Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Nountain of Tisswues

My cold has now noved ninto ny nose, and all ny nasal consonants are now "nnn's". Nit sucks.

Breaking from my speaking abilities and back into the typing voice, I saw the cutest thing the other day. One of the Turkish students in the Center came in yesterday with his little son. The little kid was so cute! He kept "Kose kose geldi baba! Kose kose!" Which basically translates into "make it go faster daddy, faster faster!" Of course, with all of the Linguistics classes that I have taken I noticed how the little kid didn't conjugate his verb correctly, but research has found that all children- no matter the language-learn their basic language systems the same. So one of the first items that they learn is the past tense, they may not conjugate it correctly, but they use it first. And now that I have said that, please think about all of the times that you have seen a very little kid say "it goed" and you might not think that I am that crazy.

And back to my cold. I have never had a cold like this, I have been sneezing constantly since when got to my parents house and I am thinking about getting the box of tissues that I have been carrying around the house, surgically grafted to my skin. Oh how convienent that would be! I hope that everyone's holiday is going well. Till tomorrow.


Rob said...

Children -- foul beasts.

Erin said...

Kids, cute Angels! =)

I hope you feel better.