other stuff that
I have to do, but she feels that she has to follow up on. I've done my work-geez!
Of course, this doesn't sound like much but it just adds to the impending doom of
the week following her surgury.

The Chrony guys came in today to discuss the contract for next year. She was
barking demands at them, and orders at me (and I wasn't even in the room). Later
on she apoligized, in a flighty off-hand way if she had been rude, and said that
if she ever did anything that I could just tell her. But I don't think that she
would like the list that I would come up with. I really felt sorry for the Chrony
guys, it was brutal and it sounds as if she was in the full bitch mode. Also
afterwards she kept talking about the contract that SHE was going to sign. She
can't, only "I" can, and I hope that her behavior is going to warrent another
"now I am the director, not you" speech. I hope I hope I hope

28 buildings on campus closed today because the power is out. The University
has its own substation so that isn't really good at all. It is fine in here,
but I think that the air conditioning is off. That really isn't a big deal
because they have it turned up soo high in this building on a normal basis, that
we are surviving quite nicely on the buildt up cold. For some reason though
my desk is covered with little gnats. Most annoying, I might have to spray
raid in here again. and for some reason the hall lights are only half on, so
it makes if feel like it is the last day of school in here. Like I really
should be goofing off. Not that I have a lot to do anyway. I am back on the
long list of things to do today. And for clarification the "long list" is a
list of things to be done (like making electronic copies of old files) that
will make absolutely no difference in the grand scheme of things if it is done
or not. But it does keep up the illusion of extra efficence. Technically I
could sit at the desk and read, waiting for the phone to ring, but for some
reason I feel guilty whenever I do that. At least typing at the computer makes
it looks like I am doing something worthwhile. I don't know though, is it?
I know, I know. It isn't even 9 yet.
But she so quick this morning.

See last night I went to bed with one of those "anything can happen" feelings.
Like sparks were coming off my skin. And just before I went to sleep I was
focusing on how wonderful the breeze felt upon me. I had strange yet pleasant
dreams. And it took at lot of energy to get out of bed, just because Friday
mornings I don't want to move. I love Friday and even though I rarely go to
Friday prayers, I still feel quite at peace with myself and the world.

I don't think that whatever day of the week it is, the day is the same as in this
office. dang, I'll get back to you in a little while JB is hovering.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

I have done so well today, it is only 4:30 and I am blogging.
My Back: PAT PAT

Well I finished everything on my short list today (the long list keeps getting
shorter day by day) and I even started on the little pidily things that Debra
has laid aside for me to do "When I Have Time", or basically little things that
Mandy asked her to do but she couldn't really be bothered. This new item is to
re-type all of the name labels for the employee files (37 to be exact) and put
them in the longer file label holders than the shorter ones that they are currently
in. Apparently she intends for me to do this task the entire week that she is
gone on her surgury. Hummm... I don't know, that might take a while...15 minutes
a half hour...I'll be swamped.
Oh, and from here on out Debra will be known as "JB", just in case she happens to
check out my screen and I am bitching.
JB also reminded me that when she is back from surgury that she will need a lot of
help with things like typing. She types everything, including reminder notes to
HERSELF. Post its, what are those? Ever since she mentioned that today I have
had this creeping sense of dread....she is going to try to make me her


which I will end up doing because I am nice, don't want to create any office
friction ---thank god she is a temp only---and I always feel sorry for weak
creatures. I might like her better if she was a squirrel or a chipmunk.

So last night Libby ended up leaving her DVD's of Bowie and Invader Zim at my
house...guess what I will be doing..oh yeah. All day today I have been listening
to Bowie's Earthling album. It's good and I love it, but I have listened to it
7 or 8 times today---I am just too lazy to change the CD.

Hummm... well I have exhausted all my thoughts for today. Guess I will double
check the website tracker (it hasn't been working well today) before I go.
Maybe I can make that take up 12 more minutes.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

so also in the effort of utilizing my time as effienctly as possible I took an
online IQ test. the results: 127 IQ for me, and I am considered as a "Insightful
Linguist: highly intelligent and have the natural fluency of a writer and the
visual and spatial strengths of an artist." That's nice. I like it. But it also
means that I will never make the big bucks and therefor I cannot spend the such
and such amount to purchase their 15 page report which dissects my mind based on
50 questions.

the Libster is coming over tonight. We are going to watch Invader Zim and David
Bowie videos before she goes and sees Colin after his rehearsal.

humm...anything else. I have actually listened to music at the office today---I
forget sometimes and then wonder why it is so quiet...
today Turkish Pop: Mustafa Sandal and Tarkan...yumm...

Oh look! Only an hour left of work... yippee!
well, I wanted to murder Debra earlier today, but I have clamed down now. Just
a few comments that she made just hit me wrong. First, as we were going to the
English office to pick up some binders, she says "Oh I should have worn my blazer"
I asked why, it was hot outside. And she says that we are going over as reps of
the center and we need to look professional. Hummm... last time I checked this
was a casual office, and I thought that I looked fine. Ok so maybe I am not
wearing panty hose, but that shouldn't matter anyway. Second thing of great
annoyance, it that I goofed up and forgot to ask someone who made an appointment
with "I" and I forgot to find out what exactly they wanted to see him about. So
he is lecturing me a bit on it, which was fine, because he wasn't mean, and it
was definitely his place---but Debra was sitting there right next to him nodding
her head as if she was agreeing with the preacher. Stupid woman, I don't think
that she really realizes what a snot she comes off as.

