Thursday, August 17, 2006

Trying to Find a Routine

I started work this week, 2 weeks earlier than planned. Partly it helps me calm my mind and then on the other hand it reminds me of why I miss Mr.3 more and more. His job didn't work as planned and he is currently in the hospital getting lots of tests done for a problem with his leg. With luck the VA will be able to transport him back to Salt Lake, but that could be a couple of weeks down the line.

Everyone has been very kind to me, and only a very few actually know everything that is going on. I would definitely like to thank everyone who has sent me words of encouragement...I may never act on your offers of kindness, but knowing that they are there has made my load a little lighter. I am afraid that all I have said so far is all that can be said about what is going on...I personally dislike evasiveness and yet I am forced to be so in this situation.

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