Thursday, June 30, 2005

the inner me

I think that ultimately I am an incredibly impatient person, I don't think that I show it, but I know that I am. I send an email and I want an immediate response...I post on the KBU forum or blog and I am constantly checking to see if I have a reply or not...this impatience can be quite exhausting. I get bored easily and that stresses me, I get impatient with, it is really hard to deal with myself sometimes.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

oh so hungry...

man, I have been so incredibly tired lately and I really don't know why.
the past two nights I have some home from work and just collasped...even though the other thing that happened at work was that I was bored all day.
I should have packed last night, but I didn't. I did manage to make a moving list of things that we need to do to be ready for the movers on Saturday morning...yes, I am that anal...Mr.3 hasn't seen the list yet, but he saw me writing the list yesterday and is probably a little suspicious. Can I help it if I find writing lists comforting?

in other news, the physical therapist really killed me calf has completely cramped up and I am limping today and my knee ached last I guess I was swinging my arm too much yesterday as I was walking and I slammed my hand into the metal track on the garage door opener was like I had punched my hand wouldn't function very well last night either. It is fine now, but my klutzyness is going to get me killed one day.

so now, I am bored at work...nothing new there...and unusually I am considering reading a book and it is only 11:30 in the morning...normally I get around to reading later in the afternoon.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Yeah, I am a work-aholic...

I have managed to do 3 things that are work related today.
1-Answer phones
2-a 5 minute task involving visitor tracking on the center's website, and
most importantly

3-show up.

I have spent the better part of an 8-hour day dealing with the problem with the KBU Forum...the good thing that we are making a bunch of progress.

2 lives

It is amazing sometimes when you step back and realize that you have 2 lives: one, the life you live in, work, home, etc, and two, your cyberlife. Friendships and the daily drama are very different in both worlds...but every once in a while they seem to converge.

Life on the Kurdistan Bloggers Union, and specifically the "forum" that was set up which says that it is a part of the Union but shouldn't be, has been incredibly difficult as of late. I made the comment that I felt the blog had been hijacked ideaologically by those that are much more radical than what the united face we want to project is. And on the forum (bought and paid for by Medya--something I highly object to) I have been dragged through the mud by this incredibly childish man. I could try to go into the whole thing into more detail but the long end of it is that I feel Medya is untrustworthy and a meglomanic. This guy actually called me some names that I would never call anyone else. It was sort of cute because when I told Mr.3 (who has been very patient listening to me whine about the situation) he sort of got protective, and went and did a little searching on this guy online...needless to say, we both smell a rat. (Which sounds odd to say in light of the fact that I am currently reading a book on the social history of rats in New York.) Hopefully we will be able to hash out some of the problems we have been having on KBU and get everything resolved.

Now in the real world....we got an apartment (oh my gosh it is so totally cute!!!) and we have movers coming this weekend (a stroke of luck at such short notice), now I just need to set about calling the cable guys and seeing about a washer/dryer after that so that we can have everything moved.
I'll wait on the mail, the DMV, and the power and light company until after we move...maybe I can get Mr.3 to handle the light people for me...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Longing for editorials

So lately on the Kurdistan Bloggers Union there has been a lot of rhetoric that I have strongly disagreed with, and so I have stayed silent. I tried to get into the new forums and make friends but it seems that there is no place for the moderates anymore. Some of the "older bloggers" have spoken and to some degree we are all agreed in our however I spoke out. And to be honest, I was quite surprised and proud of what I had to say. I long for the days when the Kurdistan Bloggers Union was about editorials and not throwing anger at everyone...maybe we can step back and be effective again...

to read my post for today, check here for the June 26th post

Friday, June 24, 2005

In search of lewd behavior

Following a tip from Jason I have begun looking for further evidence of peeping toms in the men's restroom. part of this has been reviewing the police reports for the campus, which are pretty funny.

This was by far the best:
2005-9143 Keep the Peace
Police were called to Orson Spencer Hall to mediate a dispute over a dime. The argument was over whether the dime had been loaned or stolen. The responding officer settled the dispute by giving the aggrieved party a dime.

The Student Services Building has a flasher and the Library gets its share of streakers.

