Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Why I can't be trusted with my own hygiene

Well, Darren and his band were playing and I made an effort and went. I am glad that I did, because not too many people were there...come on, a Monday night in Utah, you couldn't expect much to begin with.

As I was waiting for Libby to come down and meet me, I decided to take a quick shower to freshen up, and I thought that I would put some nair on my upper lip, and while I was waiting for the nair to do its stuff, I thought that I would pluck my eyebrows. After about 2 or 3 hairs, I realized that I was really too lazy to pluck, so I got out this mini eyebrow trimmer to do the job...slipped up, and now one of my eyebrows is a fourth shorter than it should be. I tried to even the other one up, but it didn't work to well. Mr.3 and Libby said that it wasn't too noticeable, but I feel stupid just the same. Plus, while going to the bathroom earlier I managed to hit my head on the doorknob in the bathroom. Still unclear on how I managed to pull that one off, but it did hurt.

Darren's show was great. There was Libby and I, 2 old freaky guys who were roommates but advocated that "they liked girls too" (oh so creepy) and three other girls who considered themselves as their "bestest fans". One of them was friends with the band guys from before, and they had been staying with her...so I see her as legit. But the other 2 were wanna-be groupies. One had pigtails and was completely gone before the show even started--it was fun to watch Darren mess with her head-- but she kept introducing herself and then asking/screaming "how do you know the band!?!" And of course when she finds out that Darren and I grew up together and are family she was all over it...man she was annoying. And for "groupies" they didn't exactly make an effort to look too nice to get the attention of the band members...well any effort that they would make would have to be monumental as the starting base was so bad. If these girls were attempting to be groupies for some 80's hair band/psuedo metal group, they would be the girls that they would make fist themselves in a tub of coleslaw, just to see if they would do it. Unfortuately these girls would be the type to do something like that so that they could say that they "hung out with the band". Ugh, it was revolting. Then the pigtail-girl's friend was doing this strange modern dance thing and was using the entire dance floor. For a while I thought that she was doing jazzercise and I am sure that she would have benefited from having those 3 tiered stages for low-mid-and-high impact exercises.

But back to the show, they played a great set. And I am really glad that I went because you could see that it really mattered to Darren that I went. Plus it was a chance to go out with Libby, who I haven't seen in a little while. The owner also gave us comp tickets for a show on Friday night. I am not sure that I will go, but I am sure that I can give them to someone else to use.

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