Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Confession of the Week....

.....and maybe I should do something like this every week.
So, like a lot of people, I have been religiously watching the Olympics (that is not my confession) and of course, like a lot of people, I regret not being more athletic in my life (also not my confession), but possibly unlike everyone out there....I'm totally digging all the coverage of the President attending Olympic events and stuff.

While I have not agreed with a lot of the policies of his administration....I find that the older I get the more that I am in awe of the office of the President. And while our President is for the most part a goof-ball...I kinda like that personality quirk in him. Nice to know that we have a human for a president and not some robot (one reason that I didn't like Hilary for prez). I didn't mind him checking his watch in the opening ceremonies, because I had checked mine a few minutes before. I thought it was funny his silly attempt to pick up some beach volleyball pointers. And I think that it is pretty cool that the President is cheering at the swimming events.

Did you see the Bob Costas' live interview with the President? What was up with that? I completely think that Costas was trying to go for some hard hitting political interview journalism award....lame in my opinion. I really just wanted to hear the President talk about sports, because for once, that is something he actually knows about. I now seem to get all my news via Twitter feeds, the White House is on Twitter. It is sorta cool that it updates with Presidential speeches, the House and the Senate have feeds too.

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taamarbuuta said...

Um, hi. I totally want the job of running the White House twitter feed.

I liked how Bush patted that volleyball player on the back. She bent over like she wanted an ass smack!