Monday, August 15, 2011

Laid Back? Seriously? Dude.

I haven't seen much of my house the past three weeks. Which I am sure that my house will get over its abandonment issues....its pretty level headed that way, but I think that my turtles are still a little hurt. They were super excited that I came home, but each time I walk into the room they keep projecting the "you aren't going to leave me again are you?" vibe.

Where have I been? First it was off to Portland for a conference in which I got annoyed with everyone's insistence at labeling themselves, burnt my backside to a crisp, and fired the city planner of Portland. Well.....I didn't actually fire them, but I got lost and turned around so much that if I ever do meet them I will do my best Donald Trump impersonation and fire them for making a city entirely too complicated to navigate. However, I did manage to find Powell's Books and enjoyed a nice little birthday with my hot self.

Then I was home for two days in which I still did not clean my house or the dishes in the sink. Although I did try to pour hot scalding water over them so that they wouldn't grow new spores, mold, and fungi.

Next it was off to Larkspur Colorado for a week-long Masonic workshop. Oddly enough, I ended up with more books from that trip then I did going to Powell's. I had some amazing conversations that went into the wee hours of the night, was raised to the 3rd degree, and became much much closer to my brothers.....all while traveling on dirt roads and trying not to have a clandestine encounter with a bear. I think that the most striking thing to come out of this workshop is the idea that everyone seems to think that I am laid back. I don't see this at all. For someone who is the control freak that I am, who rigidly schedules her life out....I can't see this as equating to being laid back. Now, I'll consider myself low maintenance, but laid back? Nope, still can't see must really reflect upon the side of me that I choose to show to the world.

Oh, I also burnt the front part of me to a crisp, so now my top half looks all nice and tan but my legs still have their own form of thermoluminescence that allows me to no longer need a night-light when I am in my house and not wearing pants. Which can be handy but I am sure scares the crap out of the neighbors that look into my windows (but that's a post for another day).

Perhaps the best thing to come out of the copious amount of travel lately is that Ginger the Red-Headed Stepchild (my beautiful new car) has been properly run in for road trips. She handles great but I am sure that---like me---she'll be pretty content to just stay in town for a little while.