Sunday, April 01, 2007

sunday downers

I have nothing to say, yet I am compelled to write...which obviously doesn't make for interesting reading.

Sunday is seeming to be quite the downer so far....even with sleeping in. I actually slept in! The only problem with that was that I had dreams that Mr.3 and I were cuddling in bed, and it was a disappointment (to say the least) to wake up and find that there weren't arms wrapped around me after all. He didn't call last night, although I talked to him early yesterday morning. I wish that my moods and emotions on this wouldn't move as drastically as they seem too. Of course, to everyone else I am just friendly and emotionally aloof.

After I finished the Operators Manual to Combat PTSD, I was feeling REALLY good about things, even my anger issues. I felt good about the situation. Now I am in a general downer....but I think that it is a whole list of other things today and not just Mr.3. This could be a good side, that I am worrying about things other than him today.

I got a D on my Course Design midterm, and while if I do well in the rest of the class I will still be able to get a worries me. After getting the C in Syntax last semester and having to petition to be able to retake it....getting another C in something and having to go through this process again will more than likely get me thrown out of the program. And it would be horrible to get to the end of my Masters program, only to be kicked out of it. I was really shocked by my mid-term thrown off my feet kinda shocked, because I really thought that I understood everything. Another cosmic curveball. I hope that this isn't like repayment for blogging about being annoyed with the bug and JB....cause that is just uncool. In any case, I need to start working on that project anyway.

Yesterday's seminar went off without a everything was perfect. It was great, and most importantly....Linda was really happy with me. I live for those moments, of knowing that I did a good job...but also that someone else was really happy with my performance. And even though I am saddened that I didn't get the Outreach job with GV, I expect it is for the best...besides it should be enough to be great at one Outreach job...can the world really handle me with two of them? this rambling post continues on...I am trying to have an active Sunday. Jimmy has been complaining about his need to do laundry, which is fine, he just needs to finish it. And as I have laundry to do today too, so I have been riding him on it everytime the dryer stops. hee hee. I made a list of things to do today, a list that for once is quite achievable for one day and I have been making fairly good headway on it...if anything, just to keep myself busy.

I really really really want Mr.3 to be home, if anything just to talk to him. Even with all of this drama, we understand each other...and I know that he would make me feel better.

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