Saturday, October 15, 2011

Look! It's My Little Brother on the TV!

Sorry, couldn't find an embed link to just post the video here, just click the link below to go to the KSL website.

Zombie Makeup Lesson |

I am ill not sick

One of the weird carryovers I have from my time in Turkey is that we are supposed to say that we are "ill" when we aren't feeling well rather than "sick". Why? Because the word "sick" in English sounds exactly like the word "fuck" in Turkish. Which also makes using the phrase "sick fuck" entirely redundant, but I digress...

In any case, whether you call it sick or ill, that's what I've been the past two to three days. It started with a cough late Tuesday night and started to morph from there on. I had tickets to the opera on Wednesday evening and was exceedingly glad that they had coughdrops at the concession stand.

I actually stayed home from work Thursday and Friday, which was annoying, but if I have saved my co-workers from this fate, the boredom that comes from being sick might be worth it. I am not sure if this is a change of season cold or a version of the weird haunted house flu given to me by Jimmy. In any case, the symptoms keep changing as it progresses. At first it was an upset stomach with my ears hurting, then it moved to a cough and sore throat, then it moved into head congestion, swollen glands, and the ever unpredictable post-nasal drip. The body is amazing though. I could actually feel it churning away trying to beat this. About an hour ago my fever broke. I wasn't really aware that I had a fever- but my body felt that it was necessary to wake me up to celebrate this momentous occasion. So I woke up feeling much better and drenched in sweat... But now I'm awake and can't seem to get back to sleep which is why I'm blogging on my iPhone at four in the morning.

Of course feeling better doesn't mean that I am fully well. My sinuses and glands still ache but aren't swollen anymore and I have a productive cough now. Actually I think my body woke me up after the fever broke so that I could take some more cold medicine for this post-fever hangover I've got. I will say this though- I do feel well enough to leave the house today- hopefully I'll still feel the same way after I get some more sleep this morning.

Here's to hoping.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Post in Which I Claim Big Sister Bragging Rights

Those that know me well, know that one of my favorite things to do is to brag about how talented my little brother is, but it isn't something that I do very often or at all on this here blog of mine. So for the benefit of the extended family who read this is what Jimmy is up to.

First of all, it is October, which means that unless you are at a haunted house you are unlikely to see him the entire month. It also means that he never really sleeps during this month and takes awful care of himself.....but he loves the work that he does so much that he figures that once haunt season is over he will have plenty of time to recuperate.

"Haunt kids" are a strange bunch. The Halloween fever starts in mid-July, strange characters and voices start to appear from them in August, September is prep for opening, October for performance, and then everyone crashes in November just managing to feel like a normal human again by Thanksgiving.

For the 5th year in a row, Jimmy is working at Nightmare on 13th. This year he is working security, makeup, and fostering his other great talent- that of being an artist. He's done two of the backdrops for the 3 photo booths, updated several of their rooms and even figured out how to paint realistic looking rust.

Each year the various news agencies send out morning remotes to the haunted house. Last week channel 2 was there but all you saw was the annoying anchor-dude. This morning Jimmy was on channel 4 and was featured in at least two of the segments that I saw. If video is posted online, I'll track it down and post it here. Here is a photo of the anchor and Jimmy.

He's was very good in front of the camera. I am very impressed. On Friday, he will be on Channel 13's morning show as one of the Haunt's spokesmen.

Here are a couple more shots of his makeup handiwork. And another...

Jimmy also turned 23 this week. Which just astounds me... he has turned into such a wonderful young man: fun, silly, driven, caring....and oh so many other things.

But most of all, he's my little baby brother who I love so so dearly.

Jimmy opening up his birthday card from Mom and Dad....the distance is hard to take sometimes.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Greetings from the middle of nowhere

Thanks to finally finding the wireless passcode and my pretty new iPhone- I'm now able to blog. Which I would rather do that the suggested "journalling".

So where am I? I'm at a yoga retreat that is five miles outside of a small town that you've never heard of, that is twenty-five miles outside of another town that you've probably never heard of, that is a hundred plus miles from my home base. This retreat is part of my yoga teacher training. While I was expecting it to kick my ass physically- I was not expecting the emotional ass kicking that I also received. The emotional stuff was more than "let's discuss and cry about how much we love everyone" (which there is plenty happening of- believe me) was more of a case of not knowing why you are crying and desperately trying to stop crying... But instead you just end up crying so hard you're snorting on the group hike you took after the power yoga class you just had in which you just curled into child's pose and cried throughout. Yeah... It has been a very weird couple of days.

I have discovered that there is a difference between feeling sore and resistance in your body and feeling pain. I've also discovered that you can get very creative in poses if you are trying to avoid re-injuring yourself.

Here are some other things that I have learned-
1. I'm an overly aggressive ping pong player.
2. The world is still pretty small as I met two (count them two) other people here who went to the same elementary, middle, and high school with.
3. I thought that I was the only non-Mormon here but I'm not. There were a bunch of people who were hiding and trying to seem like they were so they could fit in.
4. While we had a co-ed wing of the lodge- I'm the only girl who is actually in a co-ed room. And it's lovely. No strange girly lotion smells and thankfully no glitter toenail painting parties.
5. Partner yoga is a reward in itself and you learn more about your interactions with others and how you approach relationships because of it.

I'm sure that I'll have more insights after I get home tomorrow. I definitely will have more to offer in the discussion at work about what the word "retreat" really entails. Corena- the owner of the studio- said that "vacations were for falling asleep and retreats are for waking up." it's so very true.

Oh! And bunk beds suck no matter what you're age.