Thursday, September 22, 2005

MRI round 3# and other stuff

Ok, so my MRI was last week, and I probably should have posted earlier but well, you just missed out I guess.

Well they got it right finally and put me out with an IV drip. I did wake up inside the tube and quickly paniked. The nurse told me to wiggle my toes if I was in trouble and I was wiggling my little foot off. I knew that I couldn't move in the tube because of the test, but I also knew that I couldn't move because my mind was awake but my body was not. So I start taking huge panik breaths and begin to cry. seemed like forever but it was probably only a few seconds...the nurse put her hand on my leg and asked if I was alright. I told her I was awake and couldn't handle I am guessing that she gave me more drugs. But with the panic attack my oxygen rate went really low and I supposedly had to have an oxygen mask when I got out. About waking up, I guess that I am a little angry coming out of the drugs. I yelled at the guy who was taking me on a gurney to step-down recovery, but that was because he pulled on my IV, wouldn't let me take the oxygen out of my nose and wouldn't--the greatest injustice of all--let me lay on my stomach and just sleep. In step-down recovery the nurse annoyed me because she wouldn't let me go home, kept leaving the door open, and had stuck me in some easy chair thing to wake up in. I can't sleep sitting up, so I complained about that. Mr.3 tells me that I said a bunch of goofy stuff and was unusually mean to people...but it was amusing so I guess that it is all ok.

The next 24 hours was kinda fun as well. My parents were going to be staying the weekend and I had to clean the house...which was done with much stumbling around. I was in a hurry to finish sweeping and was running around with it. Mr.3 got in my way towards the kitchen and stopped me. I told him that I was racing the broom and that it won, which I thought was incredibly witty, but he just downgraded the comment to more drug induced haze. I couldn't drive on Saturday so we had to wait for my Mom to drive up from Price to pick us up and take us to the Rocket weekend. It was 1 by the time we got there, but we were definitely there in time to watch my Dad melt a rocket on the launch pad. He forgot to put the metal casing around the engine. So when they hit the igniter the nosecone blew off, the engine fired and then started to flame the fins, then the secondary shoot was priceless...and also the first time I have seen the fire extinguishers used out in the field.

The rest of the week was alright, I guess...even though I spent a bunch a time this weekend trying to get ahead of the homework, I seemed to have spent a large amount of time at work trying to finish various assignments. I think that if I print off everything that I am going to need for the next week tomorrow at work I should be fine. I would do it here, but we need more ink and Firefox has decided to stop spurning PDF's and my excel seems to be missing. I think that I might have a virus of some sort but I keep running checks to no avail. But currently the Utah/Air Force game is going on and the commentators won't just shut up and let me watch the game. The score is Utah 38, Air Force 28 with 2 minutes left in the 4th...I predict a Utah win. And CSI premired tonight, which we recorded because of the game, so the nice thing about this is a commerical free CSI.

Oh, and I should tell you about my IV's fricking huge! 3 inches by 3 inches on my forearm...I took like I was beaten and even if I have my jacket on, somehow it still seems to show. The bruise has faded a bit, so now it looks like I have been bitten with some old ladies dentures. It still is a little sore to the touch but at least I don't have to go back for another MRI!


Anonymous said...

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Stephanie said...

can i tell you how much i hate these anonymous posting bastards. and then they end with 'you can erase this if you want'

Rosemary said...

Hello Delal!
Sorry to hear about your bad experience at the hospital. I thought racing the broom WAS witty! LOL. Don't let these people with no sense of humor get to ya. lol.

I hope everything is alright. I hope the MRI finds whatever is wrong so they can fix it and make you all better! :)

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