Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Definitely written in the heat of the moment

Today was the first day with Kate gone, and it sucked big time.
Not only am I managing my own job, but dear Kate's and Rebecca's....and also Carolyn's---who broke her ankle this morning on the ice on campus here. As a habitual klutz this type of thing worries me as a general rule...oh but to break your ankle in 3 separate bones, plus she has to go in for surgury tomorrow morning....while I was incredibly paniked by the Workman's Comp form that I had to fill out for her, at least I am not in her shoes, or rather, shoe and a full cast.

But perhaps the worst part of all of this is Bug-Sitting. Now I am trying as hard as I can to get everything done, and I think that I am making a fairly decent job of it, but having to tell her how to do ROUNTINE items like coordinating with faculty over directed readings authorizations---hello! the May Accord---it isn't like we go over this constantly!--- takes up more of time that I don't already have.

but seriously, she has been confirming every thing that she has done today with me....and honestly there is a lot there that I don't need/have to know. Case in point....she called in late today....nothing new, happens all the time. So I mention to her that she should just standardize her hours to 9-6, instead of the 8-5, since that is closer to the actual hours that she she wouldn't have to call in late to me everyday. At which point she went into this HUGE explanation of what she does when she stays late and why she doesn't claim the work that she does as comp time (in addition to her lamenting that she wouldn't know who to talk to about setting something like that up--hummm let's see...YOUR BOSS MAYBE!)...see, she has already lied to me about her collection of comp time hours and I don't need to listen to her lie again to me but with more detail. The thing is that I don't fucking care! If she would just quietly and competently do her job than I would be fine with things....but when I am constantly babysitting her it drives me nuts...and she pulls this shit every single time that it is just me in the office. I am not her supervisor yet she acts like I am half the time, just do your job and get out of my space!
then she just wants to sit and talk...fine, I will listen for what I can....but to have her hover over me worried that I can't find the address of the University Hospital doesn't help. The last thing I need today is her telling me what I should be doing (and hoping that I can get it done in time) after I have already told her what I am doing....and of course the last thing that I need was of course all that I have gotten from her today. I sort of feel like I am working with crazy say something and then she repeats it back to you as if it is her idea. I am not sure if this is a product of the bug being the bug, or if she is thinking that by telling me what I am doing (in a half-assed command sort of way) that she is somehow in charge of me? And of course, we all know my opinions on that.

Because of the workman's comp form that has to be filled out within 24 hours of the incident I was going to be late to class....not that she noticed...but earlier in the day she kept asking me when I was going to class. Luckily, our class sub didn't show up and my partner declared herself to be in charge of taking roll in the class so I got to add my name to the roster.

I still haven't finished my article for Global Voices....and I so need to finish that now.

And I found out that my L2 teacher accepted my volunteering to present in class tomorrow. It is an optional thing, but I volunteered because I really want the activity to get some feedback and I am anxious to up the anty on the participation points. Of course, I am regretting that decision now, as I have a lot of work to do but no time for it. The activity should be cool. We are supposed to present a socio-lingual activity that discusses variation in language. So what I am going to do is present some of the differences between Istanbul Turkish and Diyarbakir Turkish and how certain items that would be categorized as a mis-use of grammar is really inference from the Kurdish Language into the Turkish. The same type of grammar mistakes (if you go by the perscriptive rules of grammar) are very common in learners of Turkish who speak English as their native language and speakers of Turkish who speak Kurdish as their native language. God, I hope it works well.

Also....I have fan-flipping-tastic news to share with all....but you will have to wait (if you don't already know) until the next post.

Monday, November 28, 2005

First Anniversary

Today is the First Anniversary of Mr.3 and I. Sometimes I am surprised that it has been that long, but then again, I have never been this happy before. Oddly enough, with the car problems we are again strapped for money this month, which is exactly where we were last year...except it is better now as we already have rent paid through January. I found $30 credit on a card so we are going to go out for a cheap date to celebrate.
I filed and buffed my nails for the occasion, it was badly needed but I am so hard on my hands that they just look old no matter what I do. Granny hands, that is what I have. Even if I wore jewelery on them they would still look this way.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Angry Email...

