Friday, January 20, 2006

Finishing one story and beginning another....

Jason notified me yesterday that I wasn't clear on what the resolution was on the Tabula Rasa problem. The deal worked out with my Mom and the manager was that when the credit card company called about the reversal of the charges that he wouldn't object. so all should be well.
Anyway Mr.3 and I have already gone through the 75 invitations and I keep finding people that I want to tell them about is a pain really. But as that one hurdle is over with I can work on other aspects of the wedding now.

Let's talk a little about my medication, shall we? I hate it. A food that my stomach is alright with one day, it's not alright with the other day. Foods that we have in the house I can't eat, so I haven't been eating more than one good solid meal a day, with the other meals resemebling snacks more than anything. Someone mentioned cottage cheese the other day and that has been all I can think about...apparently it is something that I can eat...but we haven't been able to go to the store yet. However today is payday, so that should be better.

to top today off right, I dreamt that I was fighting with my mom---I can't remember what about--but I woke up annoyed and it won't go away.

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