Finally got the taffy for "I" today. The place has weird hours so I had to be
late for work today (but I worked late yesterday so that's alright). But when a
place opens at 8 and at 8:10 their door isn't opened yet, I get a little annoyed.
When I finally got in the owner had to ask someone how to work the register.
But the taffy is addicting and to feed the need, you have to put up with a little.

we are trying to finish the 2nd DOE report, and everyone seems to be a little
testy. and I mean beyond the level of average annoyance around here. I have
re-edited the narrative already and done the class sheet. So now that just needs
to be entered into the system (Debra's job), besides that the budget should be
all that is left. "I" wants it all in by today--seems plausible to me, but "D"
works on a different time than the rest of us.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Oh Forgot to mention...
I had a dream about Dione last night. She was trying to leave/move but her car
was blocked my 6 feet of snow. And of course, she couldn't shovel and was just
whining about it so that someone else would do it for her. So I picked up the snow
which was in slabs--weird, and cleared a path for her. Then she got mad at me
because I wouldn't help her move the rest of her stuff, and then she took her
truck and ran over my car a bunch of times. Dammit.

I guess that she has moved away, nobody really knows, and I am not sure that I care
enough to find out. I was talking with my mom about it the other day and I questioned
myself "Do divorced people feel this same sense of relief?"

AHHH!!! More stupid fax junk mail!!!I hate this stuff.
Blah blah
One of those days at work already. I come in and there is an empty tissue box on
my desk...why you ask? Because Debra who is operating under the assumption that
I am her personal secretary and not the OFFICE secretary, couldn't find the energy
to walk over the supply closet and get herself a new box of tissues. Then she
wanted to have them moved over to this office. Why? There is no room for them,
that is why we have a storage closet. Duh. Just get off of your skinny ass and

Last night Libby and I went on a condom search (she and Colin are out again), the
trip was successful, but also reminded me that the condoms I bought forever ago
will expire next March...the 4 year celibacy anniversary is looming... after our
search we went over to the bar and had a beer, because we could. Normally we play
pool, but decided against it--so we just "hung out" in our nerdy way and made plans
to have a study day at the bar. Forget going to the coffee shop and reading over
a cup of joe, a pitcher of beer would be better. Hell, I have had a study drink
forever, I might as well make it public.

Set up a web tracker for the Center's website. It's addicting. I can sit and
watch in realtime everyone who visits the site. The power is scary, but my boss
thinks that I am a genius for setting it up. I'm not, but since the girl that
was here before was such a slackass I appear to have superhuman secretarial
powers...muhh haa haa

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

So last night I finished Justine by the Marque De Sade, and even though I have
been reading it for over a week or so, last night was the first night that I had
a dream that stemmed from the book. I dreamed that my Dad was mad at my Mom for
the debt he had accrued from some finacial scheme he had undertaken. To get back
at her he allowed the people he owed money to, to come and rape her. He wouldn't
tell me how much he sold her out for, and I suspected that he did it for free. I
was so angry with him, because he had no sympathy for her, and said that it was
all her fault to begin and that she was being justly punished. It was a very
disturbing dream, espeically because my father was so angry in the dream, and I
had never ever seen him so cruel. Stupid De Sade. Anyway Justine is an interesting
book, and if you have a strong constitution I would recommend it. But be warned
it is highly pornographic, coupled with a lot philosophy. Justine is an orphan
who is highly religious and very protective of her "virtue", but her naivite
makes her a very easy target and she seems to constantly finding herself to be a
sex-slave for every weirdo imaginable in France. I know that you are supposed to
have compassion for her character in the book, but by the end, I just wanted to
slap her upside the head, and I was glad that she died at the end. Thinning of the
herd and all that.
I am going to read more of De Sade's stuff because it is quite interesting, but
I am going to read a light novel next and then go back to it. The dream was very
disturbing so I need to cleanse the palate a bit.
So today is Tuesday, of the work that I need to finish for today it will take me
less than 15 minutes. It is just barely 9am, and I have already read all the
newspapers. And today I am finally getting my root canal, yeah. I know that sounds
strange, but I have been waiting for over a month for it. And I have finally
gathered enough funds-without my parent's help-but they gave me money for it anyway
just in case--They are so good to me. So that's it for now. Later

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

So today I am at work, and as of yesterday at 10:30am I had finished the last bit
of work that I have to complete until, say August. So I figured that maybe I
should amuse myself during my breaks by writing a bit. Being efficent is a pain.
Everyone else has work to do, and although I have asked if they need help, no
one really needs it. So now I am back to inventing work for myself.
Which I will go back to in a few minutes. I have been helping Debra with little
things here and there, which is nothing to me, but I guess quite a lot to her, and
she keeps buying things like doughnuts for me in the morning. Which I eat. But I
feel a little guilty because I don't bring anything in for her. I will soon,
I just have to wait until payday because I am absolutely strapped for money.
This last weekend was a little interesting, as my father (accidently) hit me in the
head with a plumbing snake. But to both of our defenses, neither thought that
it would spring out of the package like it did. So I had a bit of whiplash and
a massive headache this weekend, which still is not going away. I am almost wondering
if it triggered something off in my head... humm.. I hope not. Going back to
having headaches every day sucked.
So I am going to close, remind me tomorrow to tell you about the book that I have
been reading. It's weird.