I received this email from some random person who throughly ticked me off. I am only going to post the text of the emails and I am going to edit the girl's name (just to be nice). Also I have inserted commentary...

Sent: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 02:09:17 +0000
Subject: Turkish delight

Hi, my name is KF, I am female, 17 and I am from the UK. I am a huge Tarkan fan and of all things Turkish :) (Isn't that just sickeningly perky?)

You sound like a nice person, but I am confused as to why a Kurdish person would have a blog with "Turkish Delight" on it? I have met a few Kurds in London, and they keep telling me how one day they are going to take Turkey over. Threy are nice people, but a little strange. (How many times do I need to tell people that I am not Kurdish?!)

I have also emailed Ali Yildirim, the owner of my favourite site Tarkan DeLuxe, to let him know that you think he is a 'weird guy with a Tarkan fetish". I don't think you read his site properly, else you are coming to a way off-beat conclusion. He really just helps Tarkan fans by answering questions, and as far as I know I think he has got a girlfriend (well that is what this girl on my msn boasts). (My opinion on this subject still stands, although I will admit that his site has gotten better since I last looked at-when the comment was originally made.)

There are many top quality Turkish blogs about, I don't think you have really searched. (Oh no, she didn't!) But I also explained this to Ali and I am sure he will put a post up on his own blog, which has a large readership(really? Prove it!), giving you a nice long list of everything Turkish in the blogsphere. I am interested now, too.
See you.

Ok so I am not sure how I can express my annoyance at receiving this, especially all the stuff about being "being Kurdish" but having Turkish Delight as a site name. I have gotten this a bunch of times and replying/explaining things wears on my nerves. This was my reply:

Subject: Re: Turkish delight
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 23:35:17 -0500

Thank you for email, I guess. I am neither Kurdish nor Turkish, but American with no family connections to anywhere but the US. The history of my connection to Turkey, the Turks and the Kurds, can all be found in the archives of my blog.
As to my comment about Ali's blog, I believe that that was an extraordinaryily long time ago and do not see why you think that it has any relevance. I am glad that you enjoy his website, I personally have not visited his website since my comments and see no need to. Also I do not see your sending of my comment on his blog, made a LONG time ago, serves any purpose other than to ingratiate yourself with Ali, and to create some sort of "drama" that is frankly not worth any of our time.
I am very well aware that there are a number of top quality Turkish blogs out there, and if you had read my blog recently you would know that I actually write an article every week for a group called Global Voices, which gives an overview of what is happening in the Turkish blogosphere. In fact I resent the comment that you made about that.
Again, thank you for your interest,

Yes, I was curt but I could have been much much worse....but no, she isn't finished!

Sent: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 09:07:18 +0000

Subject: Re: Turkish delight

Dear Delal,

Thank you for such a speedy reply, but I am sure you now know what it feels like I guess when someone misjudges YOU (Misjudges or is just making stupid assumptions?). I don't think it was wrong of me to tell Ali the (in my opinion) unfair and frankly rude comments you made about a guy that didn't deserve it. A fair reading of his blog would show that. He has a right to know that you called him a weird guy with a Tarkan fetish. How he responds to it is up to him, I guess.

I still wonder why you have the blog name Turkish delight - is it like I've seen some Armenians do where they take popular Turkish word searches so that they can pull the surfer into websites that do nothing but denigrate Turkey? As your blog has nothing really to do with Turkey or the Turkish people, but Kurds. (Ok, so now she is comparing me to mythically underhanded Armenians as well as you think that there is any other pseudo slur she can try to throw at me?)

Thank you but I do not feel the need to return to your site to wade through archives...once was enough, (please note, she said once....she has only read one post and she is bitching and calling me names?)HOWEVER though I would suggest that you return to Ali's...I am surprised that you write for Global Voices. Someone who can make such silly biased comments about people they don't know I thought would lack any such ability.

