Monday, January 16, 2006

Tabula Rasa is scourging my soul

I feel incredibily hollow at the moment.

Suzanne from Tabula Rasa left a prefectly chipper message on my phone this morning saying that my invitations are in and that they are absolutely beautiful. A hundred dollars and seven hours of printing on Sunday were the alternative arrangements that we had made because they couldn't even promise them to arrive on Monday.

So I called Suzanne back, and told her that I couldn't believe her nerve after treating us like she did to even call me and tell me about the invitations. I told her that her customer service was non-existant, that her people had lied to me, and that when she made no attempt to call me on Saturday night to let me know what had happened that we called the credit card company to reverse the charges. She called me a liar, that I was making it all up about what her employees had told me, about the date that we had been promised. She contended that it was FedEx's fault and that we owed them money. Mr.3 told her that her vendor problems were not our problem.

I have cried so much that I feel hollow. It hurts to know that a company who regularly deals with brides has no tact with dealing with them, who assumes that the bride is just blowing off steam when they lie to her and fail to deliver a time senstive product. It also hurts to know that the perfect invitations with their plum lined double envelopes with the addressed printed on the back, with their plum ink invitations with matching note cards, are sitting in a store less than a mile away...being held hostage by a heartless company who won't even offer a discount to a customer they have wronged. It hurts because I still want those perfect invitations in which my pride will not allow me to accept. It is also going to hurt every time that I look at the new invitations as they will remind me of this whole situation.

I will never shop at Tabula Rasa again.

I feel like I have had to give up alot in relation to this wedding (the Park building, the invitations, the shiny ring, I don't know how we are going to afford a honeymoon and have enough money to live off of through summer). Maybe I should just stop being materialistic and just let go...let go with it all...regret is going to be the death of me. All I know is that I want to be married to Mr.3, I want to grow old with him. I think that we complete each other, but this wedding is going to divide us...the 2 times that we have fought have had something to do with the wedding, and of course the wedding plans make me completely unstable so the sooner we are married and can move on with life the better.


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Who killed the cloned corpse of Marcus Tal ?

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