Tuesday, November 30, 2004


I true test came today. The fair Richard/Abdullah came into the office, and all I thought about was Mr.3. I have worried that I am the type to use someone and then disgard them when I get bored, which usually happens rather fast. The more that I am with Mr.3 the more intriqueing he becomes, the more I feel that I have known him for all of my life.

Jack, on the other hand is not taking it very well, as his fag hag has become distracted by someone who intimidates him intellectually. but he has promised to try and give Mr.3 a chance.

the most distracting thing that I have found is not that he is working just down the hall, but that I can smell him on my skin and feel the faint impressions of his fingers on my neck. Time moves off kilter when you are in this state. every few seconds with that person happen all to fast, stolen moments. Everything else in your life just seems oppressive, work and life outside of that sole person becomes more restricted and dull.

Monday, November 29, 2004

for those who are waiting to hear the gossip

well, there has been demand for further details about Mr.3, one request was his real name-Mike-and that will be the last time you will see it written.

this weekend at my parents was wonderful...but kind of funny as we were flirting/getting to know you the whole time, all the while under the watchful gaze of my parents..who love him. Jimmy had an amazing ability to come and bug me at the worst moments. Last night we drove back up to Salt Lake. the weather was bad this weekend, so we had to wait until the pass was clear. He had locked himself out of his friend's house (and his friend was trapped down south because of the weather) so he stayed at my house. and..well...after talking and some funny attempts to get over that awkward stage of who is going to make the first move..we got things straightened out..let's just say that that 4 year celibacy thing is over.

and to add to the twitterpation thing, he is wandering around campus today and comes in periodically. so there have been a couple walk-by make-outs. tonight, he is making dinner. well I am very very happy, and I blush all the time. and now I am the object of office-gossip.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Not sure. So the past 2 days Mr. 3 has spent probably 5-6 hours with me and countless emails back and forth. And he is coming down for Thanksgiving (I couldn't bear the thought of him all alone) anyway, people in the office say there are sparks, I am not sure what to think, but I like him a lot and if anything I have a really good friend. You know, I think that I am a rather boring person, but I seem to manage to have incredibly long conversation with random people, so maybe I am not as boring as I feel. or...I just annoy everyone and they are too nice to tell me..

as promised, buying an IPOD with my boss.

Don't get me wrong, i love "I' to death, but he is one of those scatterbrained people, brilliant but a little ditsy with things. Anyway, there is this website that he loves with Arabic music, he listens to it all the time, and on occasion Kate and I have been pulled into his office to sing along..silly, but normal for around here. Last Friday he decided that he wanted to record the songs that he listens to and play them anywhere at anytime. So he went down to the U. bookstore and bought a digital voice recorder. which was really nice and it also became my job to figure out. but it is just a voice recorder and the sound quality was shit. We told him that what he really wanted was an IPOD, so I went down with him to the bookstore to make an exchange. He insisted that he handle everything, fine, but man, he was just on one. He was introducing himself to everyone under the sun and trying to negoiate deals and such....behavior that would have been fine in a bazaar but more like a circus in a store in Middle America. He kept saying money is no pbject----never never never say that to a clerk in a store..he only had a vague idea of what he needed and they were trying to sell him things that he would never use. that excursion was easily $500, not to mention him talking to the coupon vendor people in the store and buying there book thingys...that was $30 down the hole in which I again get to figure them out. I have 2 now..and he bought truffles for the office that was probably another 20-30. I guess if you have the money, spend it, but wow, that was a ride. Later in the day he prided himself on how he handled the whole transaction with me only saying a few words...those words being.."he wants an IPOD, 40 gig, with a car adaptor and a voice adaptor" This is something that he won't use, and can't figure out..well he can but it is just easier to have Kate and I do it. We did have fun figuring it out..

in other things..I went to the dentist this morning...NO MORE APPOINTMENTS FOR ME!!!! yeah, it is all finished! except today he hit a nerve or something, so my mouth hurts, and I stillhav ethe stroke victim thing going on this morning, I can't pronouce my own name right when I anser the phone...I hope the novacaine wears off soon.

Monday, November 22, 2004

and my knee doesn't hurt!!

