Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Hello everyone. I am in Turkey now without my luggage---this is the second year that this has happened to me and I find it quite annoying. I am really glad that I packed some clothes in my carry ons. I learned from last year.
We arrived in Diyarbakir last night, and will be heading to Bismil a little later today. Our gov. rep is here, he seems to be really nice----please,please, let him be nice the entire time. Bradley is at the police station trying to get us residence permits and we already visited the museum here. So far everything seems to be going well---except that I don't have any baggage.
Nothing too exciting has happened so far. The plane rides were long and boring--however I sat and flirted with the cutest guy on the Istanbul-Diyarbakir flight. That was fun :)
So I hope to write again soon---with luggage hopefully

Man, I totally forgot how difficult it is typing with a Turkish keyboard. The "i" is in a different spot and there are two different types of them. Also the ' , ? @ are all in strange and new places.

Sunday, June 23, 2002

Ok, well this is it. The last day before I leave. And I am just a little stressed. It's almost 6pm, my laundry won't be done for another hour, then I drive 2 hours to Salt Lake. When I am there I have to go to the lab, do probably close to an hour of copying, get a giant suitcase filled with stuff from Bradley, then pack---as well as printing a bunch of stuff off of my computer, and last minute cleaning of the house. Oh, and sleep, a little.
I had planned on leaving here about 3pm, but well, that didn't work. Pete had the UTARP database up and I was working on it and helping him sort out bugs most of today and yesterday. So that made me be behind. I finally got around to messing with my finaces today, and discovered that I had estimated wrong and needed more money. Thank God for my parents---but the figure of money that I owe my Dad keeps climbing and climbing. One day, hopefully, I'll be able to pay him back--but that also might be the day I win the lottery.
I know that it all doesn't seem like much, but is just enough to make me walk around the house crying because I stressed myself out too much. Maybe, this could be the only emotional breakdown I will have this summer. Wouldn't that be wonderful! Last year i only had one emotional outburst like this, and Bradley didn't have to see it. Compared to the following years that was amazing.
Well, I guess another thing that really stressed me, and probably what set me off in the first place was that I got another e-mail from Erol. Another case of him not listening to what I was saying again. So that really, really frustrated me.
And then underneath all of this, I am incredibly excited. I am soo looking foreward to just going to Turkey and only having to worry about work. No bills, no meals to cook, no rent to pay--well i still have to do laundry, but that's easy. It's peaceful when I am there because I know that I am being useful and not running around in circles.
I feel better now, I got to get this all out and off of my chest. Thanks for listening.
I'll update you next time from Turkey.
Until then

Saturday, June 22, 2002

Ok, so here is my address in Turkey:

Dumlupinar Mahallesi,
Eski Diyarbakir Caddesi,
No: 34 Yilmaz Apartmani Daire:1-2
ok, ok...I know that I am bad at this, I said that I would post more often. Humm, so the majority of this week has been spent to reading this really good book, instead of readying myself for Turkey. So since I am now in those last days of getting ready I am beginning to panic, just a little. But this week has been fun, Tuesday night, I hung out with Dione and saw Scooby Doo, Wednesday night Anne, my house-sitting savior, came over to see the house, Thursday--um...I oh, I hung out with Dione, and then tomorrow I went out with Bryce. I feel like I neglected Steph though, sorry hun. So now, I am working on the last bunches of laundry before I start to pack. Tonight I am at my parents and we are going to see a movie. So even though I haven't been posting anything, at least you know that it hasn't been too interesting. Gotta go, dinner is ready. I'll write later and give everyone my address in Bismil, if anyone is interested.

Monday, June 17, 2002

Monday, monday, da da dadada da.... Exactly one week before I leave. So, I wish that I had some momentous to write today, but I don't. Everything that I have been putting off so far, has to be done now. People at work want to see pictures, so I will bring them tomorrow. My passport should be coming back from the embassy tomorrow, hopefully---I get nervous every year when I have to send it off. And I have to clean my house before Ann comes to housesit for me. I think that is the scary part of leaving-----I have some frightening glory holes to clean out---oh that and writing out all of my bills for the next three months.

Sunday, June 16, 2002

Ok, well I guess that this is the beginning. Hopefully I will be able to update this often, for sure everyday before I go to dismil Bismil, and then I will try and update twice a week.