Friday, January 10, 2003

I just reviewed all of my entries, and I realized that the end of the pot smoking neighbors hasn't been told. When I came back from Christmas, there was three days of stale pot smoke squeezed into my house. I was gagging the entire night. That proved to be the last straw, I called Jill again to complain. They happened to be in town for the holidays and came over to the house, smelt the smell themselves and notified the upstairs neighbors that if they get one more complaint about smoke that they would receive their notice. I know that the guys aren't happy with me, but I really don't care. I enjoy being able to come home in the evening and smell absolutely nothing.

I bought a handheld voice/tape recorder the other day. I hope that this will help me with my writing.
happy new year
I have been busy and sick as of late. My system crashed after school ended, but I feel better now. Even though I was soo busy last semester I did really well--I got a 3.8 GPA.
But I really wrote because I am annoyed. Against my better judgement I checked out the UTARP website--boy was that stupid. I have been removed from the crew list. Which definitely means that Bradley never ever intended to talk to me again. He wanted to avoid potential confrontation with me soo badly that he is letting this all end openly. I hate his unproffesional behavior, and I pity him personally. I guess that to everyone but me, this all means absolutely nothing, I don't think that I can make anyone understand.
The new semester has started. Man, semester opening at the bookstore has just been hell, but I enjoy it and I seem to have adapted well to my new leadership responsibilities.