I was worried that it might be since the last time I taught kurdish wedding dances it hurt to walk for a couple of days...goofy knee dance..all in all it went really well.

other than that, not too much to say. Today was looking to be pretty damn boring, but Mr.3 (who might actually read this every once in a while so he will remain nameless) came by and we just talked for something like 2 hours, which was very enjoyable. It is very interesting how much you can learn about someone just from small things that they drop in conversation. I am not sure how I am doing flirting wise, but we seem to be heading in a pretty solid friendship zone.

and today is also a short day-or it just feels like one. I had nothing to accomplish today, and I have actually made a lot of progress on a project that no one but myself cares about but if I do it it will impress everyone. In lieu of lunch I am leaving at 4. Mom is in town for a meeting and I am going to go for an early dinner with her and maybe some errands..yes, I know, the excitement...can you handle it? But maybe I will leave you with a teaser for what is to come tomorrow..."I" and the IPOD, an episode of pure hilarity.

Friday, November 19, 2004

oh, too funny..

so I have a stat counter thing on the blog and every once in a while I check it to see if anyone besides myself reads this. Well if someone does an internet search and my site comes up it will tell me what keywords they used. So apparently someone in Lahore Pakistan did a search (and looked at my site!) using the keywords "turkish fucking girls"...maybe my site is racier than I thought.

today looks to be a fairly quiet day. Last night I went to see "3 sisters" by Anton Chekov (Libby was the lightboard operator and I got free tickets) it was very very sad, very Russian...very very Chekov. I liked it though. Tonight I am going to go and teach a local bellydance toupe Kurdish wedding dances steps. This will be my second time teaching them. They are a really cool group, the focus less on the entertainment aspect of bellydance and teach their audiences about the history of the dances themselves, which I like. When I used to perform the group I was with focused on the cabaret aspect of it, in the trashy sense, than of the sensual side of it. So sorry boys, Delal no longer performs in public ;)

On the work front, "I" in his new 'every day is a good day' philosophy bought truffles for the office and anyone who comes by...it must have cost him a lot, but since the candy dish lives on my desk so does this tray and man, the smell of chocolate is overpowering...so much that they don't even sound appetitizing..and me not wanting to eat chocolate is really odd.
this weekend is MESA (middle East studies association) and before the bug changed jobs within the department she was going to go. but when she switched to acedemic advisor "I" said that she couldn't go. a fit was thrown and he decided to let her go. fine fine..I am the only one in the office who isn't going and I really want to. on monday I will be the sole person here. however the bug informs me today that she is not going to go because she can't afford to (the center paid for her ticket). this isn't a spur of the moment thing, she waited until 2 days before she goes to tell everyone? So now, on Monday, it will be me and the bug. She is going to be annoying me all day, uck.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Hot Chocolate

The other day, the only reason why I got up and went to work was because I knew that I could get hot chocolate in the office. Silly reason I know, but in the mornings it can be a pretty heated discussion with myself to get moving. This summer JB complained and whined for almost a full week that she was craving hot chocolate. Did she do anything about it? No, just whined. So in an effort to be nice (I was still trying to at that time) I brought in some extra mix that I had from my home. This stuff wasn't the cheap stuff either. Anyway JB was happy and stopped whining. But when I got to the office yesterday, the hot chocolate container was gone. Now when we are out or even if it looks like we are low on something, everyone tells me...in the case of JB she would throw the empty items of whatever she needed on my desk. No one told me that we were out of hot chocolate, so my only conclusion is that someone stole it, most likely JB because she is an excellent scapegoat and also the primary suspect. I was pretty bummed. Today I brought some crappy brand stuff that I had gotten as an xmas gift last year, but I also brought some super nice stuff which is going to live in my desk. JB's daughter still hangs around and it wouldn't surprise me if she pinched it too.

