Monday, September 24, 2007

Lack of Neck Pigment

My boss showed me a picture today of a photo she took with me and Dr. Vali Nasr when he was in town for the Khazeni lectures. And in the picture my neck reflects light like it is a giant spotlight!

I have this same problem in my driver's license photo, and I originally thought that it was just the DMV. But maybe not. When I was in the bathroom earlier I looked at my neck...I think that it has no pigment. I am not sure if it has even seen the light of day! I've never tried to get a that could be true.

And since I have no intention of getting a tan or wearing makeup on my neck...I guess that I don't have to worry about having any more photos taken of me.

Not As Lost As I Thought I Was

So with Job #3, I view and rate website according to their category of content...except I do this in Turkish. At first, when I started I was a bit worried because I have felt really out of touch with my Turkish. However, after working for them for a week now..I no longer feel out of touch anymore. Which pleases me greatly...

the last thing that I need is to be lost in something else.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ever have a day where you feel like your teeth are trying to escape?

Wow...I didn't think that it had been that long since I have done an update...but apparently it has.

I am having one of those bored and annoyed days. I started out rid of my annoyed issues....then got bored. And now I am annoyed that I am bored.

So...anything new recently? Why yes! Yes there is. Jimmy got a job (and the clouds parts and angels begin to sing 'Hallaleja!'). He is working at a local haunted house, Nightmare on 13th, and he absolutely loves it! I am soo happy for him!

Rather than sit and be depressed in a filthy house, I decided to get anal and intricately schedule out my life including specific house chores. It is beautiful! A monthly calendar with tiny little check boxes on it reminding me to do the dishes and laundry and cleaning the bathroom....I guess that I should add blogging to list too...maybe I would actually do it. I started to schedule my volunteer stuff too...although at the moment I have been doing too much with the GV board to be focusing on my author duties. I'll work on that more too. house is clean now, I'm getting stuff done, and I manage to be cheerful...even when I am slightly annoyed with my boredom.

Next, Job #1 is doing great! Job #2 is alright...they have been having me work some strange odd evening schedules (from 5-7:30) while some of the other cashiers have been on vacation. Tonight is the last of those...thank goodness. And I have started Job #3! Yes, I know you are all thinking that I am crazy---but I thought that we had established that already. Job #3 is so much fun, I review Turkish websites for a internet software company. I work from home (the only reason why I took the job) and I get paid $13 a hour (which serves as an added bonus). With the money from Job #3 I plan on fixing up the car, saving for christmas, going to see Amira, and possibly throwing a new computer in on the side too.

As for Mr.3, he is still away....7 months and about a week now. One day, he will be released. He sounds good and misses me. When I go out with friends, I sort of channel him. I am there, but so is he in spirit. He needs to come home soon, I find it exhausting trying to be both him and me!

And what else? I think that is it. So maybe not too much has really happened then. Anyway...I will revise my schedule and be back here more often.