Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Vampire Racoons

It's 4 in the morning, I can't sleep, and I am lying in wait to see if I can catch my husband online. Which sounds just as crazy as it is.

Today will be the first Thanksgiving meal that I have ever made....and it will most likely be just for Jimmy and I....unless a miracle happens and Mr.3 comes home. But let's be honest shall we? It won't. It won't happen because I want it to happen, it won't happen because it might bring me up a bit. Even with the good karma points that I have been racking up continually lately...I think that all of those points just get sucked away when it comes to something good happening with Mr.3.

Back to the turkey....I am going to attempt to cook the turkey in a slow cooker....this is due partly to having a reason to justify buying the slow cooker that I did the other day. That was Monday, and it was crazy. Due to office phone coverage I had to be in the office until 3, then it was off to Babies R Us for a baby shower gift. That place was complete sensory overload! Then of course, I decided that since I was down near the new World Market, which was also sensory overload. Then it was off to Costco, Williams and Sonoma, and then the regular grocery store in which I searched for 25 minutes in vain looking for toothpicks. It was four and a half hours of grocery errands, in which I because resentful of the mom-ish role I felt I was taking on.

I get home and Jimmy and his friend Rose want a ride home from a late-night movie. I figured that if I was going to be up to pick them up anyway that I might as well join them for the movie. It was 30 Days of Night, which I thought was pretty damn good. The vampires were NOT some romantic ideal, very animal like, and reproduced and fed like zombies...just being bitten meant that you could turn into one. There was just blood everywhere in the film, they were very messy eaters and I found myself quite annoyed at the way they wasted the food. Of course, it took an hour of winding down at home in order to cleanse the mind of the movie before bed. As to that, all I can say is that it was better that we had the run-in with the racoon in our back yard before we saw the movie...because all of us would have totally freaked out if it had happened afterwards.

Yesterday, all of my nervous energy got translated over into a 9 hour cleaning frenzy. Yes, nine hours. I re-did the back storage area, I cleaned out a glory hole that has been piling up in the dining room for over a year now, I finally put some wall decorations up over the oddly bare wall over the piano...I scoured the kitchen.... the house is definitely "visitor ready", but I haven't the nerve to invite anyone over for dinner today, although there will be plenty of food available. The house feels complete in some way.

Which is frustrating. The house feels complete, work is going great, I had a wonderful third job alternative (yes, I know, but it is a Global Voices thing) come up....I just have all of this great stuff happening around me and to me...but it isn't right yet, it isn't complete. I just want him to come home. Thanksgiving is our holiday, the anniversary of that first sweet time of the two of us falling in love. And the memory of it makes my heart ache.

in any case....Happy Thanksgiving everyone! If I destroy the turkey, I'll be sure to let you know!

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