Tuesday, June 28, 2005

2 lives

It is amazing sometimes when you step back and realize that you have 2 lives: one, the life you live in, work, home, etc, and two, your cyberlife. Friendships and the daily drama are very different in both worlds...but every once in a while they seem to converge.

Life on the Kurdistan Bloggers Union, and specifically the "forum" that was set up which says that it is a part of the Union but shouldn't be, has been incredibly difficult as of late. I made the comment that I felt the blog had been hijacked ideaologically by those that are much more radical than what the united face we want to project is. And on the forum (bought and paid for by Medya--something I highly object to) I have been dragged through the mud by this incredibly childish man. I could try to go into the whole thing into more detail but the long end of it is that I feel Medya is untrustworthy and a meglomanic. This guy actually called me some names that I would never call anyone else. It was sort of cute because when I told Mr.3 (who has been very patient listening to me whine about the situation) he sort of got protective, and went and did a little searching on this guy online...needless to say, we both smell a rat. (Which sounds odd to say in light of the fact that I am currently reading a book on the social history of rats in New York.) Hopefully we will be able to hash out some of the problems we have been having on KBU and get everything resolved.

Now in the real world....we got an apartment (oh my gosh it is so totally cute!!!) and we have movers coming this weekend (a stroke of luck at such short notice), now I just need to set about calling the cable guys and seeing about a washer/dryer after that so that we can have everything moved.
I'll wait on the mail, the DMV, and the power and light company until after we move...maybe I can get Mr.3 to handle the light people for me...

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