Thursday, August 16, 2007

Holbrook Photos

I have some of the photos from this trip up on my flickr account...but there will definitely be more to come. Jimmy and I drive back tomorrow and there are some photo stops that we want to take.

Yesterday we went to the Petrified Forest National Park and I am now obsessed with trying to collect all of the National Park postcard derived from old WPA (Works Progress Administration) posters.

For my mom's birthday dinner we went to the La Posada Restaurant in Winslow. Back in the heyday of Route 66, it was the place to be seen by all of Hollywood's elite.

And I thought that I would leave you with the photo of the Indian Parking, I was not making it up.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Holbrook Letters- Tuesday

Hi Sweetie,
I am sure that by the time you are reading this is will be the morning, and I wanted to tell you happy birthday. I miss you, and I wish that you were here.

Today was fairly quiet but I spent some time driving around town trying to get the feel for the place. We saw Dad's ALCO store. At first glance it is like a dollar store and the Kmart's from the 1980's had an illegitimate child. But I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt. I walked up and down every aisle...checking out prices and the merchandise. The store may be small but it is packed with stuff. By the end it sorta reminded me of the little bakkals in Turkey.....packed with absolutely everything and if they don't have really didn't need it anyway.

We also visited a couple of the local tourist shops here. We went to the sign shop that had the "Indian Parking only, all others will be scalped", and it was the type of store where there were no price tags. When I asked the elderly owner how much the different signs were he said that they were $6 to $30 depending on the item. Well, wouldn't you just know it....every sign I inquired about was $30. So I just stuck to buying the $6 magnets and took pictures of the various signs that I liked while Jimmy and Mom distracted him. We also went to "McGee's Trading Post" which was an upscale shop that had some really nice Indian crafts in it. While this place had pricetags...they all said "you can't afford this so back away slowly".

Jimmy and I are taking stock of things that we want to visit later and take pictures of. On the drive back there is a bridge that we want to stop at...I think that it is over the Glen Canyon any case, it was almost as cool to drive over as a tunnel. And there is some cave outside of Kanab that we want to visit. Don't be surprised if Jimmy and I bring home a smallpox blanket either.

Unfortunately, there are still some bad stereotypes here...I have seen one to many drunken Indians for comfort. We were going to go try this rock shop for souvenirs, and I was waiting for this old Indian guy to finish stumbling past the sidewalk to turn...he was doing fine until he started to stumble in reverse. For a while I thought that he was going to fall back on the car. Technically he would have hit me...but I don't think that the car insurance company would believe the damages. He did manage to regain forward that is good.

The B1 vitamin seems to be helping greatly. I did get swarmed by mosquitoes when we got out of the car at dusk...but none of them bit me. They did chew on Jimmy a bit though.

Tomorrow we are going to visit the Petrified National Forest...or at least, the visitor's center thereof. Hopefully I will be able to find some cheap petrified wood to bring back as souvenirs. There is also some famous restaurant in the nearby town of Winslow that we are going to eat at tomorrow. And my Dad promises alot of driving around. I will take a bunch of pictures for you to see until you will be able to come down and see if for yourself.

I will call and leave a message in the morning sometime for you, maybe I will be able to find a birthday joke for you. Everyone here misses you and says to tell you hi, especially Mom who really really wants a birthday hug from you.

I love you sweetie,
Happy Birthday!


The Holbrook Letters-Monday

Until I can mange to get my head together enough to do a straight blog post about my visit here, I am going to post the emails/letters that I am sending to Mr.3 about the trip. Here is letter 1:

Well we made it to Arizona. You should have heard the tasteless but incredibly politically incorrect jokes we made about indains. It wouldn't be that bad...but they make it sooo easy.
Holbrook is a sweet little town, with the little that i have seen of it so far I would say that it has more charm than Price. They had this Route 66 sign shop that had a sign that said "Indian Parking only, all others will be scalped". I am definitely going to take pictures of it tomorrow...and maybe see how much is costs. Not that I have anywhere to put it, it is quite tasteless...but fun. Maybe in the Nephi room?

The house is pretty nice, it is bigger than what I thought. It is only half re-finished at the moment...but once they get it done it will be nice. It has ALOT of potential! The smoky paint can smelt when you come into the house, but with the paint job done upstairs it is gone. The new carpeting is nice and spongy.

The only downside is these mutant mosquitoes that they have here. I am covered in welts. So is Jimmy and my Mom. We have started to take vitamin B1 to sour our blood to them, but I don't know if that will work against these bastards.

We all miss you alot. I really wish that you could have come down with us. Although I have a feeling that you might have gotten angry with me over my speeding.

To close tonight I am going to leave you with one of the jokes that Jimmy and I made. As we were coming in I read this sign that said "Real Indian Blankets $7.77" As I was commenting on the cheapness of the price, Jimmy noted that the smallpox on them was free.

Ok, so it was tasteless, but I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.
I miss you.


Sunday, August 12, 2007


so I am blogging from work, which is normally not a big deal when i am blogging from my monday thru friday job, but today i am working at cactus and tropicals.

Recap of sorts....
1. It has been six months since I last saw my husband, and i am annoyed.
2. I walked down to the car rental place this morning...and I am realizing now that I really shouldn't have done that.
3. Tomorrow Jimmy and I (and I was hoping that my husband would be as well, but probably not) will be driving down to Arizona. I am super excited, and i think that is making today just DDDDDRRRRRAAAAAAAGGGGGG on.

I really don't want to be here at all today. Probably not a good thing.
customers!....gotta go...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Working in the Resource Room....

I am now in the process of reviewing and converting to DVD all of the videos that we have in the resource room at my work. Yesterday went alright...and I thought that today would be alright too, but I think that I have hit my quota today of documentaries on the beginning of Islam.

Although I have found some this one I am watching now called Israel in Dance. It chronicles the Shalom dance troupe out of Tel Aviv...which would normally be fine and perhaps on the boring side, but they have a done their performances in public parks and restaurants.... The styling of the video is that they are trying to do a cross between a music video and a musical, except instead of breaking out into song in the middle of a scene....they are breaking out into dance. I know that they are trying to make it a very serious production but it is the most amusing thing that I have seen in a long time..

oh no! They are now performing in a wild west park! I'm gonna pee my pants!
It's a klemzer version of "Oh Suzanna!"