Sunday, August 25, 2002

Ok, long time since I have written--and honestly I don't know if anyone reads these but I have stories to tell anyway.

So, I am back at my house in Salt Lake now, and I have met the new neighbors. They are 3 guys; Josh, Patrick, and Trevor. Very sweet but they are not the brightest lights in the store, of you know what I mean. School started last wednesday. I have been working at the bookstore--close to 40 hours this week, and at SWCA -only under 10 hours there. So I have been very busy and actually quite tired, but I feel pretty rested today.

The one upset since I last wrote was that Bradley gave me a C as a grade for the field season in Turkey this year. Can you believe that? A C! The grade was obviously given on personal grounds. I willhave to talk to him to get it changed when he gets back in mid-sept. If he refuses to change the grade I will have to go over his head. I am totally going to fight this one. I think that it is my right. Besides I worked for a full six weeks, 12-13 hour days, 6 days a week---plus I had to pay for the credit out of my own pocket----yes, I think the grade deserves an A. However, Bradley promised that he would give anyone who took it for credit an A---I guess that it is just another example of him breaking his promises.

Monday, August 12, 2002

It feels strange not having to do anything in particular each day. This week has been strange- and yes I know that it is only Monday-but I am going on a week here at my parent's house. I have read a bunch--mostly Harry Potter at the moment-I have forgotten how many times I have read those books by now. And I just finished another one, so I am trying to decide what to do now.
My family and I went up to Spanish Fork today and saw the movie Signs--it was pretty good-with a twist.
Tommorrow is Jimmy's appointment with the therapist and my parent's want me to go in and talk to the guy before the session. I think they think that is will help the therapist understand Jimmy better if he meets the eluvise older sister.
There are odd little things that I have to do before I go back to real life but I am spacing them out along the week so that I will have something to do each day. How do housewives do this everyday? TV is boring-but we did get the Cartoon Network finally-but that even gets boring after a while. The laundry is already done and the house is clean and it isn't time to start thinking about making meals yet. I could spend my time writing emails to everyone that I know, but I don't have anything else to say. The only reason why I continue to type here now is that I like the sound my keyboard makes when I type- I feel useful and productive.
I think that I will give my turtles a bath. It is nice to share a room with them again. Back in the dighouse in Turkey, the fan that was in the lab made this tiny squeak each time it oscillated-it sounded just like the noise that the turtles make when they are restless in their tank. So whenever I was working I would hear that noise and think of them. Sometimes when I look at them and talk to them-yes I talk to my pets- I half expect them to smile back at me. Maybe I have had too much of Harry Potter and the cartoon network...

Friday, August 09, 2002

I went to the doctor today and like usual the doctor has no idea what is wrong with me. So I am on antibotics for the diaherra, and have a pain killer type thing that is to help with my stomach cramps. The cramps are awful--I couldn't eat because they would get worse, or move alot because they would start to hurt as well. I felt better today anyway so I believe that my system is fighting everything off.
Called my friends today and checked in with them--they all sounded happy to hear from me and frankly it was nice just to be able to talk to them. I am not sure when I will be coming back to Salt Lake. My family intends to keep me at the house until I feel better-which is fine by me. I think I can go and work at the bookstore again on the 19th, but I have to call them and check, and I also have to call my other job at SWCA to see if anything is going on there. There is no way around it, I am going to have to take a second job this year, if SWCA falls through I will be open to suggestions on what line of employment I should seek: lion tamer, stripper, window washer.... I'll have to take a poll on that one. School starts on the 21st. Yep that's all that is a goin' on. yep yep yep that's it... ok I think I will go back and watch some more of the cartoon network-cable is soo much cooler when it is at your parent's house...

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Well, I am home. There is a lot to say and I am not sure where to start or even to bother trying to explain all the reasons why I left early. Regardless of my reasons, Bradley is refusing to listen to them. He is taking it extremely personally, which annoys me on many many levels. But the end result is that I have no regrets about leaving. In fact leaving everyone on the dig was the hardest and bravest thing that I have ever done---yes, even braver than the cockroaches and going to a movie by myself.
I am not going to write very much at all today---the Bismil special traveled back with me to the states and I have been running to the bathroom every few minutes. Hopefully tomorrow everything will be better. But I just wanted to let everyone know that I made it back home--with all of my luggage ;)