Last March, one of the janitors (who normally are mentally disabled in some way) reported that he was sexually molested in the men's room in the building. Which is awfully sad because of his ability.
and I have found this tid-bit from 2003:
UUPD received a call from a man who was following another man whom he had seen peeking under Orson Spencer Hall restroom doors and exposing himself. Officers located the suspect on campus and detained him until the witness could identify him. The suspect was arrested and booked into jail after he was found to have several outstanding warrants.

I am going to keep looking, one because it is interesting, and two, it is only 10 am here and I have finished my work list for the week and have nothing better to do. It is strange but goofing off on the computer makes you look a lot busier than if you are reading a book at your desk.

about 10 minutes later...
ahh...nevermind, I was just on a website that had an ad for requesting a "bear" (or hairy man") for a personal home visit...perhaps I shouldn't be looking at this stuff, especially at work and also because well, I think that it is way more information that I think I want to see at the moment. But I did find that there are personal ads for anomymous sex in restrooms...which could be going a little out there on their own personal security if you ask me.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

OSH the new gay man pick up joint?

So the men's bathroom at the end of the hall has been seeing some strange activity as of late. Granted our building is home to many strange visitors...we have many campus lemmings that walk our halls (being homeless offers them lots of oppurtunities to have plenty of time for low-impact exercise in an air-conditioned environment). However, with the summer semester there has been some new people haunting the end of the hallway and the men's bathroom(including a much older guy wearing a rainbow belt who gives me the creeps).

Now, you wonder, how do I suspect this...well Mr.3 (my men's room spy) has informed me of some highly strange activity...including 2 different men looking either under or above the stall at him while he is taking a dump. Today there was a young man (who yes, fit all of the gay stereotypes) pacing back and forth in front of the stalls in the men's room, looking into them periodically. When Mr.3 went into one of the stalls he pretended to pee for 10 seconds and then left the room.

Could it be that these potty prowlers (how is that for alleration?) are stalking the stalls looking for a piece of tail? It is a mystery that does need to be explored...but I really don't want to know if that means Mr.3 is going to be continually peeped upon in the men's room, because one of these days he will hit one of them...perhaps Mr.3 should start using the faculty men's room from now on. At least then he would be getting peeped at by someone with tenure.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

No idea of what to say....

I am irresistably drawn to blog yet I have nothing of importance or any value (however slight) to comment upon...

Today I was going through a drawer and we found a label maker...and I then spent the better part of an hour making new shiny labels for my hand written labels that I had put in the Zucker Room. and yes, I know I said that I wasn't going to do anything in that room, but I was bored and playing with the label maker was fun...besides if my effienctecy annoys Harris now, just imagine what hand pressed labels are going to do to him?

In other news...and I have been trying really hard not harp on anything with the bug -which I am sure has made me less readership has gone down-anyway, there have been 2 students today who have needed to talk to her because there was a problem with their graduation the registrar told them that it had been rejected because of the department...which according to my eavesdropping was a mistake that she admitted to, but you wonder how many students have been denied graduation and don't know it yet...hummmm...

I wonder sometimes if happiness is boring to others...not much seems to go on in my life but I am so happy that I don't really notice that that weird? And I haven't been stressed about money lately either...that is odd as well..I think that I have gotten back to the point where if I can pay my bills then I don't care how much money I have left in the bank...or it is probably more to the fact that I have come to terms with the fact that as long as I have Mr.3 I can handle anything...maybe that is just a psycho statement and I hope that I don't freak him out or anything..I am just so completely happy that when I try to put it into words I just sound like some crazy hormonally whacked out woman or just sickly sentimental.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A summer job I could do without

two or three people in my position ago there was a burn mark made into the conference table made by an iron. I have a goofy cloth that I put on the table to hid the mark. Well today the bug suggested that one of my summer jobs could be sanding down the table and refinishing it...sorry but that would involve power tools of some sort which I do not have in my possession...nor is that something I would ever want to do myself...I think that there needs to be some definite limits on my 'extra' jobs. I have really disolutioned myself with the Zucker Room....and I am definitely not paid to do handyman jobs.

The sad thing is, and people who know me well know this to be true, I have already considered doing it but haven't because of lack of tools...I am actually more annoyed at the suggestion that I do it from someone else.


