Monday, February 09, 2009

Banana Chips and More Broken Teeth

I can't win for losing lately.
Last week I made banana chips in my dehydrator. Today I was eating some, and since they are hard I was chewing on the other side of my mouth from where the temporary crown was put in. And guess what?
Yep.....I chipped another tooth.
It is just a corner of a molar on the bottom right side, and it is a molar that has a filling already in it. No pain, just a little scratchy on the side of my tongue. But its annoying, as it seems that all of my teeth are falling apart at the same time. There is a reason for this....fillings get old and need to be replaced...and all of my fillings were done at the same time about 15 years ago. Note to self- make sure that when I have kids that they get that 2 checkups a year at the dentist.
My body seems to be on a kick lately to ensure that I can eat no food. For the past couple of months I have developed a bile abnormality with my medications....I couldn't keep any sort of food in me and was running to the bathroom constantly. Talked to my doctor and she removed me from the medication and my system has returned to normal. Of course the next day after this happened was my dentist appointment. So now that I can teeth are deciding that they aren't going to let me.
So the game plan is this:
1. Get some fluoride mouthwash and some toothpaste that helps harden enamel.
2. Get more calcium and magnesium in my diet.
3. Resist the urge to liquidfy every bit of food I eat.....because while I know that only eating things that can be consumed through a straw will definitely not break any more of my teeth....I'm still a few decades short for the need of a geriatric diet.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

And my new crown will be named after....

I clench my teeth when I am stressed. I know that I do it, but I just can't stop myself. In times of long periods of stress I have had some teeth that have suffered for it. When Jimmy was younger, he had some problems and was hospitalized for some time. I clenched my teeth for that period, and after that stressful situation was over, I had a tooth collapse. A crown was put on. This crown was named after my brother. In a way it is a battle scar and naming it is a position of honor....a mark that I have survived something difficult.

In the tooth next to the crown, I have had a crack in it for a couple of years now. Around Christmas time (during a period of renewed stress in the Mr.3 saga that I haven't written about yet) there was alot of pressure in the tooth....which would increase because I was clenching again. About three weeks ago the tooth broke.....and the release of was heavenly. The past week however it became clear that the nerve was exposed and I finally went into the dentist today to get it fixed.

First of all, I really don't like going to the dentist.....but I have an excellent dentist that I've been going to for 15+ years. Unfortunately, he retired (I will miss hearing his stomach gurgle while he was working on my teeth.... sniff sniff sigh) and a new dentist is in his place. This was my first time with this new dentist....and can I just say, that dentists should not be that good looking ever. He was so beautiful that it was kinda painful to look at him. I am jumpy at the dentist normally and this was intensified by the fact that even after 3 Novocain shots that the nerve in my tooth was still hurting. So the dentist is drilling and I've got my eyes closed and fists clenched with the pain. Then I would open my eyes and be lost for a moment in his beautiful blue ones....then the nerve would get touched somehow and I would be pain. But he was excellent dentist and did a good job. Of course, he was very through and I was in the chair for close to two hours.....yes....I was the patient that made all of his other patients have to wait. The good thing is that he was able to clean the tooth, I DID NOT need a root canal (hooray!) and I have been fitted with a temporary crown. In two weeks, the new crown will be fitted.

So Mr.3.....this crown's for you.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Nigerian Dating Scam

So online dating can have its hazards, and today I think that I just got the internet dating equivalent of the Nigerian Princess scam.

First of all....the picture looks like something that comes as the default picture in store bought picture frames.

Second, the man is 59 and is looking for women from 35-90. That is a rather large age range.

Third, his weird email, which I will post. He talks about distance, but says that he is in Salt Lake City......and for what he says his job is and who he works for....he has awful diction.

So without much further on and giggle!

Hello Beautiful One!

Your beauty certainly have gotten me so hypnotized and i could'nt look further!How do you do? I came across your profile on this dating site and could not think of something else than sending you an e-mail. You have got cute looks, probably that got me attracted to you. Well, i am into sales of art works such as painting and sculpture and i also deal on gold and bronze and also more of an Atlantic traveller. My work takes me back and forth to other parts of the world and Great Britain.

I think we share similar interests even though the distance. However, things might be an initial turn off to you, but we can still make things happen by believing in ourselves! Please do oblige to write me back as we can set up a conversation sometimes. My e-mail addresses outside this facility are XXXXXX.

However, If you use a Yahoo messenger, or msn instant messenger, you can as well add me to your list and if you dont have one, please try and set up an account so we could talk better on chart as i believe that would be a nice platform to get acquainted!

waiting to hear from you. please write to my personal email address as i do not use this site always.

The heart that cares,

Great email isn't it? What he forgot to add was...."oh, by the way can I have all of your credit card information as I have just been stranded in Timbuktu under some crazy circumstances and because I really feel like I connected with you via your dating profile, I feel comfortable enough to turn to you in my time of need."

Yeah......I've been already taken by one con man in my lifetime. Learned my lesson on that one.
I've learned my lesson on alot of other to you, oh cute-other-guy-that-I-was-supposed-to-go-out-with-last-Thursday: I understand that sometimes it is hard to find a baby sitter, but no, I will not sneak myself into your house after your little girl has gone to sleep. And even though I have told you that I want to meet you in a public place, your driveway does not qualify as such a public place. And no, I will not come over and give you a massage.

Monday, February 02, 2009

And then there was one.... lone little toothbrush in the toothbrush caddy that I was too lazy to take a photo of for the blog. Why is there only one? Because my little brother has moved out and up in the world...literally... to the apartment upstairs.
So he really isn't that far away and I now have my apartment all to myself. I've lived here alone before in-between times of Mr.3 skipping town....but at that time the house was kept in a manner where things were preserved as he would like longer! Now all decorating decisions are officially mine! Muuahaahaahaahaa!
And the dishes that are dirtied are all mine!
And the messes in the house are all mine!
And any strange smells in the house are all mine!
Hooray! For going to the bathroom with the door open all the time!!!! Whoopie!!