Saturday, August 26, 2006

even more house shots!

Yes, just when you thought that I wouldn't put anymore shaky photos of my house up on the web...ha ha...I did. Here is where the computer desk used to be in the dining room.

Erin came with me to the import store today to buy some things for the walls. I am so glad that she was willing to come and to help me hang these things up. Below is one of the scrolls that we got for the living room.

This is the wall by Mr.3's side of the bed....and it also is a self-portrait of my laptop.

And here is the prettiest part of all....I now have something for the massive wall in the bedroom. The fabric is a blue and gold phoenix motif and the scrolls say "patience" and "happiness"...I thought that those were the most appropiate for the difficult times we have been having lately.

The nice thing about all of this is now the bedroom feels done. We have lived here for over a year and I just now get to the point of having the bedroom finished. The guest bedroom was decorated before this one. How messed up is that?

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