So I go into the bathroom and there is this girl in there attempting to flush the toilet with her foot...does this seem to defeat the purpose to anyone else but me? I remember, way back when I worked for Discover Card, that there was this lady who would, after using the bathroom, get a paper towel (using the little pull button with her bare hand) to turn on the sink. Then she would wash her hands and use the paper towel to use the dispensor again to get a clean paper towel to dry her hands off with.
problem 1#: The woman in her (oh my god germs thing) manage to contaminate the towel dispenser for all the normal people who clean their hands FIRST before touching the dispenser.
problem 2#: Why the hell would it really matter if your hands touched for a second something that obviously had germs on it if you were then going to immediately wash your hands afterwards...these strange people take a rather straightforward system and ruin it. Idiots!

Monday, June 20, 2005

The Satisfaction of finishing...

well, honestly, the Zucker Room will never really be finished, but for the moment and for my part in it, it is. And it feels wonderful!

I went to physical therapy first thing this morning and I brought extra clothes to work.(Which was smart on my part because I was really sweating!) While I was completely wiped afterwards I still went into the Zucker room to work. I wouldn't sit for more than 30 seconds to do any task, because if I sat I wouldn't get up again. But I finished sorting the books and getting them onto the shelves. All of the reel to reel tapes and stupid class stuff for Hebrew that the Hebrew professor feels that we should store for him was all packed into boxes, clearly marked and put into the storage room. I am not too happy that I had to put stuff back into the storage closet, but since I had recently cleared it all out of crap there was at least some storage space to use. Then I cleaned all the crap off the floor and broke down all of the looks great, and if I can only remember to bring my camera to work I can take pictures of it to put up on the web and to send to the Zucker family.

Here is the thing that pissed me off though and also the reason why I am done with the Zucker Room...Harris came in, asks if I had gotten to those 12 boxes of books that he ever so nicely junked up my office with. I told him that they had been incorporated into the book stacks already and that I was almost finished. Then he starts talking about how he is going to need to find all of those books because he wanted to go through them first. Yeah, well, when in the hell is he going to do that?! I am the first person in a long time that has done anything in that room, let alone move the damn room and reorganize the books--all of the books--nothing in storage somewhere...everything is out and in some sort of order, and he has the gall to tell me that I shouldn't have organized them in when that is why he brought all of those books in the office in the first place! Jerk! So the reason why the Zucker Room is finished is because I have done a ton of work in that is "not my job, or anywhere close to being in my job description". And after all of my work I get a comment like that...fuck it! All of the Jewish studies books are in one section of the room but there is no order to them, I had entended to organize those later but I have half a mind to never touch them again...if someone wants them ordered, they can do it themselves! I had also intended to make a database and catalog all of the books, and I had even been in contact with the guy from the College of Humanities to make it a searchable database on the web, but sod that...there are better uses of my time, even if those are doing absolutely nothing.

What I find strange is that trying to keep this place clean is a never-ending task, as soon as I get rid of a bunch of stuff, more of it shows up. It is making me seriously rethink archiving the files because as soon as I clear out space it will fill up again. But I would need to find a task that would really occupy me and I am not sure that I will be able to find is hopeless.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

the plight of the Zucker Room

Today I love and hate the Zucker Room. Instead of just doing little things to organize in there I thought that since it is pretty dead in the office that I would just do a BIG reorganization thing in there. And so this is day 2, and I have finished sorting through all of the current books. Harris came in and brought I know that these books have been supposed to have been delivered up here ages ago...and I guess that since I am going through everything, that I might as well go through those at the same time...but I am super pooped and 10 more boxes of books was not what I had in mind.

in other news, I got the results of my cholesterol test back and I am two points into the "high" range. Which is a little good cholesterol is high (as it should be) I just need to work on my bad cholesterol which really means that I need to lose weight, big surprise.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

the mormons are coming

so in April my boss thought that it would be kind of cool (while he and one of our speakers were sightseeing downtown) to order a Book of Mormon in Arabic...we kept telling him that it was a bad idea but he wouldn't listen. His book is now in and Elder Tyler and Elder Lyle called yesterday so that they can deliver the book to him and "speak to him a moment about God". The last thing we need is missionaries in the office, but if he does set up an appointment for them to come down, I am going to wear by chador to work.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

another journey on the path to enlightenment

so either because Katie Holmes is converting or because I was sooo incredibly bored at work today I thought that I would check out the scientology website. I had and still have no clue what it all was about, I might read Dianetics, but that is only partly because Kate said something about them believing about having aliens inside them...not that I want to believe that, but I am willing to make fun of those that do. Anyway, on their website they have this personality test and of course for a full explanation of the results I can always go and visit one of their centers/churches in the local area...according to my preliminary results either they think that (or I think subconsciously) that I am not appreciative of other people...which I don't think is the case, but I think that they make the test results so that you will become worried that you aren't doing something well that you think that you are doing well and come in to visit them....then bam! you and your wallet are sucked into their vortex.