I know that a lot of people were saddened when JB left, because my blog just wasn't that interesting anymore...but never fear! June will fill that spot pretty nicely. Now June has been here forever, and although she has annoyed me on occasion, she has always worked on the other side of the hall and wasn't in my face all the time like JB. But now that she has taken over Beth's job she is becoming a pretty constant annoyance, that I can't shake off. Apparently she is under the impression that I know how to do her job. I don't, and I don't want to know. Beth would come and talk to me about stuff because we were friends. June on the other hand, seems to think that I am her new consultant and gopher. I beg to differ. We had a meeting the other day, June, Kate and I to talk about whose job was what, etc.. All I wanted to know was when June was going to take lunches so that I can work around that. Beth was my back-up on phones and when someone has to always answer the phones, having a back-up becomes very very important. After this meeting I was just filled with dread, because she doesn't seem to be catching on that she has to be accountable in the office.
One of the perks of our job is that if there is a lecture we are sponsoring, we get to go to it, on work time. Last week, because our events coordinator was sick, I had to set up an event about the whole Arafat thing. Now if I do all of the leg-work for setting up this huge panel discussion, I should get to see it, right? Well someone has to answer the phones, and June went without telling me that she was. So I had to stay in the office. I wasn't that upset in the beginning, but the more I thought about it the more annoyed I was. I set it up, I should have gone...but June hasn't gotten it yet, that we have to coordinate these things in the office, we can't just close up shop. Today there is a discussion group that I would like to go to. It isn't often that I want to go to these things..I very rarely go. But this morning I called June to ask if she would cover phones and she announces that she is going as well, fine great...but when was she going to tell anyone else in the office this? She also went to a meeting today and didn't tell anybody, what are we supposed to do if she has students who need to speak to her? Hummm? Maybe these things will be ironed out later but probably not...she and JB have the same personality. I should think of another name to call her, because she seems to have the same sixth sense that JB did when I was writing about her. She has been in here 4 times since I started writing...I think that I will call her "the bug" after the junebug which she seems to like.

Odd suscispion about the bug...I wonder if she drinks on the job. Either that or she uses a lot of mouthwash in the middle of the day. She came in a few minutes ago and wheeuw, I wasn't expecting that, it was very very strong. And it isn't a regular thing, but I have definitely smelt it on at least 2 other occasions.

Monday, November 15, 2004

damnit to hell and back...

so I finally got around to calling Hydro Air, wondering when they were going to start things up again....as december and those loan payments begin to loom closer...and do you know what I hear.."Oh, we are not going to do that anymore." Ah, yeah, well, when were they going to tell all of their workers who are "on call", like me who have been keeping their evenings open just for them? God, what happened to integrity? I wouldn't have been upset if I was told earlier, hell, even if I was told. I shouldn't have had to ask. At this rate I will be lucky if I manage to find a christmas time job at all! This is just hopeless! I am in a state where you are a cross between absolutely livid, and completely dispondant. What the hell am I gonna do now?!

Start over from the beginning, I guess.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

how dinner and a day off went

Well on Thursday I left work around 3, and out of curiousity I checked my work email today, and well....I think a lot of the professors are so used to be being there every second of the day that they were a little disappointed. But it was heaven to leave work that early. Even though the weather up the pass was unpredictable (sunny, rain, heavy heavy rain, sleet, snow--a little car slipping action with that one--back to rain and then sunny) I smiled the whole way.

Dinner yesterday was later than what I had wanted it to be. According to my timetable -and yes I am that anal that I made a time table for cooking- I needed to start making the bread by 12:30 at the latest, but with waiting for my mom to get up and dressed and the go to the grocery store with me (parents paid for the food) I didn't get started until one. Disaster wise, it was very minimum...my dad burned some of the kebabs, but that really isn't my fault, I did burn my right hand and I have blisters, but at least I didn't drop anything or cut myself. But since I did burn my hand, I opted out of making the flaky griddle bread with cheese filing because my hand hurt so much, not to mention being behind on the time table. But even with that, we had an abundance of food (yummy leftovers for lunch today!), my father liked the food (he is Mr. "Foreign food, yuck!") in fact he had a second helping of rice--I almost died. So here was the menu--with everything being made from scratch:

-pita bread
-spinach and feta borek
-this eggy dish with tomatoes and green peppers that I can never remember the name of, but absolutley love
-beef kebabs
-rice pilaf
-rice pudding

I think that was all of it..either way I am the domestic queen!!

Later today, it is off to my dad's store...It's Family Shopping Night at Kmart! This is probably one of the biggest traditions in my family, and the reason why I did the Eid dinner a day early. Now if only I could get that frigging phone card to put my call through to the UK, this weekend would be perfect.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

2 Unusual phonecalls...

Phone call number 1!

