Friday, March 25, 2005

A lament for the cent symbol...

Where or where did the cent symbol go on the keyboard? I suspect that the sneaky @ sign took it's place...but it is even gone from the insert symbol menu! Was this a case of puncuation extermination? What has the world gone to? Does no one value the importance of a single penny!!!???

It's a sad sad day for the keyboard.

Another thing that was sad today was that the bug decided to give everyone "Spring" gifts. She planted hyacnith blubs in those large coffee mugs to be cute. But the reality was that it gave her something to do to avoid her husband. And of course, you must accept..there is no way out of it...a deal from the devil that proper office ettique forces you to subject yourself to. I have no idea what to do with this thing. Transporting it home is going to be a pain.

And yet another sad sad thing is that today being Good Friday, and in the bugs attempt at being a 'good Catholic', she is fasting and abstaining for today. And while that has prevented her from eating any food off of my desk, it still hasn't prevented her from reaching for the said food, remember that she is supposed to be fasting, and complain about it. And the worst amount of complaining was at 10 in the morning. She must have given up because I saw her eating a cookie and drinking some tea a little while ago. Anyone who has survived multiple Ramadans understands how difficult it is to fast and that anyone who is complaining that early in the day needs to be smacked. But of course this is the same woman who leaned on my shoulder last Ramadan, asked me about it while eating a doughnut; the crumbs of which landing on my face and shoulders.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Do you know YOUR mom's name?

So yesterday I was at a lunchoen for Judith Kipper, who spoke at our lecture series, and the bug took a message for me while I was gone. On the message it read "Your Mom called, change on plans, call her at home". Simple message right? Well apparently she didn't think that it was because she wrote my Mom's name down just underneath the message and drew an arrow from her name to the word "mom". Like I don't know what my own Mom's name is. Come on, really, I ask you.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Let's talk a little about my brother...

and why I want to beat his face in.

First off, I love my brother....even through all the theraphy that we have had to go through with him, throughout all of his 'dramatics' and 'hysterics', for the good and the bad, I love the little shit. But there are moments when I hate him fiercely. Today would be one of those days.

First off, my Mom sends me an email telling me (in the beginning section) that she is know the proud owner of 4 hermit crabs. This last weekend when my family was visiting, Jimmy convinced my mom to buy him a couple of Strawberry Hermit Crabs, these are more expensive, and an addition that he has been looking forward to making within his little hermit crab family. There was a catch to these however, he had to raise up his grades and clean his room by last Friday. One of the classes that he needed to work on wasn't going to be updated until yesterday, he got a D, he lost the crabs and visitation rights to them. So now my Mom gets to keep them for herself. At the end of the email, my mom wrote a frantic all capitalized note saying that she had just gotten a call from the school, something was wrong with Jimmy and that she needed to get down there as soon as possible.
Well Jimmy and his friends have been playing with home-made Weegie Boards at school. Apparently during science class he began to talk to himself and then freaked out because "whoever he was 'talking' with" had told him that the Devil was going to get him. First problem, obviously messing with the board. Now, I messed around with this stuff in 8th grade and scared myself shitless (we had supposedly opened some portal to hell...real long story)..and even though he and his friends insist that they are talking only to "friendly spirits", I'm sorry but that is just an open door and who knows who is going to walk through it. Second, regardless of the fact whether or not you believe in it, he shouldn't be doing it, not at home, not at school, not at all. And thirdly, I suspect that this is another way of him pushing my mom's buttons. When I talked to my Mom after her meeting with the school counsolers she was a mess, crying and freaking out about my brother. The amount of emotional bull that he has been pulling on her and the rest of my family for years is sickening. We have had therapists tell us in the past that he pulls shit on purpose: to control, to dominate, to have his own way because he is incapable of really being able to have empathy or sympathy for others. It is a sick game that he plays and he dragged my mother down with him today.
The school officials said that he needs to "get help", my parents are still trying to find a way to pay for the last time that he needed to "get help". So he has a shrink appointment for next week, but until then, who knows what he is going to come up with.
I called and yelled at him this evening. I told him that he shouldn't be messing with it, it's dangerous. His behavior needs to be checked and if I heard of him continuing to mess around with this stuff I would haul his ass down to the local priest so that they could have a "chat". (Now for those who know me, that last statement might sound odd, I am Muslim, my mom is Catholic and my dad is Lutheran...I was raised to find my own path but I still carry a great amount of respect for aspects of Catholism--and no one messes better with the devil than the Catholics) I also told him that if he doesn't shape up I would gladly help my father pay to send him off to military school.

The strange thing was that he didn't fight with me, barely grunted answers to my questions. Now I know that he is mad at me, but nothing will happen with him, because it never does...I vent and vent and vent...but he never listens, he never cares...and it hurts to love someone as much as I do and to still have the knowledge that nothing really matters to that person besides their wants. I suspect that by the time this week is out, one of two things will happen: One, he will forget that I was ever angry at him, and this weekend when we visit for Easter will be like any other weekend, or Two, he is going to pull some other stunt that is worse than this one, and Mr.3 will get a real dose of my family in full fighting form.

