Saturday, September 30, 2006

My brother's friends....

It is weird to talk about my brother's friends in a blog post, but I find that I am impressed with them all. Maybe I am just impressed at being able to marvel at teenage angst in cyberspace....Jimmy's best friend is Madison, and while I have only me her briefly and once, I am a regular reader of her blog. And today I am going to showcase it because she wrote something that I found to be really profound about the nature of blogging and the universe....and yes...I am in one of those wistful, everything in the universe is so incredibly amazing moods....

Anyway, Madison is beginning to give personal names to all of her blog entries, here is an excerpt from Madison's New Religion - Blogtist... Pixensis Chapter 1- Birth of Esmerelda

I am henceforth naming my blogs... why name a blog you ask? You say, blogs have no feelings, why would you ever think of naming a blog that is only made up of tiny letters and insignificant words, but I am convinced that at some point all these little letters and notes full of emotions evolve into a greater being... these emotions, whether I delete the blog or not, will never really disappear... nothing on a computer is ever lost, it just begins a new journey into the black abyss of cyber space to grow and learn new things... People say that ghosts are just orbs of energy made of unsettled emotion... blogs are emotions that will never be settled, so why can't they then have the right to take on a new life and being and become their own... nothing can destroy them except should they run into the blog that could settle their cyber soul, but then the data will forever be around so the memory of them will never be lost, even if they have lost their cyber spirit... Thus, you will see why I, Madison Nickelle Tease, will name each blog hereafter she types life and emotion into according to their personality...

Welcome to the world, Esmerelda, take a breath. Look around you... You shall be the goddess of all blogs... Mother of blogs to come... You are setting the foundation of the free and liberated cyber beings of future years... you will not be forgotten... you are omniscient, omnipotent, and the greatest blog to ever be recognized as a being, not just a cyber note made up of 1's and 0's... you are so much more than that... so so so much more...

Hopefully you can see why I am impressed. She later writes her 10 commandents, which are a bit sillier...

ten commandments of mad

1. thou shalt not tell someone that their blogs are stupid

2. thou shalt eat chubby hubby ben and jerry's icecream only on thursdays

3. thou shalt never stab madison in the twat with a sword

4. Love to type your blog.

5. Never wear green tube socks with a purple sweater.

6. Always bring madison cookies, candies, and gifts.

7. Never tell madison that she is wrong, because she is always right.

8. Always flush.

9. Never dis on my edward

10. Most importantly, follow all these commandments..

Ok, that's enough doting for today.

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