Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A quiet morning

It has been fairly quiet this morning at work. Our AA is on vacation, so it would be the bug and I in the office today. But apparently her husband didn't have the money to fix their car and so she is trying to find solutions to the transportation issues that she is having. She has a noon appointment today so it might be 1pm before I have to talk to her in person. Not that I haven't already spoken to her on the phone, where she told me all about her exchange with her husband. And I am afraid that I have to stand with the deadbeat husband on this. He didn't ask her for money for the car because he was embarassed (or so he told her) instead of accepting that he admitted some weakness she proceeded to beat him down further. Taking advantage of every cheap shot she can take at him in the process. Not that either side in their marriage is innocent of one thing or another...but I can't give her any sympathy for being the penelope-type wounded wife when she acts in such a reprehensible way in the situation. If you want the moral high ground sympathy you need to actually walk that path, not think that it is just granted to you.
Yesterday she was mentioning how she was thinking that her husband was a little looney and that she must have been too distracted with raising their children to notice. First of all being "too distracted by your children"? Her children are and should be her pride and joy, but she shouldn't use them as an excuse after the fact to justify why she ignored her own husband for 30 years.

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