Friday, January 05, 2018

the dance

beneath the skin, muscle twitches in anticipation
each breath a beat
waiting for the guitar string to spring to life
to match the melody waiting in my limbs

a few tentative notes
a meandering walking of time scale
searching for the moment to begin

my arm raises slowly
the air like water
each finger, each tendon moving together and separate
each telling its own story-its own feeling-pushing to be the first to speak

the melody begins and my body erupts
a hip juts to the side in a half moon circle pushing the alternate hip
sharply dropping down
the energy of the movement rolling up my torso
to my shoulder
wavering through my arm
out my fingertips

my toe draws a circle on the earth
my leg follows
my hip
my heart
my limbs
slow and graceful moving through
the air like water
spinning more and more
faster and faster


standing in the center
immobile and solid
in darkness
your eyes shrouded

a full revolution
three more
the universe spinning in tandem

my body stops facing you
the inertia of my movement missed by my hair
still dancing in the spin

See Me

i grasp your hand, its warmth and weight against my palm
i lift it to my face, cradling it against my jaw

Feel Me

as my eyes gently close into the caress
my other hand moves to your chest
resting it there to feel your heartbeat
the unheard beat of the melody of the dance
matching the tension in my muscles
moving, throbbing, dancing beneath my skin

my eyes open to gaze into yours

Can You Hear Me? Can You Feel The Emotion Surging?
I Am Screaming...Pushing Through All Of What Cannot Be Spoken
See Me
Feel Me
Hear Me
Love Me

the current does not travel
you remain still
i feel your heart, your heat, your emotion
i can feel you flooding into me
it overwhelms the movement
the melody

my back arches away
allowing my hands to slowly slip from your body
i step away
facing you
feeling myself and you
every nerve aflame
contract and relax, contract and relax, contract and relax
too fast for the melody
the rhythm lost

one more step away
my limbs searching for the melody again
the movement returns
the strength in my legs runs down into the floor
my knees following it
a marionette with its strings cut

the last few notes lift through

save my breath
ragged and raw

as a moth to the flame
i burn

as the Nightingale pierces itself to the thorn of the rose
i bleed

bowed in supplication i raise my hand
the air like water
to you

Will You Take It?