The entire time I was on their website I kept thinking about all of the Kabbalah stuff I have been researching and it goes along with that a bunch of these groups are just giving very rich people excuses to feel good about being rich. Apparently someone, somewhere said that all money was bad, but I do think that it is entirely possible to be a good person and have money at the same time, it is just how you expend your resources....but if Kabbalah is telling you that by just talking to people you don't know (re: any person wanting your autograph or the paparazzi saying look here look here!) you can become a "being of sharing" and a better person, then that is much easier than trying to be a good person...or in scientology were you buy your way to the top...if you make spirituallity too simple, it loses all semblence of purpose....maybe I should write all of this down and make a couple of million dollars being a self-help guru as well.

Monday, June 13, 2005


I went to my second appointment of physical therapy today and all I can say is that I hurt and am extremely tired...I could take a nap right now at my desk. The exercises that they have me do aren't that bad but they add up and up...enough though it was just streaches and stuff I feel like I did an hour workout...which I kind of did...with my co-pay each appointment is only $15 so 15 for an hour with a personal trainer isn't too bad, right?

Yesterday I really wanted mashed potatoes, but the kitchen was dirty and it took me something like 2 hours to clean it, granted I cleaned the Florida room while I was at it, which I didn't do last week... Mr.3 and I ate so many mashed potatoes in the process of making dinner by the time we sat down to eat we were so stuffed we could hardly was rather amusing.

We drove around looking for places to live on Saturday, we saw one place that was lovely and quite upscale...we could afford it if we lived frugally and it is super close to campus so I could walk to work everyday and maybe lose some weight (although when I talked to the therapist about this she looked really worried...maybe my knees are worse than I thought..oh well). But even after seeing the place and waiting and thinking about it, I would be all right living there, but if we didn't it wouldn't break my heart...I might pine for the apartment every once in a while...but all that really matters is if the place is clean and (most importantly!) that I am with Mr. 3.

Friday, June 10, 2005


Well after less than 2 weeks of being on the market the condo was sold yesterday. We have until july 15 to leave. And I think that with all of the anxiety that I had before...I am alright with this. What was giving me the most problems I think was the uncertainty of the situation, but now that I know we have to leave at a certain time, a goal to plan for and around and such, I am much more calm.

I was pretty surprised that it went as fast as it did. The next door neighbor who has been trying to sell his place (the same floorplan as ours) for a year is going to be pissed. And we are already planning goodbye pranks for the mostly involves leaving a bunch of duck food in specific places. Well, humor is where you find it...

Thursday, June 09, 2005


I feel like I should blog something but I have no idea what, or maybe it is merely that there are so many little things running around my head that I can't pin anything down.

I went to physical therapy for my wasn't too bad. I would be a hell of a lot healthier if I wasn't a klutz, but I don't think that would help too much at this point.

Jill the realtor called, there will more than likely be an offer on the condo today...and I feel a lot of ambilivence about the situation. On one hand it is the moving panic (packing, moving, the cost, finding a place, affording a place) and then on the other hand I keep trying to tell myself that I need to be calm, closing will take a while and we have 30 days after the close before they can move in and la de da...I know that the ghost of an offer shouldn't panic me, but also I need to focus on the immediate future and plan for it, the last thing that I want to do is move in the beginning of school again, but that looks like what will more than likely happen.

Mr.3 and I went to a lot of different bookstores yesterday and then later in the evening I watched Kill Bill Vol 1 for the first time, so I dreamt last night that we kept looking at books that were getting continually chopped up by samuri swords. odd.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Just when I thought we were doing so good...

I was in the bathroom when the bug came in to find me today because I had a phone call. On the the middle of is a little above and beyound the call of duty (no pun intended) if you ask me.

