Monday, June 26, 2006

Exhaustion in the land of Zion

So today began the first day of BYU Arabic class. Mr.3 (aka Mr. NF for "Naked Face" since he had to shave to attend classes--pictures will be posted soon) and I left early at 6:45 am to head down to Provo, picking up our friend Jeff on the way. We all felt so out of place, granted we looked the part because we all had to make sure that we were up to the Honor Code dress standards, but there was still that overwhelming feeling of not fitting in. This was only ex-asp-er-ated by the fact that BYU ends their classes four chapters ahead of where the U ends off....and they learn colloquial Arabic at the same time. So all three of us feel incredibly left more that than Mr.3 and Jeff because I was a lazy butt and didn't study up on my first year stuff at all (keep in mind, I took first year Arabic in 2000). Lots of work to do. Everyone in our class lives up to every Mormon archetype ever conceived....fills me with mirth that does.

Anyway...short post....going to go and eat and then study some more.

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