Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bathroom Bag

I've done it. I have finally put together a bathroom bag for myself, complete with citricell, imodium ad, soft toilet paper, the adult fresh wipes, a reading book and a journal. I feel a little silly, but I am glad that I did it. After yesterday I thought my bum was going to fall off.

Speaking of bums....er...bugs rather. I figured out why she has been coming in earlier lately. Kate used to get here at 8:30 and the bug would make sure that she got in just before her. Now that Teri is here at 7am, she can't find an excuse to be in here later. In fact Teri has mentioned that the bug seems to find reasons to call her at 7 in the morning just to see if she is in. She used to do that to me, and she did it to Linda as well.

I have three weeks in this position before I move over to Outreach. Yesterday I made a master list of everything that I need to complete before I leave....it isn't any longer than my normal weekly list...that is kinda sad in a way.

Terrorist attacks, military rule addressed at U - News

Here is the link to the Model Arab League article about this weekend's fiasco. It is a fairly decent article, although Jack's quote annoys me.
Terrorist attacks, military rule addressed at U - News

Monday, February 27, 2006

A warning...

To those that seem to think that excessive tanning makes you look thinner, it doesn't work when you still insist on wearing clothing that is two sizes too small.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

GI Fun!

Due to the wonders (please sense the irony here) of the medication I am on, I have to regularly monitor the whole GI tract thing. Since being on the meds, most days, I have to visit the bathroom a half hour to an hour after I eat. However I have had the odd day when that doesn't happen, and while not having to go to the bathroom after every meal is nice the resulting pain in the middle of the night with stomach cramps that bring me to tears is not nice. So in order to prevent the midnight horrors of my GI tract I had to finally buckle down and buy a container of Citricell. I never thought that I would have to stand in the grocery store and honestly think about what type of fiber product to buy... I feel...just kinda sad as this seems to be my new reality.

After dinner Mr.3 and I went to the bookstore and of course I had to run to the bathroom. With the new GI regime that I am now subject too, once you get to the bathroom you just kinda wait for everything to fall out of you. After a while I have a tendancy to get pretty bored. I took the opportunity to clean out my purse, but I think that I need to put some small reading book or journal in there to at least give me something to do while my bottom is doing its stuff. Maybe I will just start carrying around crosswords.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Mostly for Rob...

I found a short article about the slang usage and word history of the term "turkish delight".

Oh, and for the Winston-guy who commented about my articles on Global Voices. Get over it. I am not advocating anything, merely reporting on what others are saying....but perhaps you might understand that distinction better if you improved your grasp of the English language.

It's been a David Niven week.

This is David Niven if you have never heard of him.

On Tuesday and Wednesday night, David Niven was in my dreams...in one of them the bug was fired and he became her replacement. As he was becoming a reoccuring theme, on Wednesday morning I went online to find pictures of him and well now Shari, Linda and I all have pictures of him in our offices. I am glad that I have co-workers that are half as crazy as I am. Since Model Arab League was this week, dear David also became the mascot of the Rocky Mountain Regional. Mark and Wes thought I was crazy too, but towards the end of the model, all paid homage to the power of the David Niven photo watching over us.

I am glad that the Rocky Model is over. Logistically it went incrediably well and I only want to have the U hold it again to stroke my event planning ego. Even with the craziness of it all it went well....the Joint Defense Council invoked the Joint Defence and Economic Cooperation Treaty signed by the Arab League and well....it went crazy. The editor of the Chrony will be writting a huge story on the chaos which should be out on Monday..I hope that he can explain it better than I and when it is up I will post a link. Tentatively the headline will be "Terrorist Attacks, Military Coup at the University Union".

Additionally on Wednesday I accepted the job offer to be the new Outreach Assistant. It will signify some changes for us at home, but I am really excited about this new prospect. I officially start on March 20th.

I am surprised that I have managed to survive this week, and now that all the big events are over I have to dive in head first into some school projects....but for now, Mr.3 and I are gonna go to the Spaghetti Factory to cash in those free meal coupons we got for the waitress spilling milk all over my veil at our family wedding dinner.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Thank you...

to whoever left the copy of the school newspaper in the bathroom stall I just visited. Women cannot get away with the blatet carrying in of reading material to a public restroom such as men manage to, so when I went to the bathroom just now facing the prospect of being bored for a few minutes only to discover the reading treasure left for me. To whoever that was, I salute you.

In the future:

Compatibility with a life-mate will be determined not by personality or financial status but by the gastroinstestinal tract. The majority of this weekend, Mr.3 and I have been alternating in our use of the bathroom, luckily our bodies have been in sync and their have been no conflicts. I think that this truly bodes well for our future.

Monday, February 20, 2006

nothing much really

I hope to start posting again soon, my head needs to sort itself out and I am not having much luck with it at the moment. Bear with me.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mrs. 3 checks in

Hello all!
I'm married and doing well. I am not sure what to say at the moment about the wedding (the wedding website will be forthcoming), but I am glad that all is over. No matter how much planning you do or get done ahead of time, it is a given that my mom will freak out. Not that that is a bad thing, but I tried to have everything finished so that she wouldn't need to worry about anything.