Did you know Ali writes for Global voices, (Absolute LIE!!!, She doesn't even know what the site is) too and for Quantara and the like?

I am so glad you found some good Turkish blogs. I did a little search myself and found an amazing one about the Ottoman Empire. (So I think that she has found a total of 2, count them 2 Turkish, I am impressed.)


So my WhatTheFuck? meter went off the scale with this one. This Ali guy doesn't write for GV, she is completely making this up, I checked. Furthermore, I don't see why she has appointed herself the judge and jury about what I say about anyone, especially if she can't even back up what she says. Yes, she is young, but that is no excuse. Here is my reply:

Subject: Re: Turkish delight
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 22:01:22 -0500

What I see is an ignorant little girl who seems to have deemed herself the morality police. Furthermore, you are a liar, as your dear Ali doesn't write for Global Voices, you are just trying to make some seemingly intelligent comment about something that you clearly have no clue about.
The name of my PERSONAL blog has no relevence, I started in while living in Turkey, something I doubt that you can say for yourself. From your comments made to me and about people that I have written about in the past you have proven yourself to be quite the bigot. So before you start calling other people names I suggest that you take a hard look at yourself.
Now I must commend you for being intelligent enough to manage a blog keyword search but I recommend that you just stick to your wet and mushy Tarkan fantasies before you attempt to make any comments to complete strangers as it only serves to show what an petty imbecile you in fact are.
Please do not email me again as the time it takes to read and reply to you is a bit of my life that I have now wasted.

So far she hasn't responded back and I hope that she doesn't. I honestly can't see what possessed her to write to me in the first place except that it is obvious that she has a thing for this Ali guy. The last thing I need is some whiny teenager complaining about a slightly negative comment I made that she found on some random websearch. And I am angry that she made me angry and dragged me into this little "drama" of hers.

So dear readers, do you think that I was overreactive and a complete bitch or were my comments deserved and probably should have been harsher? I advidly await your comments.

Thanksgiving Apathy

So I have been bumming around on the computer for a while now with no idea what I should blog about. Thanksgiving went well and I took a couple of pictures of things but I have no desire to even post them.

Jason (the one with the snoring video) came down and while I don't think that he intended to stay the whole weekend he has. Tomorrow we are going to leave around noon and Jason will follow us back...he is doing this for a couple of reasons one, because he is unfamiliar with the road and it snowed and two, to make sure that our car makes it. When we came to my parent's house on Wednesday afternoon I hit the driveway (which is rather steep) probably a little too fast. A horrible crunch sound came from the front of my car and I was leaking coolant from the engine at the rate of probably a pint every few minutes. So we take my car down to the local dealer who determines that the water pump needs to be replaced to the tune of $750 originally. Mr. 3 beat them down to $650 with paying half down now and the rest later...this seriously threatens precious saved funds for Christmas shopping....well not exactly threatens....kills all the spare funds left. It looks like another year with practially nothing to get Christmas gifts with. I feel so stupid that it happened because the result was the taking of our savings but I guess that there is nothing to be done about it. Oh, and the strap on my $90 leather purse broke as well, adding to my dismay.

In other news, we bought a Christmas tree for the house, and I am taking my childhood christmas ornaments back with me to put on it. This came as an unexpectedly emotional rite of passage for me...but I will just add it to all of the things that I have ended up crying about this weekend.

I received the most obnoxious email from this girl who was upset with me over a comment I made about someone else's blog ages ago. She really upset me and I was really rude to her in return. I am tempted to post the entire email dialouge up and then you, my few and faithful readers, can decide if I am a complete and total bitch.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I would like to annouce that my RSS feed is now up, so you can subscribe to my blog via the feedburner icon below on the toolbar.

Another Day spent Panda Watching

Day Two of the marathon PandaCam watching at work. Kate is addicted as well. Mr. 3 says that you can hear us squeal every few minutes going "did you see him scratch?" "Oh looks he's dreaming!"....yeah, I know that we are silly.

