Friday, July 08, 2005

New levels of domesticity!

I took yesterday off from work, partly because I didn't want to go but mainly because things have been so stressful as of late that if I stayed home and worked in the house I wouldn't be climbing the walls nearly as much if I was bored at work.

I almost called in this morning as well, but I had figured with the beheading of the Egyptian ambassador that we would have gotten a lot of press calls in the office. Oddly enough, not one...London has overshadowed all. Which I must say is some pretty poor planning on Al Qaida's part...the 2 things overshadowed each other...a week wait time would have been more effective for their anyone really knows what that is..Zarqawi is off in la la land doing God knows what...and you know it is a stupid move when all of the Arabs look at his actions and go "you know before I understood what you were doing and could see why but now, dude, what the fuck?" Al Qaida has seriously misunderstood what international reaction would be to recent events...the Egyptians are going to take no prisoners and the Brits have a deep memory and a history of removing problems. Hell, you know it is bad when the ultra liberal British press calls out for Arab blood.

Oh look at me, I've gotten off topic. Yesterday our washer, dryer and new freezer were delivered to the new apartment, elevating Mr.3 and I to the ranks of super couple! Able to do their own laundry with their very own washing machine and more borrowing, no more laundramats...these babies are ours...and it is damn cool. Plus, the cable got hooked up as well as our internet connection, so no more wardriving the coffee shop and Mr.3 can get his news fixes. And last but not least, today was my LAST physical theraphy appointment! The doctor gave me a clear bill of health! Yippee!!!! That is all for the moment, till later my darlings!

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Kerrith Black said...

Congratualations on the end of the medical stuff.

On the terrorist stuff. I guess that al Qaida just isn't lucky enough to have someone with your organizational skills running their front office. You should compain. Maybe someone will get fired and there will be a job opening. I assume someone like Bin Laden pays better than the U. Then again if women only make 75 cents on the dollar in the US I can't imagine how underpaid they must be in an extremist Muslim terrorist cell.