Monday, January 01, 2007

What's an American Yogi like you doing in a Pizza Hut like this? Or Tale of the McCurry

Being an American traveling abroad, it is always appropriate to sample the local variations of American cuisine....realistically....this is also when your stomach can't handle another bite of curry that you become desperate for anything that resembles home even if it is horribly warped.

A couple of blocks from our hotel was a McDonald's...and of course, I had to try it....for travel's sake and because a french fry was probably the only thing that my stomach would be able to handle. I should have taken a photo of the menu board but was to "McChicken" too. (hee hee...I'm so funny!) Either way, as the internet is such a wonderful place you can view the McDonald's in India Veg and Non-Veg menu. I learned alot about how Indians view waiting in line from our trip here.

There is no such thing as a line....only a mob scrambling to get to the counter.

For an American who is used to her bubble of space...this was hard. What was harder was once I had gotten my McChicken meal for 99 rupees (about $1.50) I couldn't turn around to get out. So I yelled loudly "Backing Up, Move Out of the Way!". It didn't turn out to be quite the parting of the Red Sea that I was hoping that it would be, but I did manage to get out. The meal was good, but slathered in mayonnaise--ick. The fries were great because beef is forbidden in India, they were not cooked in beef grease as in America, so you didn't get the feeling that you were going to die of cholesterol. Finally a French Fry that Libby would approve of!

Of course in India, you see alot of the older more-well-to-do Americans who are trying to "reconnect with themselves so why not be like the Beatles, do the cliche thing and go to India" see them everywhere...and it hurts. It hurts so bad.

Anyway, we decided to go to the Pizza Hut (oh please check out their website...the song alone is enough to warrant its entertainment value) and there was one of the American Yogi wannabes there....complete with the long white hair and beard...and the leather headband thingy. He looked so out of place, it was really funny. But I believe that even the Beatles had their limit on curry.

The food was great (still oddly skewed) but they used real mozzarella cheese which was wonderful. Indian cheese tastes alot like feta with all of the salt blanched out of it. In fact one of my Asian counterparts has eating a cheese kebab type dish and was shocked when we told him it was cheese.

He thought it was tofu.

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