Things were fairly quiet today. I spent most of it trying to finish school stuff that I needed to do. So far I have managed to finish everything but the stuff I need to finish for our project in Research Methods...I meet Bianca at the coffee shop in 40 minutes and I won't nearly have enough done. Writing my Kurdish article for Global Voices nearly killed me is mammoth! And I still haven't covered everything that I could.

Good news however, Global Voices won the Best of Blogs Award from Deutsch Welle, hooray!!! I am glad that I was able to be a part of it. One of the judges wrote a really cool comment that for lack of a better way, I am just going to paste here.

From Lisa Stone:
"In my opinion, Global Voices is the most important blog in the English speaking world, bar none. This site is more than an up-to-the-minute guide and encyclopedia of the international blogosphere. Global Voices Online is a mega-blog the covers free speech by a global citizenry–and covers it well. It’s so important at a time when so many international voices are denied free speech by their governments and, in the United States, a very few, English-speaking, first-world media conglomerates dominate and determine the ownership, distribution and content of news."

And saving my ass yet again...Bianca just called and said that she isn't ready to meet either. At least we are productive and lazy at the same times....a sign of a good partner!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Pussycat, KBU, and the Panda Cam

So Libby took me to this play being put on by the Theater Department called "Pussycat", it was about the rave/club/drug scene. It was damn good! And surprising because it was written by a student. I can't exactly recommend that you go and see it because it was the last showing, but keep looking out for a playwright named Troy Deustch, he will go far....oh so much talent...I am throughly jealous.

The last few weeks on KBU, there has been infighting...nothing new it seems to happen quite often. However, in the most recent posting on KBU, it was insinuated that not only was I leaving the blog but that I have been the cause for the infighting. Quotes taken from my Global Voices article were taken out of context and twisted to make it look like I was the one promoting the fighting. Now I understand that English is not the first language of the person who sent the post, but COME ON!!! I have always been supportive of the blog...and in all of my emails sent between the leadership of the blog I have ALWAYS been clear in my support. This annoys me to no end. Do they want me to leave the blog?! Have I committed some sort of offense that no one is going to take me to task for?! UGH!

Ok, now on to better and much cuter things....I finally broke down and looked at the baby panda cam from Animal Planet. Oh, he is just so darn cute! If you would like to get equally addicted to the little bundle of furry cuteness, click here.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Supplemental Photos for the snoring video below

I got the flash to work on the pictures of dear Jason sleeping. Enjoy!


Originally uploaded by Purdanxiety
So every saturday we have people over for college football watching....and like the majority of weekends Jason decided to take a nap. I was hoping that the camera would pick up his feet dangling off the side of the guest bed but it was too dark...also the camera was tilted to the side....the funny thing of this rather dark video though is his be sure to turn up the volume! He is currently on his second hour of napping at the time this video was made. Which makes him fair game in our estimation.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Yesterday's Lesson...

...Was that I would really love to just be able to stay at home and write. Granted I would go stir-crazy after a while...and I don't think that my homemaking skills would improve any great deal. But I had a lot of fun yesterday and it was incredibly productive in terms of creative ideas that I was coming up with...although the dishes saga probably wasn't that exciting it was part of a greater creative cycle than what was not shown on the blog.

Today I am literally the only person working in the office. Linda, "I" and the bug are in route to MESA, Kate took the day off (much deserved!), Rebecca quit (Tuesday was her last day) and Carolyn left early. Not that I seem to have much guilt anymore about working at work, there is no one here to see if I am in fact working for the center today or not....not that they would really care in the long run. I have been counting the phone calls answered is three o'clock and I have only had 9 calls: One from the bug, two from a professor-same one-, one from the International Center wanting to know if anyone was around to talk to a visitor from Qatar today, one from FedEx welcoming us to the new online ordering program, one from Kate checking in, one from someone wanting to talk to Kate, and lastly 2 from the pizza delivery guy. Exciting day isn't it? Now I am actually working on homework that I had intended to work on yesterday, either way I will catch up on something.
Till my next boredom cycle....toodlily pipsky!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Battle of Dishes Bank

The inital fighting was fierce, the enemy overwhelming me with its might and numbers. At times it seemed that the battle might be lost entirely when dirty water threatened to spill over the sink sides, speading to the surrounding counter areas.