Anyway, so I am back at work...not being too productive, but having a grand time watching the following situation unfold with the bug. The bug is being forced to sell her house, I suspect but can not confirm by the IRS. As the bug is a predictable animal, at times when her personal life is going to hell she lashes out at those at work she feels most threatened by and for once, it isn't me. The poor victim in this case is our dear AA Teri, who after today would probably fire her if she could. Today the bug has been whining....her printer jammed and besides the thing being too noisy she doesn't want to change the trays out. And of course she doesn't want to use the communal printer because "she prints sensitive material about the students and who knows who would be able to see it". As Teri so aptly put it, all staff members are cleared to see the student information, we are just not allowed to talk about it. Of course, this appalled the bug who for some reason is being EXTREMELY protective of the student files at the moment....which is odd...when she is not in trouble she seems to have no problem telling anyone who will hear it about other people's private files. Either way, her freaking out over the printer is driving Teri to the end, and her irrational fears about others in the office "taking her office" or "going through her files", etc, etc. I mentioned last week to Teri that I thought that the bug drank at her desk, but that I couldn't prove it, it was just a hunch. Mr.3 said that she was plowed at our wedding ceremony -which with the location and timing of the event meant that she had to be drinking on the job- I think at the moment that Teri is willing to suspect anything and everything of the bug. Which is not good for the bug, but rather amusing for me to watch.

Lately, with Model Arab League coming up and getting back into the swing of things at work I have been trying to do less and less and of course, trying to lessen the office's dependence on me. I wasn't even gone for 3 hours on Wednesday and the world was falling apart. A few years ago I would have loved to be this indispensible but not anymore. It becomes a burden. I don't need the guilt that everything will collaspe if I am not there to haunt me on every vacation that I take. As I don't take vacations anyway, but would like to more often, getting rid of the office dependence on me is a vital goal. Plus, I do not get paid enough to be this depended upon.

Hummm....anything else that I want to discuss at this time? I don't think so. that is all the news that is fit to print then.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

So I missed Day 5,4,and 3--Day 2 of Being Single

We had a SuperBowl party this weekend which went pretty well. I cleaned like a madman and I can still feel it in my legs. I have a bunch more stuff to do tonight and I only hope that I can manage and still feel awake. Oh, so tired....

Friday night I went to my alteration appointment...keep in mind that I was already annoyed that they called and told me that they hadn't charged me for hemming the damn thing and that I owe them another 100. When I tried the dress on it was still to long and I was tripping over it. Feeling tears beginning to form I was ready to just leave but Libby made me stay and made them fix the problem. The dress should be ready tonight, so keep your fingers crossed. Apparently the dress is supposed to be so long that you can't see your feet when you walk, but then again I shouldn't have to hop/kick up the skirt when I walk so that I don't fall flat on my face...and knowing me, it would happen.

On the good news, we are getting a new dining room table. We are buying it for $50 from the Holts and they are going to deliver it for us this weekend. My Dad brought the chairs down last night, I forgot how hideous they are and item number one on my list of new projects is to reapolster and repaint them. Still it is a great deal and incredibly thoughtful.
Next on the -how-great-can-that-be-news-scale, is that I had a comp night ticket for the Homestead resort and Linda, who has been working with them for a conference we are holding there in June, got them to comp me another room...so now Mr.3 and I have free honeymoon accomodations!! With the money we have just saved we can get a couples massage at their uber-expensive spa...that is if we feel like leaving our room at all. We have been so tired lately, I think that we will probably just sleep the majority of the time...Yes, we will probably act like an old married couple on our honeymoon...although my underwear that I ordered for the event came in the mail the other day. wink-wink

The bad news (besides something that I can't mention here) is that Dr. Weiss who is going to perform the service was taken ill with an absess in his lower jaw. He thinks that he will be alright, but it is the worry that he won't be.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Day 6 of being single

I figured that I might as well continue with the countdown regardless of the silly factor.

Last night I didn't get anything finished with the free time that I had, I just kind of sat around and watched TV. I am really unfamiliar with our remote. I did mend the towels. I thought that it was all four of them that needed it but in reality it was only one. Amazing how one shabby towel can make all the rest of them look bad.

We got our first family wedding gift which was surprisingly generous gift for anyone, but to come from my extended family is flabbergasting. We really appreciate it though.

My tax return was posted to my account this morning which was going to pay for all of the wedding stuff---purchasing will now commence in high gear this weekend. Tonight I have my alteration fitting for the wedding dress and an extra fee for the alterations because they forgot to charge me for stuff the first time...damn them. But Libby and I are going to have a light dinner beforehand...not that I will be able to keep anything in my system at the moment. The metformin is kicking my ass and nothing has stayed in my system for more that an hour.

Other than that, it's 10am and I am really to go home. I have class in a half hour in which I hope that I will be able to stay awake for, but I am not sure. This medication makes me soo tired.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

7 days of being single

I get married in exactly one week. I am excited and I haven't freaked out so all is well. I think that everything will go well, and if it doesn't you will probably be the first to know.

I am not sure if I should be getting teary eyed over the end of my "single" life. From others it sounds like I should be wistful over it, but I am not really. It feels just like a finalization of our current state of affairs, however the term "finalization" sounds too negative...does a confirmation of existing plans also sound too negative? I know that it makes me sound like some freaky emotionless automatron.

Today was the original date that we had set for our wedding as I thought it would be hilarious to get married on Groundhog's Day, but the Egyptian consultate ruined that plan. He is town today and we will be having lunch and a Model Arab League meeting with him. Then later tonight he will be speaking at the Utah branch of the Council on Foreign Relations. Mr.3 will be going tonight, but not I. I didn't want to cut out early from class again, and I think that I would be able to get a lot of cleaning done tonight. I think that part of the reason why I don't clean too much now is that Mr.3 is normally home at the same time that I am and I don't want him to be around when I clean. I want him to see the results not the process.

Incidently, just about everyone in the office today but the bug will be going to the Egyptian consultate meeting and lunch and man, you can tell that she is sooo pissed. Honestly there is no reason that she should go anyway, but she has been pissy because she couldn't get Linda to pay for her dinner tonight anyway. Oh dear...I would like to say that I really feel bad for her, but that would be an outright lie.

hee hee...should I start to refer to myself as "the future Mrs.3"?