Sunday, December 11, 2005

ahh...sunday, the day of rest?

No posting yesterday as I was up at 3 am posting the Global Voices 2005 London Summitt Conference thingy, it was interesting and I am formulating a lot of ideas--which I am not going to post here but probably here instead.

Yesterday we went to see Syriana...which was excellent! Watching it with Mr.3 and knowing what I know about the world, it just reaffirmed a lot of decisions that I have come to in my life....such as not working for the government. When I had the job offer taken back from an undisclosed 3-lettered agency, I at first was really I know that it was a sign that the government was not the place for me to be. I know that there is a lot of mystery/romance/intrique that surround being an "agent" of some organizations, but I don't think that a lot of the people around the center fully realize what the realities of that job entail...and perhaps they should. I have no doubt that I would be able to do all that would be asked of me in that situation, however I would perfer not to have to let my psyche go into that dark part that I know exists inside all of us.

In other news....I haven't really posted about what the preliminary wedding plans are...yes I know that was a complete total change of subject...but I have been telling everyone in person so I might as well tell my readers. I am the type of person who wants to have everything planned as soon as possible, and I have the basic outline, I just have to wait until the first week of school to finalize plans with money. Mr.3 and I don't like crowds and the idea of a big expensive wedding is enough to send me into fits. We are going to do a private Justice of the Peace ceremony, which we will have videotaped and put up on the web for our family and friends around the world to see. Then we will have a "mini-reception", but more like a regular party at our house for our friends in the area. For a honeymoon, we are sorta planning on going up to the Homestead resort for the weekend. So that is the bare-bones plan for the whole shebang which will probably take place the end of January/beginnng of February. I am pushing for Groundhogs Day because I just think that would be funny. Even though he tells me that it is fine, I am still unsure if Mr.3 is alright with me making plans on everything, including the honeymoon...but if it bugs him, I expect that he will just have to be more vocal about it? However, if any of our local friends have a digital videocamera would you let us borrow it? Or would you film the ceremony for us? I can edit the tape and stuff I just need someone to do the taping.

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hiwa said...

when we can start sending CONGRADULATIONS then?
I am crap at planning and keeping upto date!

I shouuld say it now as I might forget it later, well the tape might remind me thogh!