The battlefield after the first round.

After giving the ranks time to regroup the battle began again. This time we were able to round up the enemy and back them into the sink corner. The war seemed almost won until disaster stuck....a full dishtray....

The Dish battlefield after round 2...notice how the enemy troops lines have broken.

The last stage of the battle went smoothly and no resistance was met from the enemy ranks.

The enemy vanquished!

While the battle was fought well on both sides today, we must remember that this is not the end of the war, the Miliant Dish Jihadist Movement is not a group that will be easily destroyed, in fact I predict many many more battles with this terrorist foe to come.

The triumph of my day

Below you will see the crowning achievement of my day off: videoblogging! I plan to put up pictures a little later today showing the progression of the dishes but I still haven't completed the final round.

If you are interested in learning how to videoblog, visit my friend Mert. While his commentary is in Turkish the videos are more than explanatory.

Ok, enjoy the video! It's lame but palmolive can be quite hypnotizing!


Originally uploaded by Purdanxiety
Visit the land of dirty dishes at my house, revel in my laziness!

Thursday morning

So today is the promised day off that I have taken to work on school projects...I have been at my computer for 2 hours and haven't done anything yet...but I am quite relaxed, and I have already made some major headway with my articles for Global Voices. I have been trying to write stuff for them whenever I see it, rather than try to do it all at the end of the week...while this seems to be a good plan, I hope that I can keep it up.

Hope that you enjoyed the pictures...for those of you who know my boss it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

As promised, bowling photos!

Kate and "I" bowling-never thought that you would see that would you?

"I" cheering

and the best shot of the evening, after three games of bowling, this is how we started to bowl!

No bowling evening could be complete without a bum shot of Mr.3!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I don't remember ever hurting this much the last time I bowled, Mr.3 and I both feel like we are ninety. The bowling went well, and even though we are all in pain this morning, everyone had a blast. I do have pictures, which I will post a few of them later today.
Other than that, nothing else has happened. Yesterday I worked all day on an article and didn't do a lick of I guess I will try to tackle the website again today, it kept freezing up on Monday so wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

what to blog, what to blog...

Well as to the personal news that I am willing to make public...I got the acceptance letter from the Linguistics department. It is nice being a legitimate student again. And even if things change in the Spring, or if they don't, I at least know that I have things handled here in Utah.

I have also come to appreciate that while the bug annoys me a lot of the time, she has some damn juicy gossip.

Yesterday we had the going away party for Rebecca, and with MESA and Thanksgiving the only time we all of the office can get together to say goodbye to Kate is tonight. So we are going BOWLING! Which as corny as it sounds will be lots of fun for all, and it will be a good time for us all to hang out as a family before people leave the nest again. With all of these people leaving I wonder what it would be like when I go... Knowing my luck they will end up putting me in charge of part of the planning for my own party...Ugh!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Another Sunday spent in bed

For the second week in a row, Mr.3 and I have spent Sunday refusing to the leave the bedroom....and no, it isn't some massive lovefest but rather just a day to completely relax. Granted I haven't done a lick of the huge amount of homework that I need to do, but at least I feel recharged to be stressed again another day!

So yesterday in the course of writing my Turkish article I have found a new favorite blog, it's called ISBN 9760806 and while it is in Turkish, it has fantastic links! And then it has lead me to cool music site called Kikapu Net Label which has some great music downloads as well as anther site called Undomondo. Great fun for all, or which I really need to add to my blog list of things...if only I could remember by Blogrolling account info!! I am thinking of just adding links onto the template directly. That is all for the moment.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Global Voices and work

I find that doing the Kurdish roundup for Global Voices is also so much easier than the roundup for the Turkish groups. At least with the Kurdish ones, there is a limited number in English, and my Kurdish is nonexistant so I don't worry about the other ones....but with Turkish I can read everything and hunting through 1000+ blogs is time consuming, but it fasinates me. I try to work on my article ahead of time but I almost feel that I need to read the Turkish blogs uninterrupted...which I can't do too well at work.

