Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bathroom Bag

I've done it. I have finally put together a bathroom bag for myself, complete with citricell, imodium ad, soft toilet paper, the adult fresh wipes, a reading book and a journal. I feel a little silly, but I am glad that I did it. After yesterday I thought my bum was going to fall off.

Speaking of bums....er...bugs rather. I figured out why she has been coming in earlier lately. Kate used to get here at 8:30 and the bug would make sure that she got in just before her. Now that Teri is here at 7am, she can't find an excuse to be in here later. In fact Teri has mentioned that the bug seems to find reasons to call her at 7 in the morning just to see if she is in. She used to do that to me, and she did it to Linda as well.

I have three weeks in this position before I move over to Outreach. Yesterday I made a master list of everything that I need to complete before I leave....it isn't any longer than my normal weekly list...that is kinda sad in a way.

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