Recently my father has been cracking down on employees who aren't doing their jobs. He's the boss, that is what he is supposed to do. And honestly, he lets people get away with a lot before he does any offical write-ups. So this week he has done several...and whoever they are, boy are they mad, and petty vindictive. Someone called my mom yesterday from a pay-phone, and informed my mom that my father was having an affair with his sister (who apparently is "happily married with 2 kids"), and he advised my mom to make my father leave this woman alone. He wouldn't tell my mom his name or the sister that my father is supposedly messing around with. He just told my mom that my father "would know who it is". Ooohhh. scary. what a bastard. First of all the idea of my father having an affair, especially with an employee, just sends my mom and I into fits of laughter. But the deeper issue that disturbs my mom (and my dad) is that there is someone out there who because they were reprimanded at work, attempts to destroy my family. welcome to small town Utah. at the time my mom was in such shock that she didn't have time to be angry at the person, but if he calls back she is ready for them. as for suspects we have it down to 2. my mom worries that if whoever this person is, is willing to do this for being written up what they would do if say they were fired. back in the 80's, there were a couple instances where disgruntled Kmart employees had taken managers hostage...it was really bad. so as a safety precaution we haven't had our phone number listed for years, but when we moved, my dad decided that it should be alright to have it listed again. nope, guess not.

Phone call number2!!

4:40 am, the phone rings...who could it be? As I am staggering to the phone imagining that someone in my family had died or something...I answer only to find out that it is.......the suspense has to build up.....Erol! my ex-boyfriend and almost fiance from the small village of Koltepe, Turkey! Tah Da! Who else in the world would constantly forget that there is a time difference. But much to my surprise my turkish proved quite functional even that early in the morning, enough to find out that my family and his family were well, tell him all about Chuck's and Marco new children, and let him know that I wasn't sure if I was going to come to Turkey anytime soon. Not bad for a 2 minute phone call. He called back at 5 to ask another question about Chuck, and doublecheck to see if he heard me right that I was fasting, apparently he has forgotten I was Muslim. But jeez, I thought that I was doing well, he hadn't called in a couple of years...it took a couple of years for it to finally get across to him that I wasn't going to marry him, but I thought that it finally took. maybe he was hoping that with a little more time I would come around and run into his arms and say "oh Erol my darling, I should have married you when I was 19 and naive...and then I could have brought you to the US, where you could have gotten a low-level job like a janitor and have me support your lazy ass for the rest of your life!" I am sure that for those who don't know the whole situation, that may comments might seem a little heartless, afterall he is just a poor Kurdish village boy, why couldn't I just love him? The fact is that I did love him, very deeply once. I have a picture of him that lives in the lining of my CD case, every once in a while it falls out and I think of him, however love and marriage in the United States and love and marriage in Turkey is drastically different. and a young girl with a flashing neon "get your green card here" on my forehead, with no family to represent her, in what I found out later to be marriage nogioatiations is not prepared for such a thing, not to mention more personal matters that transpired between us.

however, I will probably write an email to Erol and to abayim Aziz seeing how they are. because even though Erol annoys me, I should try to keep in touch with people more...and yes Hiwa, I will call you, most likely Friday evening your time.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I am a wire pulled taut

ready to break.

It is amazing how one thing sets you off, and your patience for anything else is gone. Now I haven't taken anything out on anyone, but then again I am the only one here. And it is important to let you know, that I am not going to cry or anything, just cause someone physical harm. What a good day today would be for JB to visit..

Mushira (head of Lang & Lit) was the Catalyst. She was instructing one of her underlings to do something that was my job. And originally from my point of view, it looked like she was making major decisions about the arabic program that should be handled jointly. So I went to "I". Apparently he thinks that this is some sort of a battle with her, but it isn't...I just want him to make sure that she understands the status quo. Nothing too big, and I don't think that I would be half as mad at her if she hadn't hit me wrong from last week. If we see this as a battle, I won. Chalk one up to me.

But now, I am just on edge. I would really like to take a very long break, maybe actually take my lunch for once. Since Ramadan started, I haven't been doing anything lunch-wise just working straight through and racking up the comp time. I am sure that you are thinking, well, why don't you just take a break. I can't. I am the only one here. Linda and June, who don't normally answer the phones, and most of the time can't hear them anyway, are at lunch. Kate is in a meeting, and probably now at lunch with "I". And Rebecca has been awol for a day or so now, leaving little ol' me alone in the center to answer phones and generally keep the place running.