Speaking of work, I wanted to go home early on Friday, actually I asked for the day off...a request that was ignored. So I worked on Friday, I was a good busy bee and got a lot of stuff completed on the new website. Then at 5, "I" hangs me this monster document that he needs scanned. I stayed working on it until 7:30 and then finished it later at home. I worked 12.5 hours on Friday. But the grant is almost finished, they are just doing re-edits on it this weekend, and Kate said that if she needed me that she would call. The bug however was delighted that there were a bunch of people in the office after 5...and she spent a hour in the office just talking away to "I" of Kate as I was working away. So I made sure to ask Kate if she had my phone number to call me in on Saturday if she needed me. I may not have enjoyed working late, but at least I managed to get the self-satisfaction of showing the bug in an indirect way that I am more valuable at the office than she is. Either way, I still don't get paid enough...which is why I get more praise from my superiors in the office...because they know that I am underpaid for the amount of work that I do in the office in comparison to "other" persons in the office.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

First Meeting

This morning Mr.3 notified me that today was the anniversary of him first coming in to the Center and meeting me. Who would have known from that first day, where I had been to the dentist in the morning, and I asked him, a complete stranger, if I was drooling all over myself from the novacaine, that he would have been with me a year later.

I got the best call at work today...

"Is this the place where Neil Diamond is playing."

"No sir, you have called the Middle East Center"

"Are you sure Neil Diamond isn't playing, it is supposed to be at the E-Center"

"No sir, you called the MIDDLE EAST Center, we don't have concerts here."

This is definitely one that should go down in the record books. I think that made my day, but I haven't started in again with the website so it might ruin it all. Ok, time to go back to work.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

yes, twice in the same day...

I have discovered that I can't work for more than an hour at a time with the new website thing as I seriously fear for my computer screen's safety. Plus I should keep the swearing down in the office.

During class today I was wondering what it would be like just to go to school and not work. I have always had a combination of one or two jobs, working full time, throughout college. Currently just about everyone in my immediate circle of friends is just going to school, and somehow, it seems to occupy all of their time. They are constantly worried about their papers and the reading that they have to do...and it makes me wonder if I am really missing something. I am staying up on the reading, and I have done a minimal amount of work on some of my projects....I feel like I am on the same plane as all of them. But the difference in time sorta bugs I missing out on alot, or am I just a time-managment goddess? Anyone who looked at the amount of laundry I haven't done, or dishes/other chores that I haven't finished would disagree with the time goddess thing. So am I missing out on something....could I be so much more? Am I wasting potential?

God, I hate when I start asking questions like these to myself because there is no answer in the end.

More website complaints

I looked at the new site today for the Center and I don't think that I can fully express into words how pissed off I am. You can definitely tell that they used us for their donors...and why not we make money for the university don't we?, we raise it in prestige don't we?....putzes. They made formating changes to the work that I had done and added in pictures in various places to make it look more "middle Eastern" and the photos are not what should be there. Because if I have learned one thing working here, everything is political in this office, even seemingly innocent pictures! Who cares for ingretity anymore!?! No, let's just hijack someone's site that they put a lot of hard work into, change everything, and pretend that they have really let the webmasters control things like they said. At first it was that they were taking away all responsibility for the website, then they gave it back, then they took over again to manipulate everything for their own purposes, and then give back control just in time to let someone else take the fall for their incompetence!

I am so furious! And I want to know why Languages and Literature still have their old site up---I'm sorry but if I am inconvienced everyone should be inconvienced!

Monday, November 07, 2005

tiny little tea glasses

so I have started to blog multiple times this weekend, but I keep getting distracted.