The other thing that bothers me about all of this is the fact that I had that dream about the family fighting last Thursday night. It was like I predicted it...and that worries me, because again nothing was resolved and I had to go back on my pills for my stomach again. I had to take 2 today, and I was an inch within dropping everything to drive the 2 hours down to my parents to console my mom.
God, he is such a prick!

Monday, March 21, 2005


so I have 20 minutes or so before I have to go to my class, and unfortuately this is the only thing that I have to occupy my time, not that blogging is a bad thing, but rather the lack of anything interesting to say.
Mandy, the old AA, pre-JB, came in today with her little baby. Connor is so much fun to play with and I keep telling her that she should call me to babysit. If I play with other people's babies, I get it out of my system. I am not in a position to have a child at this point in time, oh, but one day I will....hummm...babies....yeah I really need to play with some other people's kids.. Last night Mr.3 was watching some show about bible code and within it the world is supposed to end in the year 2012 (which incidently is also the same year that the Aztec calendar ends). If this is truely the case I would like to have a kid before then, but 7 years is a ways off, how knows how my life would change... a little over 3 month ago I wouldn't have predicted that I would be where and with who I am with now so the sky's the limit for the future.

but back to the bible code thing...something definitely doesn't feel right about it. And granted it appears to be a good predictor, but it predicts using a combination of words that could loosely fit together in a crossword style faction. There is the distinct possiblity that people are trying too hard to find something out of nothing. Plus, if this in turn turns out to be true then it says very little for the improbablity of determining your own fate. And I'm sorry but that is way too much control for me to give up. I'll agree to having a series of choices presented to you, and whatever choice you make determines your fate, but I don't want to feel like something is controlling me. Although, I should get a book on it for my Dad, he loves this conspiracy theory stuff.

Speaking of books, I finished the book called "the 13th element", it is about the history of the element phosphorous..and it was incredibly good....although I think that it scared me a bit more than what I would like about nerve agents, the chapter about the possibility of spontanous human combustion was quite humorous. Now I am reading a book called "Eats, Shoots & Leaves" which is all about punctuation. Highly humorous. But this last week of reading items completely unconnected with my current field of study was a wonderful idea, last night I worked on Turkish, and it came along fairly easily.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Just Checking In

Taking Wednesday off from work was wonderful! It felt like we were playing hookie all day long.
Pretty mundane stuff that we did, Mr.3 got a suit, I bought a purse that I have been lusting after in all of my materialistic glory, and we bought some I didn't already have enough to read anyway for school. And we also got the wireless router set up in the new house, so now I can actually check my email at home again.

Yesterday was just awful though, the bug knows how to ruin any good mood. And it wasn't much, it was just that I had to deal with her on a few things and she didn't understand that I don't want a detailed explanation of an entire process that she has to go through, I just want a yes or no answer. I think that the stress that she caused me got me all knotted up. My intestines had started to cramp after work and then I had a nightmare of sorts and my stomach was all kinds of messed up and I had to go and find my medication...I haven't had to take that since JB left the office.
The dream I had was odd, because it was of my entire family having one horrific row with each other, it was similar to other huge fights that we have had when my little brother was in theraphy....apparently the dream was so distressing that I was grinding my teeth and the clicking of my jaw woke up Mr.3, who woke me up. My jaw still hurts. See when Jimmy was "at camp" as he put it, I had to be strong for my Mom and the rest of the family, so I didn't cry or anything, but to handle the stress I would clench my jaw...resulting in several months of dentist bills this last fall. I have got to find better ways of handling stress...I really don't have that much of it, I have it fairly easy.. I just don't want to sit and cry all the time when things get rough.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Shopping Cart Sumo Wrestling

Last night I had a dream that I kept challenging people to “rumble” with me. We would have to find isolated parts of a store and then we would take two shopping carts and use them as sumo wrestlers…it was fun, but you had to watch your hands.

In other news….yesterday I felt all out of sorts, well I have for the last week, and I think that I was just in an intellectual rut so to speak. The idea lately of working on anything remotely Turkish in my studies has repulsed me, and consequently I am a month behind in my homework. My teacher is cool, but I have to get out of this. So what I think it was was just overload on one subject. So we went to the U Bookstore to buy me a book. I was planning on getting only one book, but ended up getting 4. I finished one of them yesterday, it was about the possibility in physics and astronomy on the subject of time travel under the guise of relativity theory. I liked it a lot and I really needed to read about something that was completely unconnected to what I have been doing. Now I am reading a book on the history or phosphorous. So anyway, yesterday the bug comes into my office, sees the shopping bag, and says “oh, you went to the Bookstore? What did you get?” and then she proceeded to go through the bag! Am I crazy or is that brushing the side of being abnormally rude? And then to top it off, she criticized my choice in books! Her son is an astronomer and recently published a book called “Astronomy made easy”, that’s nice but considering that my first college course that I took when I was 15 years old was Astronomy, I don’t think that I need to have an introductory book, let alone pay for a high priced book that I am never going to read because it is below my level!

