Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Putz Example Number 5

Yesterday I was waiting for some furniture men to deliver some furniture for a friend that is away in Canada. She wanted me to call her to tell her when everything was finished but the number connected me to some man who lived in Quebec (!) (I add the ! for emphaisis because he was very exicited about being from Quebec(!). Rather than just say no, that person wasn't there, or just a no would have been fine...he went on to tell me that he doesn't speak English and is from Quebec(!). Then we wanted to know if I was feeling well, he was feeling well, if I spoke French, if I liked people from Quebec(!). This was my first encounter with anyone from Quebec(!) and if people who are from there are as obnoxious as this guy, it isn't saying very much for the people of Quebec(!).

Mr Quebec(!) is therefore a....


1 comment:

Kerrith Black said...

Cut him a break, he lives in Canada (Quebec!). A random phone call from an anonymous American is probably the most exciting thing to occur all year.