Tuesday, October 29, 2002

well something of interest happened today----I got the Bookstore scholarship. It is $500 to cover my books and school supplies for a full year. I can now total my scholarship at the staggering figure of $600 for my entire college career. Anyway, having this scholarship makes me happy! Happy, happy, happy!
That was about it for the day though, I found out that I might be able to take my third year of Turkish this summer at the U. Another happy thing. Also Tuesday is my nap day---I come home for lunch---so I guess naps make me happy too. So today must have been a happy day.
Another thing that makes happy is the new DSL line that I got. Now I can watch Turkish television at home--hooray for cheesy turkish movies and music videos!!

Monday, October 28, 2002

before I forget, I have a complaint to voice. I am just gonna smack the new neighbors. About a month or so ago my family was staying over at my house and the boys upstairs decided to smoke pot. Now it was soo strong that I knew they were smoking in the house, and furthermore I knew that they were smoking in the basement. This presents a problem for me because only a door separates the basement area that they use and my apartment. At the time, I tried to downplay it with my parents, but I was a little embarassed. Later that week, I talked to one of the three who swore that it was their friends smoking and that they were not in the house. So last night, 7 pm, I am in my house with Dione and I start to smell it again. Strong too because it was close. We were about to leave to see a movie, so before going I went in the back to see if they were outside. They weren't. No lights were on in the house, but the basement lights were on. Hummmm...what am I supposed to think? After the movie, we came home and my house reeked. I just did laundry yeasterday too, and now everything smells like pot. So I go storming upstairs and ask the guys upstairs not to smoke in the house ever again. Oh course they played dumb, "ahh, no one was smokin' in the house.." but when I mentioned that the smoke started at 7, they started to have this guilty look on their faces. Then they promised that they wouldn't smoke in the house anymore, "anymore" meaning that they had been and that they had lied to me about it before!!!!!!!!! So now my house smells like stale pot, and the smell is cycling around the ventilation system so that every time the heat kicks on I can smell it again. Candles don't help, either does incense, and I am not sure that they have made a bottle of frebreeze large and strong enough to take away the smell. can you see why I am a little upset.
So the stupid server kept giving me these error messge saying that there was a faulty template, so I would keep coming back to the site hoping that it would work and then it wouldn't, until this evening when the bright idea hit me-----if I change the template it might work right. and... viola! I am writing to you once again.
Last Friday was a pretty cool day at job number 2 (SWCA), see whenever anyone builds anything across BLM land they have to have an Arch. firm survey the area. Then after the survey is completeing they have to have a representative from that firm moniter the construction workers to make sure that they don't dig through a site. Well, last Thursday our current big project was working on a pipeline out near Nephi. No sites had been found for miles around and there was no evidence in the baulk that there was any cultural remains, so they were digging away...until the backhoe operator noticed something odd sticking out of the back fill pile. Upon investigation they found it to be a human femur. Somehow they had managed to go through an entire burial without any evidence in the baulk. There was no coffin or cultural remains to be found either. So my firm has a crew out there now sifting through a pile of dirt 10 meters by 4 meters and about 2 meters high. But back to Friday morning, they needed to know how many bones they had collected so far, but they didn't have time to wait for Chick to sort them all out-----so they let me do it. :) It has been forever since I took my bone class, but I did ok. I was just so excited that they let me do it---they trusted a lowly lab monkey!!! small things make me happy.
also speaking of small things making me happy, I got my DSL line hooked up today, this also makes me happy because I can check the email and talk on the phone at the same time, not to mention the amazing internet radio oppurtunities now available to me. good day ...

Thursday, October 24, 2002

ahhhh, the stupid page won't upload!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Over a month...ouch, I am a lazy ass, aren't I?
Unfortuately not too much has happened lately, I just seem to be really really busy. The only time I see my house is the half hour to hour from the time I get up until I leave, then from when I return home until I go to bed.
So an update on the Bradley thing.... I contacted him when he returned, he wouldn't speak with me, and accused me via email of single-handedly ruining the dig. Quite a feat, but apparently I was pretty good at that task and lacking in everything else. He even said that I "incited a rebellion", yes, yes, I know that I look harmless...but be careful!!!!!!!!! I'm evil. heeh heeh heeh (that's my raspy evil giggle-is it effective, do you think?) Ultimately, I felt that Bradley was being an immature whiner and I had to go to the chair of the department to plead my case. The chair was unusually happy that someone "was willing to stand up to Bradley", and he thought that I had a strong case. But he later changed his mind and sided with Bradley. Although he said that he would support me if I wished to pursue a more public redress against Bradley, but ---me beingthe egotisical person that I am---decided that I don't want to give Bradleythe satisfaction of winning twice, in this respect. So I am petitioning for a withdrawl of the class from my record. I turned in my keys ages ago, which was kind of sad, I have had keys to Carlson hall for 4 years now. I haven't seen Bradley since I have returned, and I am also taking a class from Janet, which is not weird at all---she is soo much cooler than he is. And another annoucement on the Bradley front is that everyday I am needing less and less gossip on Bradley to make myself feel better--soon, I will never talk about him again! whoo hoo! Okay, well it's important to me anyway.
So on to regular life. I am doing the two job thing and school at the moment. On wednesday nights I work until one in the morning so that I can listen to Greer's radio show on KAMP student radio. (Wednesday nights 10-12pm arizona time, live via the internet at Http://kamp.arizona.edu, check it out, lots of fun) So last wednesday night I work late, get home 1- 1:30, asleep by 2. My alarm is set for 5am. I snap awake at 8am. I just stared at the clock thinking that I should be somewhere, but I couldn't remember where, because I couldn't remember what day it was. So I got up started to get dressed and almost fifteen minutes later realized that it was infact Thursday and the possible Friday that I thought it was, and that I was late for my class that begins at 8:30. That was the excitement of the week--but next week will be better, I have the opera on Monday night.
So until next time, which I promise will be sooner,