Sunday, February 26, 2006

GI Fun!

Due to the wonders (please sense the irony here) of the medication I am on, I have to regularly monitor the whole GI tract thing. Since being on the meds, most days, I have to visit the bathroom a half hour to an hour after I eat. However I have had the odd day when that doesn't happen, and while not having to go to the bathroom after every meal is nice the resulting pain in the middle of the night with stomach cramps that bring me to tears is not nice. So in order to prevent the midnight horrors of my GI tract I had to finally buckle down and buy a container of Citricell. I never thought that I would have to stand in the grocery store and honestly think about what type of fiber product to buy... I feel...just kinda sad as this seems to be my new reality.

After dinner Mr.3 and I went to the bookstore and of course I had to run to the bathroom. With the new GI regime that I am now subject too, once you get to the bathroom you just kinda wait for everything to fall out of you. After a while I have a tendancy to get pretty bored. I took the opportunity to clean out my purse, but I think that I need to put some small reading book or journal in there to at least give me something to do while my bottom is doing its stuff. Maybe I will just start carrying around crosswords.

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Anonymous said...

Watch yourself..! Writing could be your downfall and you'll end up not thinking just how smart you are!