I keep telling myself just to sit and breath deeply, but it works for about 30 seconds, and then it is gone. When the phone rings I have to steel myself so that I can sound nice and all. Even when people I want to talk to come in (such as the fair Richard/Abdullah who lingered for quite a while attempting to make conversation) I just can't give them the attention that I want because I am as annoyed as I am. On the upside, I have been incredibly productive today, even with the server being down.
Hopefully, someone will come by soon to relieve me before I flip out on some poor unsuspecting person.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Today I did stuff and then I didn't do stuff. That is not a contradiction but rather a stark look at the life of a secretary...if I match conventional secretaries in their work load and production.

Instead of driving back last night from my parents, I decided to drive up this morning. But in order to be at work on time, it meant that I had to leave at 5am. I am the queen of taking 10 minutes in the morning to get dressed! So I guess that is one of the things that I did manage to do. I also made a new logo for the office, scheduled individual appointments for "I" entire seminar on ME politics class, backed up my computer, updated the website and the mailing lists...but still, it isn't a lot of things, and that took 2 things off of my "long list". Other than that, not too much else happening...the fair Richard/Abdullah has an awful Brando impressions, but I giggled and twittered in the effort of flirting. Danelle almost broke up with DJ, Catherine has stopped talking to Jack because he came out of the closet, and I met a really cool guy today named Mike. He is a new grad student in the Arabic program, and he just finished working as an analyst for the government. You should have heard him spout off about jordanian politics, and his grasp of the regional inter-relations...it was awe-inspiring (but not intimidating). Then I found out that he had been to Diyarbakir and we started talking about Kurdish politics, in BOTH southern and northern Kurdistan. At this point Danelle and I were trying to recruit him into Model Arab League, but when he started dropping references to Eddie Izzard and Monty Python..oh, we knew that he was one of us.

Today---milestone, sort of---I registered for my first semester of graduate classes---I'm soo excited! I can't wait for classes to start!

I read a lot of news today, and I know that I should comment soon on KBU , but I feel kind of numb with all of the goings on and for the moment I wish to be just a spectator. The goofy named "Phantom Fury" operation in Falligha (and yes, I know that I spelt that horribly wrong) is distrubing. When I heard about the plans for the offensive, all I could think of was that a lot of people were going to die. I feel weighted down with the realization. I hope other Americans feel the weight of our actions abroad.

Friday, November 05, 2004

this will sound crass, but

when is Arafat going to die?! It was alright when he was in the hospital, but now that everyone and their dog is on his deathwatch, I am too. Not because I particulary care about the Palestinian issue (I do, but I have other activist priorites) but because the second he dies, we are going to get a hundred press calls into the center. And "I" depends on me to get him the most up to date news so that he can comment on it. Part of me doesn't mind, because keeping up on the news is not seen as goofing off on my job, but quite helpful. I just hate having to wait for someone to die. Although my prediction is that he is already dead and that they are just waiting to affairs settled, like what they did with the President of the UAE died earlier this week. So there is my news gripe.

so at Steph's party last weekend, I met this guy named Nick, and he seemed really nice. Steph agreed to "talk" to him, but I kind of paniked at the thought of dating again. Odd really. humm... oh well.

and next Friday I am going to take off from work to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with my family. Now I am the only Muslim in the family, and I celebrate all of the Christian holidays with them, so we are starting a new tradition this year of celebrating the Muslim ones as well. My mom is going to buy the food, and I am going to make a huge meal for all of us, bread from scratch (I make excellent pita bread), kabobs, that sort of thing. It will be different and hopefully fun.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

the return of JB

or rather of her horrible offspring.

Remember dear readers, that a few months back JB had surgury on her arm? well at the time she also got a temporary handicapped parking permit. It wasn't anything that she really needed, because in the beginning she wasn't supposed to drive at all, but she swore that she needed it because she would get "tired" walking from the parking lot to the building. Ok, I could have bought that excuse for a while.


JB shares a car with her daughter Shira, who takes classes at the University. JB has since gotten a new job terrorizing someone at a school somewhere in the valley. While I feel sorry for that unfortuately person, I am very glad that it isn't me. Shira however is a perfectly healthly 22 year old. Who is still sharing a car with her mother, and still---even though her Mom is not on campus---using and parking in the handicapped spots here on campus, as I noticed while walking into work this morning.

