Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bittersweet Insomnia

I've been averaging at least one night a week of insomnia over the past few months, and the most frustrating thing about insomnia is that all of a sudden you have all of the time that you need in order to get what you need done.....but you have no motivation whatsoever to do a damn thing.
For example, this morning I was up a little bit before 4am and decided to read in the hopes that it would tire me out enough to sleep.
Finished my book and wasn't tired.
What to do, what to do?
I could do dishes....they are threatening to to take over the kitchen.... nah, I can do them later.
Practice the piano? I think that my neighbor would be angry at the piano at 5 in the morning.
Work on the millions of other volunteer projects that I need to get done? Well....I tried, but got bored after about five minutes.
I ended up taking a shower and slowly walking to work. I didn't walk the whole way, just until the bus came on the street...I just walked from stop to stop to stop. At least it was a wonderful morning....let's just hope that it stays that way.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Zombie Graduate and the New Adult Sofa

Hello from my the comfort of my brand new sofa!
Graduation is over.... and boy am I glad. The family was all there (Thank you Mom, Dad, Jimmy, and Libby!) and we had a nice low-key celebration. Went to just convocation, a late lunch at Su Casa, and then we went to an art show where Jimmy and his boyfriend were photography subjects. My graduation proofs arrived in the mail the same day that my diploma came. While the photo shows off my totally fabulous hairdo, it also makes me look zombie like--- or like someone how hasn't slept properly in a very long time.
I could write about what this graduation means to me....but I think that I'll spare all the hokiness for the moment. Let's just say that finishing helps me put away alot of the emotional baggage that I acquired during this process. I have all but three thank you cards already sent out: Aunt Linnie, Libby, and my parents remain...I guess you can say that I saved the hardest cards to write until last. I really wanted presents....and surprisingly I got lots of presents. I am not used to getting what I want...and having selfish wants and getting them met is really really strange. The best present by far was the gift that my parents gave me.... a new sofa. Buying a new one has been something that I've been planning on for a while, but it has easily been put on the back burner many times.
This is the completely and totally awesome picture of my new sofa. Up close it looks like a carpet bag, it also looks gorgeous with my hardwood floors. Little bit by little bit all of the hand me down furnature is being replaced by legitimate (and more adult) pieces of furnature. Jimmy inherited my old sofa. The primary condition of this was that he had to find a way to get it upstairs to his apartment by the time the new one arrived. Of course, he didn't manage to get it up to his apartment until almost two days AFTER the new one arrived. He tried to get me to help him, and I refused. He kept saying that it would be no trouble....but even with the help of his friend Jamelle, it still looks like he was having some difficulty, don't you think?
The stairwell is horrible, and even though I was giggling and taking pictures, I had to help a bit as they navigated its twists and turns.

But I think that it was all worth it..... he seems very happy with being able to fall asleep on the sofa again.