Stupidly I looked at the pay sheet today and found out (damn my curiosity!) that I am in fact the lowest paid person in my office...even the people who work 30 hours a week take home more than I do. I am not sure how I really feel about this in general. Everyone tells me that the office doesn't run when I am there, you are such a good worker, how they wouldn't have managed without me....yada yada yada and so on and so forth. I guess this explains the continual verbal praises from my superiors, which I appreciate, but now it is obvious that they do that because they know that I would leave if I really knew the whole situation. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and my office but why should people that I continually have to pick up after get paid more than me? If I do more work, higher quality work, frickin' reliable and timely work, why shouldn't I get paid more? Mr.3 says that I should stand up for myself and demand more money...unfortuately I already know that it wouldn't work because of the tight constraints but on the Center by the grant already. I guess that I am just finding more and more reason to not feel guilty for goofing off at work or doing homework on the clock.

Speaking of the grant Friday was an absolute bear! The big three got together and were working on the grant, and so I was being asked to do task after task, each with the proviso that it was to be done "when I had time", but would be asked five minutes later why it wasn't ready for them. It was just a lot of stuff to do and as I am running around trying to make everyone happy, the bug would continually ask me what I am doing and if she can see the graphs that I made from the info she gave the committee last week. Then of course she would muse and ask me if I thought that the big three would like a certain bit of information that she would be able to get for them. The answer of course would be "yes", but as she was on her way to triumphantly tell them what she was capable of doing, I notified her that if she told them that she could get the info they would want it today. That stopped her in her tracks, not because she shouldn't already have the information somewhere in her files if she actually did the work that she was supposed to do, but it stopped her because, as she said, "oh, that would probably take me two weeks to get all of that." Oh pla-lease! The academic advisor should have the information on the number of new undergraduates at her fingertips! But then again, to update 3 rather small tables it took her a week, staying until 8 pm at least each night (no, no, she isn't trying to avoid her husband),with trying to get an extension on her deadline...whereas I had to get all of the enrollment numbers from 1999 onwards in 800 different permentations in less time than that! Thank god I have actually been keeping up on my reports. I so have just wanted to smack her this week. Fortuately she was sick today and a calm decended upon the office....ah, too bad it will end tomorrow.

To add to my frustation the College decided that it wasn't going to wait for departments to finish updating the websites to the new system as they promised before, but that they were just going to turn the old sites off and the new sites on. So in order to "please the donors" and make them believe that they really finished the work that they were paid to do, they basically screwed everyone over. I wasn't even able to upload documents until last week...but it doesn't matter does it? After all I am just the lowest person in the office and as shit falls downhill I am once again covered in the smelly stuff.

So now, I am playing around on my computer at home as I am trying to avoid the phonetics reading that I have left to do before class tomorrow. I did some of my reading, really I did. But gulping down tiny tea glass one after another seems to be a much more productive and calming application of my free time.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Last night as I was agoin' to the loo I had my eyeglasses on the top of my head, and as I was getting up to flush they fell off...right into the the still unflushed toilet. It was so gross. I know that fresh pee is supposed to be antiseptic, but that doesn't make it any better and I am sure that the 15 minutes spent disinfecting my glasses could have been put to better use.

I didn't go to Steph's party last night because I wasn't feeling well(and I am sure that she just hates me at the moment for letting her down)...while I did manage to get some reading done for class (I'm gonna get in good with my L2 teacher if it is the last thing that I ever do!) we had a total of 5 trick-or-treaters, not one of which was under the age of 15. I gave them candy anyway, just for the nerve.

This morning there have been more goofy politicty things with the bug which are driving me nuts. I am tired of being part of the politics in the office, and I am tired of the bug dragging Mr.3 into absolutely as she stalks me she stalks him as well. Mr.3 and I have talked about leaving the U next fall for a different academic venue...and while we are only in the "discussion" stage of this new venture, everyday something happens here at work that makes it seem like a better and better option..unfortuately all of those things seem to stem from the bug, but even if she were fired tomorrow I think that I might feel the same way that I do now. When Mr.3 first made the suggestion originally I was a little shocked (for about 2 seconds) and now I just feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, like anything is possible again....I haven't felt like that in a long, long time.