Saturday, February 25, 2006

It's been a David Niven week.

This is David Niven if you have never heard of him.

On Tuesday and Wednesday night, David Niven was in my one of them the bug was fired and he became her replacement. As he was becoming a reoccuring theme, on Wednesday morning I went online to find pictures of him and well now Shari, Linda and I all have pictures of him in our offices. I am glad that I have co-workers that are half as crazy as I am. Since Model Arab League was this week, dear David also became the mascot of the Rocky Mountain Regional. Mark and Wes thought I was crazy too, but towards the end of the model, all paid homage to the power of the David Niven photo watching over us.

I am glad that the Rocky Model is over. Logistically it went incrediably well and I only want to have the U hold it again to stroke my event planning ego. Even with the craziness of it all it went well....the Joint Defense Council invoked the Joint Defence and Economic Cooperation Treaty signed by the Arab League and went crazy. The editor of the Chrony will be writting a huge story on the chaos which should be out on Monday..I hope that he can explain it better than I and when it is up I will post a link. Tentatively the headline will be "Terrorist Attacks, Military Coup at the University Union".

Additionally on Wednesday I accepted the job offer to be the new Outreach Assistant. It will signify some changes for us at home, but I am really excited about this new prospect. I officially start on March 20th.

I am surprised that I have managed to survive this week, and now that all the big events are over I have to dive in head first into some school projects....but for now, Mr.3 and I are gonna go to the Spaghetti Factory to cash in those free meal coupons we got for the waitress spilling milk all over my veil at our family wedding dinner.

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