Tuesday, September 12, 2006

all for want of a frozen pizza

no more frozen pizzas in the house....this makes me very sad. I would go to the store and buy some more of them, but I just got home from a day of being on campus for 12 hours, which followed a day where I went non-stop from 7am when I went to work to 9:30pm when I came home from doing my practicum observation. Tomorrow will be an equally long day...meeting with a possible client in the morning, to a school presentation for a 100 elementary students about the similaries and differences between them and Iraqi schoolchildren they are sending gifts too in the afternoon, with the evening rounding off with a Zonta meeting. Hopefully I will not be too humilated at that one. When we were having all of the problems with the bank my membership fees check bounced, and I missed my committee meeting because we had to go to Denver...so tomorrow when I go I will hand in my membership fee....almost 3 months late. I have a good excuse...I just don't like the fact that I even have to have an excuse.

Funny stuff happened today with the bug about "professionalism" that I am going to have to write about later....the season finale of my guilty pleasure Supernova is starting.

If only I had some pizza.....

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Idil said...

evil evil pizza.. now I want some too :(
The frozen pizza we have here isn't that good. Then again, the non frozen pizza isn't good either.