Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Pacifism in moderation please!

Ok, so we all know that I am one of those anti-war types, however I have my limits...I realize that I may not agree with what happens in this world but I have to learn to deal with it anyway...in so saying...there are some people who are so left of the anti-war spectulum that their ideas border on the ridiculous...case in point:

One of the ladies that I refer to as "I"'s crazies, came by with a flyer for him. Now I know this woman as I used to work with her at the Bookstore, but "I" has no clue who she is and she sends him cookies, postcards,you name it, to him all the time. Well when she hands me her flyer to give to him she explains that she is giving a talk on the subject later this week.
The flyer is of a design for an International Peace Garden (which I am not opposed to) but in Iraq (a little odd). On the flyer she has a map of the middle east ( I would post it, but the resolution is bad on the copy and scanning wouldn't help it at all), on the map she has drawn a spiral from Baghdad (in the shape of a Nautilus Shell) to Damascus in Syria. Her idea is to plant trees and stuff along this line as her design for an International Peace Garden: "Trees could be planted in a logarythmic spiral with seeds and nuts saved by the populace. A herb and flower garden could be planted in the locus of the spiral. The Peace Corps, Military Services, and Clergy could assist, particularly where landmines need to be removed and negative energies released."

Ok, the problems:
1. the chance of anything being planted and flourishing in the desert between Baghdad and Syria is incredibly slim.
2. who would take care of this after someone managed to get the peace corps, the military and the clergy to plant this thing
3. who wants to be gardening around landmines anyway?

I understand wanting peace, but you have got to be realistic. Negative energies from the landmines? Do we need to send those energy-feeling hippies to the region to be minesweepers? This isn't Fern Gully it is a War Zone.

Reality is not pretty, or nice, it sucks, it is awful...and I understand that people want to change things but we can't be off in fairy land and hope to get anything done. Go back to your drum circles and moon lodges please...


Kerrith Black said...

I hate hippies more than I hate the Eagle Forum. Mindless pacifism doesn't make sense to me, just as senseless violence doesn't make sense to me. The ultimate goal should be orderly and peaceful conduct for all. But sometimes that has to be maintained through force, or even more effectively the threat of force.

Delal said...

Very true! Apparently Mr.3 doesn't think that you can be against war and still support our troops...it has been an on-going debate today...but I am going to let him read your comment because it means that there are at least 2 people who think alike on this issue.