Sunday, June 08, 2008

Divorce! The Musical

I have news.

Wanna know what it is?

This Friday, I took the divorce papers to the notary and then I went down to the courthouse....and.... I filed for divorce.

Yep, you read right..... I FILED! I felt like I should have gotten one of those "I voted" stickers. The desk clerk should give those out with the receipt.

Of course, it has taken me six months of knowing what really has happened, a bunch of boxes of tissues, three months of psychotherapy, and a slew of family and friends trying to deal with me to get to this point. I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to do it. In the car, on the way to get Jimmy so that he could give me moral support for filing, I even made up a broadway style song to give myself some support. "I'm Gonna File, File, File My Divorce Today" is a total show stopper. :)

The parking garage at the courthouse is perhaps the most frightening place on earth. Jimmy and I were expecting rat people to jump out and eat us at any moment.

According to the clerk at the desk, that office files 15-20 divorces a day! A DAY!! She also said that is worse after three-day weekends. Apparently the Tuesday after Memorial Day they were slammed.

I should thank a few people specifically here: Jimmy for going with me and buying me ice cream in hopes of distracting me from the panic attack I had after we got back to the car. I also want to thank Stephanie and Ryan who I let take me out to a great ...and mildly expensive evening. I sorta feel like I took advantage of them...but I am very grateful. Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!!!

So....what is next? Well...the divorce will not be finalized for at least 90 days. The hard part is ahead of me really, I have to summon Mr.3. I have an address that I can send the paperwork too, but I am pretty sure that he will not get it. I am going to send the summons information in a email to every email address I have for him, and then I am also going to post the summons on my blog. After about a month of trying to reach him, then I might have to apply for a different way to notify him...which is going to cost me more money. In any case, tomorrow, I will start that new process. The least he could do is answer the summons -he can do it in writing- and I am pretty sure that he can answer it without getting himself arrested. Hopefully, that is not too much to ask.

In the meantime, I am gonna keep adding songs to Divorce! The Musical....what would a summons song sound like?

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