Now the law specifies those parking spots for those that need them, not the stupid selfish people of this earth who assume that if no one sees them leaving the car that it is ok to park there. These are the same type of people who if left alone in a room would have no problem stealing something if they knew that no one would find out. Where is this family's sense of right and wrong? JB and her horde are producing more and more generations of obnoxious, deceiving, and selfish people. Ugh! I fear for humanity.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

the best quote of the election:

"...in an American election, there are no losers, because whether or not our candidates are successful, the next morning we all wake up Americans."
-John Kerry from his cessesion speech

So while I am disappointed that Bush won, things just return back to normal (although normalcy in our foreign policy sucks). When I was deciding how to vote, Bush and Kerry were pretty much the same on foreign policy and it was only domestic policy that they differed. And I am fine with paying more taxes as long as I see them accomplishing something, I am not ok however with tax cuts to people who can afford to pay their taxes. As far as I am concerned, if 20% is being taken out of my paycheck, then 20% should be taken out of someone like Donald Trump, an equal burden to us all.

It does sadden me for all the support that Bush has gotten from the Kurds in Northern Iraq. They like him because he removed Saddam from power. But he didn't remove him from power because he was concerned for the welfare of Iraq's "oppressed peoples". If helping the oppressed was really part of the US foreign policy agenda, just think of all of the horrific atrocities that the US should have intervened in and/or prevented. I would advise those who support him to be wary, because you will get burned if you trust in him too naively.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Stupid girl that I am...

so working at the wild and wonderful world of "The MEC" you get a lot of calls with absurd questions...well not always absurd, but definitley not something that you would think that I would have to know on the job.
For example

got a call from a gentleman in California attempting to download a Farsi font from the University website, okay this is a new one, and I had no clue, the University web people had no clue, and neither did the Languages and Literature department. Yet I managed to help this guy by figuring out how to download the font from the Microsoft Word website.

call number 2, a middle school in the valley needed an interpreter of Iraqi arabic to help with a parent-teacher problem. I suggested a couple of local students that I knew, and then also suggested the guy call Mushira, head of the languages and lit. department as she has this community project program started where arabic students go to grade schools and help tutor the new refugee students. I refered him to her because I thought that she would be able to at least give him a name or too. Well she called me right afterwards and chewed me out because one, I didn't know who to refer him too (we provide as much information as we can, but that is not part of my job description sweetheart), and two she basically didn't want to handle the call. Big fucking deal.
Throughout the call, all I wanted to do was hang up on her...I didn't as the repercussions would have been awful...however, she really hit a nerve and I cried afterwards...stupid girlie thing that that was. Anyway, Mushira is just an uppity woman who seems to think that since she has a PhD that that automatically makes her better than the rest of the world...which sorry to say, is obviously not the case.

I feel dumb for crying at work, at least it was discreet, and Mushira will never know the effect that it had on me..I am just angry that I let my emotions become that raw.

In other news, did you know that the President of the UAE died? He actually dies on Tuesday but they announced it today. "I" is currently doing a phone interview with Orbitz TV (Arabic but I believed based out of Italy) about the subject. Originally it was supposed to be about the elections today but they had to revise the topics a bit because of the lastest news.

Monday, November 01, 2004

...then a step to the right...

put your hands on your hips
and bend your knees in time
but it's pelvic thrust
that really drives you insane...
let's do the time warp again.

So Friday evening I went to Rocky Horror at the Tower Theater, ahhh what fun, what debauchery! it proved to be an opportunity to wear my new red fishnets and a dress that really didn't have much of a bottom, or a top come to think of it---but there was a middle that was a little on the see-through side. And anytime that I can get away with my glitter platform heels proves to be a good time.
the MC of the festivities, the fair Susan, was excellent as usual...Libby got a chance to see the one and only woman besides her that I have ever had a crush on...she wasn't impressed, oh well.
Then Saturday evening it was off to Ryan and Steph's for their Halloween party...and another oppurtunity to wear the fishnets..hee hee. I was more covered this time wearing all red and going as fire. We were to carve pumpkins, but when I got to the store I could only find a spagetti squash. I must have spent an hour carving a medusa head into it, only to have it implode upon itself when I put it down. I left early, 2:30am, it was snowing!! And I almost lost my heels in the mud trying to get the snow off of my car.

Tomorrow is election day, and I am excited for the sole reason that I will not get any more recorded messages on my WORK PHONE asking for my vote. If I have to listen to the ad for the county mayor one more time, I am gonna flip..."So on Tuesday, I ask you to vote for Peter Caroon for Salt Lake County mayor. Please check my website at Peter Caroon dot com, Caroon is spelled C-A-R-O-O-N, that's C-A-R-O-O-N..." ahhhhhhhh!