Tuesday, August 01, 2006

blahady blahady blah

So my fervor to expose the current situation has died down, partly because I have had more than one person ask me to stop....not that I was going to say something that I shouldn't. Anyway I feel mostly like the life has just been sucked out of me.

Mr.3 accepted a new job and started this week, so I didn't even get to spend my birthday with my husband, which made me sad. And I returned to Salt Lake by myself, last night was my first ever night alone here. It wasn't too bad but I won't proclaim to like it. Today I finally cleaned the floors in the house...well at least in the bedroom. Damn this house gets dirty over the course of a year, even with cleaning. And I took the opportunity to move the furniture in the bedroom....I really like it. We have now managed to get all of the furniture that we keep clothes in the main bedroom...although my hanging stuff is still in a closet in the guest room...that space issue will never be fixed while we are here. It's great now I can watch TV lying down on the bed without my boobs blocking the view and I can lay in the bed and look out the window. I hope that Mr.3 will like it the next time he is here.

So yeah, that is pretty much all....just a big super blah....I'm gonna go back and watch more TV, I am afraid that I might be using it as self-medicating tool...but what the hell...I pay for cable don't I? Besides...it's time for RockStar: Supernova...my latest guilty pleasure.

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