Friday, December 30, 2005

Well, the interview is finished...

and I think that I did alright, I didn't sound too stupid.

So here are some more detailed instructions on how to listen to the program, as many were unable to listen to it live:
go to this website
On the right hand side click the link "Listen to the Programme". It will automatically take you to today's program, it looks like they keep up the radio program links for a week or so, but I am going to see if I can make a full recording of the interview.


Vladimir said...
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Vladimir said...

I heard it now. But it's a bit short. How much time did you get? Too bad he talks more about the Turkish bloggers.

hiwa said...

It was just an overview,well at least there is a link for KBU on bbc though!
well done and good luck with your best part of 2005!

Mazzaoui said...

The dreaded Turks!

Miriam said...


I listened to the interview but did not hear you at all, perhaps I missed it but honestly, what I heard was only about the military blogging. The comments about Global Voices were not up at that time. Maybe the tape cut it off on my computer? I wrote a comment but it was not intended for the public, whoops.

Basically it said to dedicate a show just on Iraqi and Kurdish blogs. anyway, I will listen again. Good Job on the interview! (hopefully I will hear ya!)