Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Caffeine Withdrawl

I really don't drink that much caffieine on a regular basis, but apparently I have some built up in my system and I am going through Coke withdrawl. There is no caffeine on the BYU campus....none, nada, nothing. Now you can get pop.....with no caffeine. I discovered today at lunch that not only does Caffeine Free Coke taste like someone left bubblegum in the fountain dispenser, but that is is also not refreshing in the slightest---in fact it made my tummy hurt. So this afternoon about an hour before afternoon session of classes began, I looked over at naked face Mr.3 and announced that I would rather be at home. He eagerly looked up and smiled and said that he is dying for a nap. So we played hookie, drinking cans of pop (expertly hidden contraband in our car) on the way home in a desperate attempt at ridding ourselves of the lack of caffeine headaches that we are both suffering from.

It was a nice nap made all the sweeter by our flight from BYU.

I don't think that it is going to be the class that kills us, it will be the oppressiveness of the campus. And we have to figure out why my chest aches when we are in Provo....I don't think that the elevation is that much higher, but it could be that the campus is right in the middle of the smog line. Either way....ouch.

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rob said...

South of campus is a Sinclair station my sister used to get her caffeine while she was at school.