Friday, January 30, 2009

Dating Indifference

I think that I am a fairly easy person to date. I almost demand that all dates are dutch....I'm nice, I ask alot about you- letting you talk as much as you want about yourself. I smile, listen and flatter. In return for this...I expect you to be at least interested in me. Ask me about myself. For hells sake....I have given you the time of day!
I hate dating indifference!
I've just gone on a second date with a guy, a nice guy....but he is either so shy that he is absolutely petrified of me, or he is completely indifferent.
Not that I expect that I have many exes who read my blog....I think only one really.....but they would all know that I am a little on the aggressive side when it comes to relationships. I know what I want and I have little tolerance for lallygagging around. Dating indifference totally drives me crazy! Ugh!
Got a third date with a different guy on Sunday....hopefully that date leaves me feeling better.