Monday, October 01, 2007

The Future of My Masters

I came to a decision today....which is almost as momentous as me blogging about it actually.

I am going to take a full year off from school.

Sure, I was only going to take off just this semester, but if I am feeling as panicked as I do now when I think about returning to school next is a sign that I am not ready. I think that I need to respect the panic that I feel about some things more. It is just my body telling me that now is not the time.

Part of me has been wanting just to stop school and never go back. And while it is silly to listen to that voice because I am a class and a test away from finishing my masters....that voice also has a bit of logic to it.

So hopefully by next Fall, my life will have regained a sense of normalcy and order. Maybe then, I will be able to handle school and be the student that I once was.

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