Missionary Call

Would you believe it? I got a frickin' missionary call from the Kabbalah Center yesterday. For those of you who don't know, I have been writing a paper for a class on pop Kabbalah, and I have been using their website as a resource. So my "student study counselor" yehuda calls yesterday, noting that I had been on their website a lot recently, and had purchased a book or two, and wanted to know if I had any other spiritual questions that I needed help with. So I explained the situation about the paper to him and told him some of my philiosophical problems that I had with their website information...and he then recommended some more books. Which wouldn't be that bad it all of the books weren't trite little things with inadequate explainations of deeply philosophical points. According to him, I would be an advanced Kabbalah student in light of the questions that I was, I am...well...not impressed in the least.

In other news...I have been on a Patrica Cormwell Crime Novel reading spree lately and I was home alone last night finishing the book From Potter's Field. Which was excellent to say the least. When I came home I felt odd to begin with the ability of a realtor maybe or maybe not being in the you never know if someone is still there. Anyway, the combination of the book, the quiet house, and swearing that I heard the upstairs toilet flush (it was probably just the neighbors flushing theirs)...I freaked out. I did a sweep of the house while holding my rolling pin. I didn't grab a knife because if someone was in fact in the house and managed to take the weapon away from me, I think that I would rather be beaten to death then stabbed...a better survivor ratio maybe...

Monday, June 06, 2005

Oh Dear God NO!

So Kate just came back from lunch with "I" to tell me that JB was not only on campus but in the building. She apparently followed them from the Union and into OSH. They think that she went up to the Political Science Department, and it is not known whether or not she will be coming down for a "visit". Either way, my entire system is in a flight or fight response mode right now and I am worried that any second her evil little head might appear in the doorway...

I no like the realtor lady

So this weekend our realtor was driving me crazy! On Friday afternoon she calls wanting to know if it would be alright if we had an open house on Saturday from besides the short notice, I tell her that my family is coming down, the house will be a mess because of it, and that we will not be able to do it. Her response: Well do you want me to call Linda and see what she says? Ahh...excuse me, I live her, not my landlord and I haven't had any problems in the past with you calling a hour before hand to show the house, one weekend isn't much to ask for...and besides Linda would only tell her that she would have to deal with me anyway...but what upset me was the gall this woman had to even ask that question. I wonder if I am acting or looking younger lately because these types of situations keep arising this week, and it is ticking me off!
But back to the realtor lady she calls again on Saturday morning at 12:30 and asks if we are sure that she can't show the house...ah, the answer still was no. Geez! But of course I have to pump her for information on whether or not she is going to bring a truckload of people through the house or not. Call me crazy but as things keep getting moved about when only one or two people are being shown the house I am a little leary of 20 or 30. I know, it's a thing..but anyway, there it is.

Friday, June 03, 2005

New Blog

The ever so sexy Mr.3 has started a blog, here is the link to A Spook's Corner Barstool

Thursday, June 02, 2005

A bit of stress

So yesterday Rebecca asked me what my blog address was in front of June and in the situation I couldn't just not tell both of them heard the address. Part of me really really hopes that she doesn't come and look at the site as I don't want her to be mad about items that I now see as "under the bridge"...I don't want to have to start over, we have made so much progress up until now.

I find that my lack of work to completely occupy my time is causing me a bit of stress...I am not sure if it is because it allows me to think on things or that it makes me feel guilty getting a paycheck for nothing.

We got a much needed check last Friday but the bank has put a hold on the funds until next Monday...the bank verbally told us 2-3 days on the check but the form that they gave us said the 6th. either way we have needed to spend against the check...there is just no way around it. this morning my Mom sent me an email saying that my account was in the red and that I have $40+ in fees. I expected this because I had to deal with it last time. But when others are concerned about it, I guess that I need to be as well.

The realtor thing is bugging me a little...and yes part of it is my absolutely hatred of moving, and while I like the house being clean, it doesn't feel like we live there at all anymore...and this is only after the first few days. to my credit though I did do my cleaning chores last night, so I have managed to keep the place up...if only I could get all of the laundry done.

and lastly my body. I worked out a bit last night and while I have been happy the entire time that I have been gaining the weight, I am not happy with the end result. And my knees won't last much longer if I stay at this weight something must be done...if I can just keep it regular I should be ok..and if we ever get the key to the pool I will start swimming is amazing the amount of weight Jimmy has lost because of swimteam, maybe I can hop on that bandwagon.