Today, dear Kate is taking the day off, I am taking tomorrow off (due to the fact that the water will off in the building and I am just too lazy to walk to another building to pee—although the bug would have a harder time trying to find me). And as predicted the bug has already called in late this morning. I think that at this point I have enough information to make an accurate scale of tardiness/absenteeism for the bug.

-Call for or from husband the night before: 2-3 hours late due to hangover
-Snow over 1 inch, 3-4 hours late to “dig herself out”, which includes 30 minutes of shoveling and an hour to have a hot toddy to “warm up”
-Kate being out of the office, migraine and slept in, might be in in a few hours or not at all, depends upon the severity of the hangover.

This is only a short list that I am sure that it will be expanded, however, if in the event that one of the following factors occurs on a day that she has a class, she somehow manages to come in on time for that. Strange isn’t it?

Monday, March 14, 2005

Cookies and “daffy” old ladies

It’s spring break on campus, so the office will be extraordinarily slow, but it will give me more time to blog, so that must be good for regular readers.

So the fam came for a visit this week, and the little bro was in true form. Now I had bought some girl scout cookies as a treat. I can’t consider them as something to munch on because they are so expensive $3.50 a box. And I put them up and out of the way so as not to tempt myself and other people. Saturday night I opened a roll of thin mints, which between the 5 of us, ate only half the roll. I find out last night after they were gone that my brother had eaten oh so much more. In fact he finished the thin mints, ate a hunk of the samoas, and half a package of Chips Ahoy cookies. He was careful however, not to open any new packages of cookies. I think that I would have been better if he had, because this smacks of sneakiness, and it makes me wonder what else he has done.

And continuing on with cookies. The bug brought in some girl scout cookies this morning and she was in a good mood. So one, she is happy because she is showing off her financial wealth (non-existant as it may be) with the girl scout cookies for the office, two, this is another opportunity for her to set the example of “sharing” in the office (I’m sorry but just because I eat my lunch at my desk sometimes does not mean that it is communal food), and three…she has probably already been drinking. I won’t touch the cookies because they are from her, yes it sounds petty, but if I can’t stand to be in the same room with the women, why would I eat her food?

When she was in here earlier she was talking about her flowers, and how her tulips havn’t come up yet or her “daffies”. Yes, she said “daffies”. What the hell is that? They are called fricking daffodils, they are flowers, not objects of baby babble!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

a short note

just to let you all know how cool my boss is.

last week I had to deal with a student of his who basically chewed me out because "I" did not respond to his messages or his emails. When "I" found out that he had yelled at me, he made the student call back (from Kuwait no less) and apologize to me before he would do anything for him.

today, we were putting out flyers for the lecture series and the director of the Union building was a complete ass and got mad at me for putting them out on the tables. I explained to him that we had been doing this for over a year and now they are having a fit? So either way, since I am not feeling well I was on the verge of crying (I later did anyway) so I just left. Came back to the office and told Kate, who promptly told "I" and left a message on the director of the Union's machine. Later as "I" was driving to the airport to pick up the speaker, he called and notified me that the director will also apologize to me. That is cool, unnessacary but cool.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

So while it appears that I have fallen off of the face of the earth

I haven't. Just been busy, busy, busy.

Model Arab League Regional competition was on Feb. 17-19. We won. A lot. Mr.3 was outstanding delegation in his committee, Anisa won outstanding, Jason won honorable mention, Jack won honorable mention, as well as Brianne and Steve. Overall for the team we won Outstanding Delegation. I, as Secretary General will remain so for next year's Regional Competition and for Nationals I got promoted to Chief of Staff. And I have just finished (boy is my head fryed too) writing a full year syllabus for the Model Arab League course so that I can pitch it to our advisor. We put in enough work for it to be a 3 credit class, why shouldn't we be able to get more than the one credit hour that is avaiable.

In other news, my "cousin" translated here as my Mom's Best Friend's son is in a band call The Bradbury Press and the are playing tonight in SLC. So while they are here in town they are staying with Mr.3 and I. I haven't seen Darren for something like 14 years, so it is very strange. I thought that he would be taller...hummm...anyway...they came over last night and I was going to go out with them to a Karaoke bar but I declined because I had to leave for work and class at 7am this morning...and well...any oppurtunity for nookie with Mr.3 is always worth being unsociable. But we are definitely going to see them play tonight..I only need to find some time to study for my Lingustics mid-term tomorrow. I should have been able to work on studying at work today, but I was just too busy for that. We will see how well I can cram into this evening and tomorrow at work, wish me luck.

Other than that I am just waiting for the clock to hit five----19 minutes left to go! so that I can leave and meet Darren, the band, Doug, Kelly and my Mom at the Training Table for dinner. Which sounds like fun, but feels like a hassle. Oh well.
till next time...

oh, and one more thing...I am unveiling by hot pink fishnet tights today...their fun!